Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon


The Cosmic Dragon in Dragon Story was discovered on April 15 2013 and released on April 18 2013  right after the Dawntree Dragon that was just released before. The Cosmic Dragon goes back to its roots with amazing new dragons for your Dragon Story Isle.

” No one is sure how Cosmic Dragons first came to Earth, or why the bespattered patterns on their coats so closely resemble the stars above. However, due to their unique ability to fly in extremely high altitudes, some dragon experts believe that Cosmic Dragons flew to Earth from the stars themselves.” – Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon Shop Description

 Dragon Story Cosmic Element

Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon

Release Date:

April 18 2013

Rarity:  Rare

Hatching Time: 8 Hours

Buying Price:  500 Dragon Story Gold Icon

Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Habitat: Cosmic Expanse Habitat

Level Requirement: 40

Evolution Time: 8 Hours

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Breed Rate
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Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon Key Features

  • Cosmic Dragon
  •  Rare

Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon breeding guide

The breeding combination for this dragon has not been confirmed in this recent release. However, the most recommended combination is using an Magic Dragon and an Air Dragon..

You have to be level 40+.

Note: The Genie Dragon is also has the same breeding time.

The breeding time is 8  Hours hours which is 7:59:59 Hours on the timer.

The breeding time for the Cosmic Dragon is 8 Hours. Breeding of the dragons left or right does not matter or make a difference. It is up to the the luck of your game to give you a Cosmic Dragon or another dragon.

For new players, keep in mind that breeding the dragon left or right does not matter. The level of your breeding dragons also does not matter, it is up to your game to give you this Cosmic Dragon or have another pending dragon to sell in your Dragon Story Isle.

Once you have obtained the Cosmic dragon egg and the hatched the Cosmic dragon you can place the Cosmic dragon into the Cosmic habitat in your Dragon Story island.

Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolution. You will gain his Adult form after level 6 and when you feed your dragon towards level 9 he will then use the evolution chamber once again.

When you evolve your dragon from level 9 to level 10 he will evolve into his final form which is named “Epic” form.

Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  145 Level 6  350
Level 2  172 Level 7 455
Level 3  197 Level 8  498
Level 4  278 Level 9  535
Level 5  317 Level 10  625Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 25 Level 6  1250
Level 2  50 Level 7  3000
Level 3  125 Level 8  7000
Level 4  300 Level 9  12500
Level 5  750 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
 Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon egg  Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon
Teen Adult
 Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon Adult
 Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon Epic


  74 Responses to “Dragon Story: Cosmic Dragon”

  1. I love it! But it sucks that TL doesn’t finish the other colours like mythic or night..
    Could be purple & yellow combination.

    • This dragon is really awesome looking! However I don’t think the recommended combo is accurate. Some of the user submitted combos are far more likey to make the Cosmo

    • I got cosmic dragon by accident but I sell it cause I don’t have enough money to buy
      The habitat!

  2. Just got one breeding Genie+Air

    I was keeping money for mithic maze,but i spent money for the cosmic abithat,really love the new dragon!

    Add me to see it


  3. I believe in my theory that the combination is night for the star like scale and air repeating breed night and air

  4. Definitely got one !

    Please add me. Erto90

  5. So this is breedable? So we android users can actually get it? I really want one cause it’s appsooo cute:p If I had to guess I’d guess night + magic or light or diamond even

    Ohh feel free to add. Acxi is my id

  6. Awesome dragon add hechler if you would like

  7. I just got this one by breeding Air/Genie. Took about 6 tries, with 8hr breed time. =) Now back to working on these other new ones I can’t seem to get yet.

  8. Ut is so cute….

  9. Great ,another 6million habbitat. Great teamlava!

  10. i breed magic+air, and it’s say there breeding time is 16 hour. what dragon do i get? add me id: Mizztake

  11. Follow you guys breed Air/Genie to get Cosmic. But the breeding time show 36hrs . What could it be ? Thanks .

  12. I dont like this dragon but still try to get it for reward and breed other dragon with this element!

  13. Sorry my mistake is 36 golds

  14. Why they always make up number of food to new dragon that is hard to make them to max level!:(

    • Not only food is up but the cost of habitats is up and up too 🙁

      • And the cost of breeding the dragon early has gone to double! It has gone from 1 gold per hour to 2 gold per hour! So stupid!

        • just keep DS: new dawn or the original on ur phone and feed them from there cause the feeding amount is all the same and way lower then in the other apps

    • If you download “new dawn” the food is cheaper….NO JOKE…I level all my dragons up on new dawn and play on the normal version. =D I had the same problem after I updated…made me sooo mad until I realized this slight cheat. =D

  15. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Another 6million coin habitat! This is getting rediculous…… This dragon looks really cool though i may still try to get it….

  16. Really? Omg!!!!!

  17. Got it on my first try!
    Id : FiletOFin
    Add me up as neighbor:)

  18. I got it but my habitat isn’t finsh yet!

  19. oh no I tried to get diamond but I got this dragon and I have only 3,5m 🙁

  20. Got it at the first try with lv4 magic lv7 air
    Now i need to save money for the habitat x3

  21. I got 8 hr breeding 75 %

  22. Idk if the is a glitch or not but I got one with a 16hr breeding time. Either way I don’t care cuz I got one lol

  23. I got it first try! Breeding EPIC GENIE/ EPIC AIR! Add me: TheMarine92

  24. I did night and air.

  25. I just got one breeding my two diamond dragons ! Add me to see the egg : sounchy

  26. Hey what do know I got the cosmic dragon on my first try:) I actually thought I was getting a genie dragon:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Omg tried to get peacock with magic and air and got cosmic first try!!! Nowhere near affording the habitat!!

  28. My Storm ID is bubityy. Please add me as friend 🙂

  29. Team lava! Make the price of the habitats cheaper plz! I only have 4m! Make the price into 1m plz!

  30. Magic+air worked took like four tries buttt I got it. Add me: haymollz

  31. I don’t understand why these new dragons take so much food to evolve to each level but the earnings are so small. And there have been no upgrades in the food options. It’s almost not worth the effort.

  32. And the habitats are 6 million coins. Definitely not worth the effort!!!!!

  33. I was after a peacock and got this….trickster + geni 4 hour breed time..

    Feel free to add cadifor and acxi . 😉

  34. I made it! Genie and Air!!!!
    Add me if u want: kathrinf1

  35. I got this dragon with genie and air.. Goodluck everyone 🙂 and feel free to add me

  36. I got Cosmic Dragon on my first Try, I Breed Genie Dragon and Magic Dragon add me: uae_punisher

  37. I got one by breeding wizard and fairy dragons
    Add me at abuhndiez143

  38. My GF got it first try with magic and air, I’ve failed like 10 times
    Add me :Fullgrabe

  39. I got one on the first try by breeding a level 10 fire dragon and a level 10 firestorm dragon,but i dont have enough money to buy the habitat 🙁
    Add me if you wanna watch the egg! Emiliano2012

  40. Sorry!! I Believe this was the article of the mythic dragon!

  41. It’s lying it is 3:59:59 i got it but I have no flipping idea how to get 6 million coins and to get it is fairy and mistmoth (l 10) for about 20 times add me sebas1207

  42. Darn! Too many combos! Can’t figure out which to try! Can someone plz help me lower the amount of hoaxes or less likely ones?

  43. I got it !
    Add me itz_ebonie and check out my dragons 🙂

  44. i got it by breeding magic +air both lv 10. see it ,the egg is still in the nest. my id: arnova88

  45. Ive tried for Diamond for a year, every combination possible, bought the diamond temple for 10 pounds, to find out afterwards it only lasts days, and have 4 hours remaining…. still no diamond…. I used to love this game, but it now its just a joke.

  46. I breed genia n air 8 hour hope a cosmic dragon…. But a genia dragon 8 hour too, so I worry this is not cosmic. Add me weni0321

  47. Bred a cosmic dragon! Add: fizzlenot to see!

  48. I got the cosmic dragon by accident by breeding genie and magic

  49. Well I finally got it using air + genie, however I cannot actually hatch it yet because the habitat is so freaking expensive! 6,000,000??? WTF! Right now I have just a little over 2,000,000 so it will take me a while! So I suppose I need more neighbors to help me get there! My id is BigMamasBakes good luck to everyone else trying to get this one, it took me many tries.

  50. Finally! after years of trying i got it which at first i thought was a coral but soon realized it wasnt cuz it has only 8hrs for hatching, i used bat and genie after giving up with a genie-trickster-air-magic-peacock combo before… now im gonna breed saturn now

  51. I tried several times to get this dragon with combinations genie+air,genie+trickster… and when I was aiming for diamond dragon I got it! CORAL+FRUITFUL !!

  52. I got this dragon by accident using Mirage and Hypnotic… I do not want to use all my coins on its habitat though.

  53. Got it. I tried with magic and air a lot of times, and I just got genies, tricsters and even got a peacock. I decided to use my peacock and my air and got it at first try! :3
    Add me: kaozroar

  54. I got the cosmic dragon magic and air first try. I am now breeding cosmic and night and it is taking 22 hours. I looked at the night dragon and it said 23 hours. What dragon am I getting? ID:ninja109. Thanks!

  55. Got it accidentally by breeding air and magic. Now I don’t have enough money for the habitat.. 6 000 000 is too much man.. ID anuque

  56. 6,000,000 coin Cosmic habitat for sale!!!!! I could never get the Cosmic dragon. Best offer so far – 900,000 coins from TL Should I take the best offer or keep it and make a planter out of it ??????? A 5,100,000 coin planter !!!! All it would do is collect DRAGON FLIES. Well they’re beautiful flies anyway !!!! Lesson learned- get the dragon before you buy habitat. Lemonade out of Lemons. Oh !!!! I’ll set up a lemonade stand !!!!!!!!

  57. so sad, this dragon isnt avaible anymore in shop.
    im wondering if we also now unable to breed it too.

    if that so, when it will come back? T_T

    btw, if u dont mind, add me @ rayaznable

  58. Does anyone can give the right combo to get this dragon before this weekend over? Thanx 🙂

  59. Is this dragon no longer available?

  60. Got it by breeding Peacock level 9 & Air level 10 .. after like ten tries, producing 2 Royals and many Genies … Yayy!!

  61. Got this on first try breeding “White Ninja with Titan Dragon” add me: Fox_Ninja17

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