Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon


The Diamond Dragon in Dragon Story is the rarest of the rare dragons found in Dragon Story. This diamond dragon is special from the others and you can only get it through breeding luck. Breeding luck means you need lots of luck to be able to breed this diamond dragon even with the correct combination.

Once you have obtained the diamond dragon egg and the hatched the diamond dragon you can place the diamond dragon into the diamond dragon fields habitat in your Dragon Story island.

” Everyone wants to sneak a peek of a newborn Diamond Dragon! They’re indestructible from birth. If they want to play with lions or go bungee jumping, no problem! ” – Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Shop Description

Dragon Story Diamond Dragon Baby

Release Date: Original
Rarity: Ultra Rare

Hatching Time:  44 Hours
Buying Price:  2,000 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Diamond Fields
Level Requirement: 10

Evolution Time#1: 44 Hours

Evolution Time#2: 44 Hours

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Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon breeding guide

Breeding the Diamond Dragon is completely random out of the four elements. You need to ensure you have fire, air, water, and forest within your breeding combination. In color terms you need red, yellow, blue, and green within the pair of dragons you choose to breed.

Confirmed working combination is island dragon and firestorm dragon.

It is suggested you do not use the purple element as the breeding time can rank up to two days thus making your wait time longer.

Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Diamond Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.

Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 350Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6  1,680
Level 2  560 Level 7  1,995
Level 3  735 Level 8  2,257
Level 4  1050 Level 9  2,520
Level 5 Level 10 2,800Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6 100
Level 2 4 Level 7 240
Level 3 8 Level 8 500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
   Dragon Story Diamond Dragon Baby    Dragon Story - Diamond Dragon Adult  Dragon Story - Diamond Dragon Epic Form


Diamond Dragon Breeding & Evolution Videos

  887 Responses to “Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon”

  1. FINALLY got my Diamond after a week or so of trying. I know that’s not a lot compared to some people’s months and months though. D:

    Right now my dragons are breeding, 44 hour wait, so excited!!! I bred together a Serpent Dragon and Firestorm dragon a few times before I got it. :3 Hope it helps!

    In a few days I’ll have my diamond out (going to level him of course) on AntiqueLace if anyone wants to add me and see him.

    • I got my diamond dragon by breeding Aether and Fairy dragon! I got it on my first try

    • I got mine through breeding Black Rose and Virtue, first try! Wasn’t expecting it and wasn’t after the diamond as I knew it was down to luck. Guess today’s just a lucky day 🙂 I always use the breeding calculator, seen it said 44 hours and the only possible dragon it could be is diamond. If you want to add me my Id is hanban94 🙂

  2. Rose+Social=Diamond first try

  3. Mmmm quite hard to get, still haven’t got it! If u wanna add me my id is TheBossOfSwagg

  4. I tried this didn’t get diamond, but I did get loads of other cool dragons. 😉

  5. I am level 121 playing on ipad , i have 103 types of dragon from 183 types available as per today and i still have no diamond. I’ve tried all recommended combos from tips, every possible also impossible combos, reset breeding den,etc –> still no diamond, ;(

    • Try breeding firestorm and atlantis both in epic form firestorm on the left and atlantis on the right i hope this helps you allow a few trys

    • I’ve tried soooo many as well but finally just got it by breeding level 10 Wild with level 10 Mindvolt!!!!!!

  6. I finally got diamond by breeding rainbow (lv.10) and reindeer on first try. Now my dragons breeding 44 hrs. But still not sure which diamond dragon type will i get since there are 4 type of them with the same breed of time.

  7. Honeybee n Atlantis … both Epic … 3rd try … 44hours in breeding den … thank God!

  8. I think I got a diamond dragon by breeding white and red!!! It says I have to wait 2 days.

  9. I breed a firestorm dragon and atlantis dragon and i got a diamond dragon. It takes a few times tho. both of my dragons are on level 10. in the breeding den i picked the firestorm dragon on the left and the atlantis dragon on the right. I hope this can help you obtain a diamond dragon as i have.
    May god bless you all.

  10. Got diamond with honeybee + aurora.

  11. Mindvolt + Life, after a couple weeks, got one breeding now.

  12. OMG. A friend suggested aether and fairy–i have both in epic form–and on the first try… wham!! so excited!! been trying for over a year.

  13. Try Wizard & Firestorm. Worked for me 😀

  14. I am at level 10 and I have been trying to get a diamond dragon for 2 months. I have been doing different combinations and I still haven’t gotten one. If you have any ideas on what to breed together to get on please reply.
    By the way I need more neighbors and my Storm8 ID is bellan2947

  15. I got mine on my first try and I’m only on level 20

  16. I breed a diamond dragon using island and firestorm on my first try I am so excited the breeding time says 44 hours I am so happy : ) ; ) : ) : ) : )

  17. I have a 44hr breeding time with a Leo and Elements! was not trying for diamond at all.

  18. I got it 2 diamond dragons in a row 😉 the first one I used storm lvl 10 with mirage lvl 10 and the second one using element lvl 9 with owl lvl 7. Hope this helps!

  19. Hi just a feeding tidbit at level 9 diamond dragons takes 3000 food I have an epic form diamond dragon come see her my id is hobbitsmuag1913 or visit the island named lonley mountian 3 I actually got the diamond dragon on my first try : )

  20. I am on level 97, and have been trying for what seems years to get a Diamond. I bought a diamond temple, and I’m going to try some of your combinations before the temple runs out of time, mine don’t work, but got some nice ones trying.

  21. My dragons are currently breeding 44hr time this has to be a diamond right?? Level 125 and still diamondless!! Lily and marshmallow might be the answer for me!! Fingers crossed!!

  22. I just got my diamond dragon!

    Serpent + Firestorm

    I also had the diamond temple which ups your chance of getting a diamond dragon

  23. I got my first diamond dragon by breeding Epic wizard+landworm.

  24. I got mine with charm and mist. I was so excited when it said 44 hours, because I wasn’t even trying to breed a diamond dragon!

  25. Hi. I just breed a level 8 scorpion and a level 8 atlantis and got diamond on the second try. I tried fairy and aether first and never got it.

  26. i mixed may dragon level 7 and light dragon level 7 and got my diamond first time

  27. Finally got one. The 44h Breeding time I can deal with. But the 44h hatch time also is kind of dumb…

  28. I got it on March31,2014 you can see it on above comments .. and i got again yesterday by breeding Social n Tiny, both epic level .. i was expecting something else i haven’t had though but its alright! 😀 and today i bred the same dragons (Social n Tiny) and just got Kite Dragon egg! Yayy!! 😀

  29. I got diamond from breeding rainbow and lily! While they are both in epic form! Becksbdragons add me!

  30. i bred firestorm n island and got an athletic dragon did not want that but still kept it

  31. I have not tried for a dimond dragon yet but I will soon. I think these tips have been really helpfully ;D thanks. Add me soccerc2

  32. I mean helpfull

  33. My Diamond dragon now is hatching … i got it with two super rares :blue moon dragon its white and blue and clock work dragon its yellow and red 🙂

  34. My love and valentine are breeding and says two days time!

  35. My love and valentine dragon are breeding and says 2 days hope its diamond!!!!!!!

  36. Took months and months of breeding but FINALLY using lvl 10 island and firestorm dragons, I GOT IT!! I almost gave up several times! Don’t give up, you’ll get it eventually!

  37. So I used Firestorm + Island to get one, and I used Storm + Something I forgot to get the other one, so I have 2 Diamond Dragons now, One by accident XD

    ID: uiqannala

  38. Moon Dragon and Parakeet Dragon, both LVL 8 and I got my Diamond. 🙂

  39. I just got a 44 hour time from breeding social & lightning (so no red element – just green, blue, pink & yellow). Hope it’s a diamond!

  40. try wizard+fairy. worked for me.

  41. there is no exact combination, it involves a breeding pair w/ four different colors, and luck.

  42. I am breeding my first diamond right now!! 🙂 I’m using Life-lvl 10, and Iridescent-lvl 4. It says 2 days 44 gold, yay!

  43. I used cactus and athletic and got an egg (breed time 44) so a diamond. 1st try 🙂

  44. I have been playing this game since 2012 trying to breed a diamond dragon. Still no luck. My two brothers have played and managed to get one and then there’s me still trying -.- then here’s everyone else and they all have one as well

  45. Bubble Gum+ jasmine, levél 104

  46. tropic and element dragon with 44 breed time. YAY! something good about to happen

  47. Wow people seems to have had a rough time breeding it…I bred one by accident at lvl 12 and I think I’m breeding another one at the moment as I have a 44h wait for the breeding >_>

  48. Banshee dragon LVL 11 & Amphora dragon LVL 10 first try is how I got my Diamond dragon.

  49. ive’ been playing this game for almost a year and I just recently got a diamond dragon and i can’t even remember the combination. The problem I’m having now is that everytime I try to breed a dragon with the diamond it breeds the same dragon i’m breeding it with.

    • Try Cactus and athletic. I got diamond yesterday. Good luck

      • Ty for the reply but getting a diamond dragon is not the problem I have one of those it’s breeding another dragon with the diamond dragon that I’m having issues with. Any dragon I try to breed with my diamond dragon ends up being the same thing so if I try a fire air or even magic it gives me the exact dragon I just bred with the diamond lol

  50. Cactus level 4 and athletic level 4! I got my first diamond. Thanks Anna!

    • Just got a 44 hour on cactus & athletic both level 4!!! Now thats 2 years in the making!!! Thanks hun!!

  51. I’m breeding my first diamond with archon and Aboriginal both level 6 and boosted breeding,level 72
    I’ve been playing approximately 4 months

  52. I got my second diamond dragon at around level 28+, but i sold the first one cause i got no coins to buy its habitat. going to use this to defeat guardian angel
    have been stuck at tournament so long

  53. I bred my first Diamond Last week
    Not through want of trying!
    Used Island & Firestorm.

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