Dragon Story: Easter Dragon


The Easter Dragon in Dragon Story was released on March 20 2013 for a limited time for Easter and is released right after the impressive Moon Dragon that was just released the week before. The Easter Dragon goes back to its roots with amazing new dragons for your Dragon Story Isle. The dragon looks like a rabbit dragon.

” The first thing an Easter Dragon does after it hatches is gather up all its eggshell pieces, and hide them somewhere on your Island. Does the Easter Dragon love fun and games, or does it just hate Caretakers seeing their eggs? Research into this topic is inconclusive so far. ” – Dragon Story: Easter Dragon Shop Description

Dragon Story - Fire Element SymbolDragon Story Air Element Icon

Dragon Story Easter Dragon

Release Date:
March 20 2013

Rarity: Super Rare

Hatching Time: 12 Hours
Buying Price:  500 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Yellow/Red
Level Requirement: 10

Evolution Time:12  Hours

User Rating
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Breed Rate
Rating: 3.9/5 (7 votes cast)

Dragon Story: Easter Dragon Key Features

  • Red/Yellow Hybrid
  • Super Rare
  • Easter type dragon

Dragon Story: Easter Dragon breeding guide

However, the most recommended combination is using an Fire Dragon and an Air Dragon..

The breeding time is 12 Hours hours which is 11:59:59 Hours on the timer.

The breeding time for the Easter Dragon is 12 Hours. Breeding of the dragons left or right does not matter or make a difference. It is up to the the luck of your game to give you a Easter Dragon or another dragon.

For new players, keep in mind that breeding the dragon left or right does not matter. The level of your breeding dragons also does not matter, it is up to your game to give you this Easter Dragon or have another pending dragon to sell in your Dragon Story Isle.

Once you have obtained the Easter dragon egg and the hatched the Easter dragon you can place the Easter dragon into the Light fields habitat in your Dragon Story island.

Dragon Story: Easter Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Easter Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolution. You will gain his Adult form after level 6 and when you feed your dragon towards level 9 he will then use the evolution chamber once again.

When you evolve your dragon from level 9 to level 10 he will evolve into his final form which is named “Epic” form.

Dragon Story: Easter Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  175 Level 6  840
Level 2  280 Level 7  997
Level 3  367 Level 8  1,128
Level 4  525 Level 9  1,260
Level 5  682 Level 10  1,400Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Easter Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 20 Level 6  1000
Level 2  40 Level 7  2400
Level 3  100 Level 8  5600
Level 4  240 Level 9  10000
Level 5  600 Level 10 Max

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
 Dragon Story – Easter Dragon egg  Dragon Story Easter Dragon
Teen Adult
 Dragon Story – Easter Dragon Teen  Dragon Story – Easter Dragon Adult
 Dragon Story – Easter Dragon Epic


  • archita

    Guys this easter dragon is really cool. But only the food is the problem……Level 9 you need to feed it 10,000 food just like the lightning and four-leaf dragon.
    My ID is : Architahothuratgmail

    • cee.seven

      If you log into the regular dragon story you can feed it the normal 1,000

      • Weni

        How into a regular story? Pls help…

        • Yolo

          You just download the orginal dragon story and it doesn’t lose anything from your valentines edition, so it’s the same thing but in the original format.

  • BossBullies

    Might have this one on the first try…

    air 10 + fire 10 = 12 hrs breeding time

    • Matthew math1116

      No it is probably a firestorm dragon

      • Vicky

        Same here got 12 hours, I’m guessing its probably firestorm

      • BossBullies

        Yea I know, just some wishful thinking…

        • Jalayne

          Seens like they are all 12 hours, I’ve gotten two eagles, scorpion and a mythic dragon trying to get Easter…but I’m not complaining because u didn’t have scorpion or mythic dragon

        • Jalayne

          Seems like they are all 12 hours, I’ve gotten two eagles, scorpion and a mythic dragon trying to get Easter…but I’m not complaining because I didn’t have scorpion or mythic dragon

          • Mario

            I was trying to make a Helios dragon and ended up making an Easter dragon

  • Threth

    I got 12 hours lets hope it is
    Dsi1109 is my Id

  • Cassandra

    1st try & got a 12hrs! Hope that I got it… ^_^

    • Caroline

      probably a firestorm I got 12 hrs first time to.!!

  • Boy

    You guy so luck I even can’t breed it

    • astylynn

      Why not?

  • Dragon Gurl923

    I think i got it with crusader and gold 🙂

  • Blondie babii

    I’ve tried breeding for it over 10xs now still all can get is damn firestorm.. So annoying lol but good luck to all.. Add me if you all like I.D Leaunnababii

  • Jackjack29

    I’ve tried 20x now and have not got it I have left and right heart dragons at level 17

  • Amanda

    Does anyone know if you have to be a certain level before you get an Easter dragon?

  • BossBullies

    Mannn this is mind blogging…

  • Tarsha

    This game is starting to bug me, get level 94 and you can’t level up higher, there are more and more dragons and its making it so hard and so time consuming to get all these ‘super rare’ dragons when you try to get them for 10-20 tries and you still cant breed them. Getting over it. Used to be addicted to this game. If only they made it easier to breed dragons.

    • Kathrin


    • Sara

      Completely agree! I have 29 full habitats with only one of each breed, and I’m still missing almost 20 of these “super rare” dragons. Why do they all have to be “super rare?” I mean, really!

    • Samibou

      Me too about the level 94! I thought I was the only one with that problem.
      I’m also finding it hard to breed the super rare ones too!!
      Bred fire and air as soon as it was released, but haven’t got it yet! Just firestorm.
      Ones that were released for seasonal ones I missed out on getting them, no matter how much I have tried to breed them.
      Also am getting fed up with it…..

      ID: samirabou

  • Noelle

    I think I just got this with firestorm and scorpion 12 hours breeding time!!! Hope it is! I never get these dragons first try!

  • Abby

    This is getting stupid… I was starting to catch up on the dragons but now they’re releasing 4 new ones per week (I have 49/101 dragons).. It’s frustrating & this game is meant to be fun. It used to be but not so much anymore. They should stick to 1 new dragon per week or lower the breeding times. Greedy fucks. It’s not going to make people buy gold if they didn’t in the first place; It’s going to make people quit. I know they’re after the purchases

    • Jhansieey Victor

      Agree. 🙁

    • Rumpy

      either they make it easier to get the dragons, or they make a different breeding time. easter dragon and firestorm have the same breeding time. pretty annoying. so does night dragon and dark angel, just when you get your hopes high up hoping it was easter or dark angel, the outcome is just what you not want to get

      • Dagon en

        jus can nt get a easter dragon has anyone bread one

  • mano1o

    I tried 3 times and got nothing. Just two firestorms and one eagle. It’s hard to get this.

  • alonso

    i got it with lvl 9 fire and lvl 6 air with use one try. add me acruz3107 and see for yourself

  • Marcela

    I tried firestorm and eagle 3x and only got firestorm. Trying eagle and fire.

    • Felicia

      Try Eagle and Air. I got it on my first try. Good luck.

  • zhengfai93

    Teen is cute..but epic is ugly …lmao

    • Jhansieey Victor

      Don’t be so mean!!:(

  • ilyas

    That soo true 😀 try lv 10 fire and lv air I got 12 hours probably a firestorm…. Add me ilyasdrago no spaces

  • Brandi

    I actually got it on the first try with level 10 fire + level 10 air. I’m usually the one with a million tries before, I get the dragon I want. It took me 4 months of nonstop breeding to get a diamond dragon. Plz add me: seirrhascakes I respond to all gift requests.

  • garner

    I got it,, with eagle 10 and air10..

    • Felicia

      Just tried your combo and got 12 hour breeding time. I hope it is the Easter Dragon. Fingers crossed.

      Anyone that wants add me. I send gold to everyone that sends it to me. my storm ID is redrevng2006.

      • Felicia

        Oh yea it worked on the first try! Thank you for posting this combo! Happy Dance \(o^-^o)/

  • dovewingrocks

    Left and right heart dragons got im on level 16 and when i breed wind and air i juat get that dang forestorm

  • dovewingrocks

    Left and right heart dragons got im on level 14 and when i breed wind and air i juat get that dang forestorm

  • ID: JodiCheyenne

    I finally got him by using Topaz dragon level 7 and Ruby dragon level 10. Good luck everyone 🙂 Add me if you would like my ID is JodiCheyenne. 🙂

    • ID: JodiCheyenne

      Also, I did NOT use the boosted breed for this dragon.

  • Threth

    Okey I got 12 hours again this time with diamond and firestorm both l 9 and also the timer took some time to load so I think I’m not sure I got I will finish it with gold in 2 hours and let you know if I got it
    Like always dsi1109 is my id

  • Threth

    I was another firestorm

  • zhynabella

    Seriously whats the problem. Air with fire both epic and got firestorm. Topaz with scorpion both level 9 and got firestorm. Not cool.

  • Blues

    Ok so here is a recap of what I have done:

    I bred Fire and Air 4 times and I’ve only gotten Firestorm Dragons
    I switch from Diamond to Firestorm 3 times and I’ve only gotten Firestorm Dragon
    I switched back to Fire and Air and I am breeding a Honey Bee Dragon.

    I have to say is hard to breed this dragon!

  • Felicia

    I got it with Eagle and Air on my first try. I’m on Android. Please add me my storm id is redrevng2006. I play every day on almost all of the teamlava games so add me on all of them if you play. 🙂

  • Bobfairchild

    I got one with level 10 eagle and level 10 landworm the first time I bred those two

  • Bobfairchild

    Add id bobfairchild

  • ilyas

    Oh yah I think eagle and air works add me ilyasdrago

    • add:roxie4123

      I tried it dosent im breeding eagle and bumble bee and got a twelve hour breeding time hope its the easter not another stupid firestorm

      • add:roxie4123

        It was firestorm ive bread like 20 times and i can only get firestorm i think this game is rigged

      • Mohammad Usman Sohail Khalid

        Lol it’s honeybee not bumble bee

  • Afiqazis93

    I have got the egg of Easter dragon for two times in a row. Using level 7 ruby dragon and level 10 honeybee dragon 🙂 hope I get the third one 🙂 add me salsa932 if you like 🙂

  • Hades poisedon Zeus

    Fu*k….sh*t……sucks….bit*h……why is it so hard too get this damn dragon?! It’s like trying to get a bullsh*t jerky dragon!!!

  • Hades poisedon Zeus

    What the fuck! I get 2days When breeding fire level 10 and air level 7!so long

    • Sedah nodesiop suez

      Clm down….you get the diamond element dragon!!it’s ultra rare!

  • Sedah nodesiop suez

    Actually…I’m u’r opposite guy

  • DragonWolf70

    Got it 3rd try! Now I have all the limiteds except for three of the Halloween ones >.< Anyway please add me my Storm8 ID is ReturningDragon

  • Kim

    Please add me calilove1979 thanks

  • jannelle

    I keep getting firestorm

  • jannelle

    Air and fire. ..2 hours….what is that

  • EN

    I got it on my 3rd try with fire and air, add me! ellenn1990

  • stephanie m

    add me – stefoknie

  • shayshay

    I tried probably over 1000 times since it came & i still can’t get it! :€

    Pls add me: fireytaste ;B

  • Samantha

    @ Jannelle – I’m sure you already know this but its an air dragon.

    Ive been breeding epic air and epic fire over and over and over with the outcome of getting the dragon as a major fail. I did get the honeybee dragon which I didn’t have, so glass half full. I have noticed with this game that if you keep using the same dragons over and over you will eventually get the one you want, where as switching back and forth between dragons just means its going to take longer.

  • parizh

    I still trying to have it.. Its really hard :'( .. Pls add me.. My id parizh 😉

  • Ed’

    Hey, add me: eduduvieira…. i play everyday..

  • DLightwind134

    Just got the Easter Dragon with Epic Air/ Lvl 9 Eagle Dragons on my second attempt. Got a Honey Bee Dragon on the first attempt with this combo and in that order too. This is a theory based on the lead or dominated element and note all three of these Dragons start with Air first. Granted it may a few or more tries but pick a combo and stick with it. It will pay off and is how I also finally got my Cupid Dragon too. I’m using the same strategy for the Four leaf Dragon as well. Got the breed time of 5hrs so I’ll know soon enough if it is it.

  • Avinafh

    to all use normal dragon story instaed of other version coz in normal version u dnt need to give extra food as if i will use easter version or other version then i have to give extra food at many level bt if i will use in normal version(new dwan) then i dnt need to give extra food..try it..:)

  • Ronjace

    Waaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Still no easter dragon

    • Ronjace

      Try firestorm and honeybee dragon.. Got my easter dragon at last

  • ID: magstar15

    But there is no New Dawn Dragon Story app anymore, so the food requirements are the same 🙁

  • Ronjace

    Firestorm and honeybee dragon works… Try it … Got my easter dragon at last

  • Not Impressed

    I had to take my shoes and socks off to count how many times I’ve tried to breed this dragon. Since they revealed the new Mythic Dragon that’s all I seem to get. Yet to get one Easter dragon out of countless attempts… Not overly impressed 🙁

  • nownow

    firestorm+air ( both lvl 6 ) worked for me

  • Shayan

    Lol got it with first try just breeding fire and air I was just at lv6 at that time now I’m on lv 40 btw fuck all the people who hate this game

    • Mohammad Usman Sohail Khalid

      Yeah right

  • BillyBob

    Got it with fire mane and eagle

  • Meep86

    Literally just got it on my 43rd try- after getting frustrated and hitting boosted breed (wouldn’t try this- I’ve tested it MANY times, and it’s a rip off 75% of the time)


    • Meep86

      Got another with diamond and firestorm -meep86

      • Amal Khalil Saba

        It’s always the case. We try to get on purpose for so long and then once you get it, you get a few