Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon


The fairy dragon in Dragon Story is an adorable dragon firefly that combines heart melting attributes with cool-awesomeness style. This yellow-orange fairy dragon is an rare dragon you may find when trying to combine the elements of yellow and green, but be warned that you will not always gain that this rare dragon and often breeders may find themselves breeding over and over again until they have one in their breeding den.

The Fairy Dragon in Dragon Story will cost 200 gold pieces if you don’t want to breed him but we do recommend breeders try out our breeding guide before spending precise gold for their island. After obtaining the fairy dragon you may place them into a yellow habitat or a green plant habitat.

“If you love the Fairy Dragon, you’re not the only one. Widely recognized as the most popular of the Dragons, Fairy Dragons often have a chain of admirers following their sparkling tails.” – Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon Shop Description

 Dragon Story Air Element Icon Dragon Story Plant Element Icon

Dragon Story - Fairy Dragon

Release Date: Original
Rarity: Rare

Hatching Time: 8 Hours
Buying Price: 400 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price:  100Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Yellow, Green
Level Requirement: 5

Evolution Time #1: 8 Hours

Evolution Time #2: 8 Hours

User Rating
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Breed Rate
Rating: 4.3/5 (5 votes cast)


Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon breeding guide

Breeding the Fairy Dragon requires two dragons and the breeding den. If you want to breed the Fairy Dragon use the forest dragon on the left and the air dragon on the right. This will give you a chance at breeding the rare Fairy Dragon.


Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon Evolution Guide

The Fairy Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.


Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 200Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 2 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 7 627Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 3 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 8 688Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 4 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 9 738Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 5 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 900Dragon Story Coin Icon


Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6  100Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 2 4Dragon Story - Food icon Level 7  240Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 3 8Dragon Story - Food icon Level 8 500Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 4 20Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9 1000Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 5 50Dragon Story - Food icon Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
   Dragon Story - Fairy Dragon    Dragon Story - Fairy Dragon Epic

  76 Responses to “Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon”

  1. Gameteep

  2. Ive been trying for over a week of breeding to get this dragon, still no luck. It’s very frustrating, I’ve never been so unlucky breeding on Dragonvale. );

  3. I got it breeding a fruitful dragon and a magic one. I did not know what was this egg going to be !!!

  4. thanks I will try, do they need to be both on Level 10?

    • No. As long as you breed a dragon with the green attribute with a yellow dragon you should get it after a few tries. You may need to pair up different dragons though…

    • no as long as th are level four add me storm8081and I’ll give you lots of breed ing advice I was level 74 once before my phone clashes

  5. i got it by firestorm and island. that equals all 4 elements so you get a chance at any dragon even DIAMOND!!!!!!!

  6. Got it on my first try with forest and air.

  7. I have one it's so cool

  8. Got it on my first try! Also got my Atlantis Dragon on my first try

  9. I am breeding a leval 4forest dragon with a leval 7air dragon it says it is takeing 10 hours

  10. add me ID : BoTaleb.

  11. I had one and selled it dum me.

  12. I am a fucking gay homo cunt.

  13. I got it by breeding forest lv 6 and Air lv 5

  14. How long does it take to breed a fairy dragon?

  15. Please add me: dragonbenji

  16. 8 hours and breed a air dragon with a fruitful I got it is is cool

  17. i can’t believe this, i wanted a fruitful dragon so i could complete a quest but instead I get a rare Fairy Dragon on my first time! It took me five tries to get a rare eagle dragon… wow this game is random

  18. I get only à fruitfull dragon with forest and air, it sucks! 

  19. Add me id: saskiamhj

  20. i got this as my first try when i got to lvl 5 but idk it was rare, add me ID seetpie18 and sweetpie180

  21. Okay I can't get one of these no matter how many times I try! I either get a fruitful dragon or a parakeet dragon.. Add me lunarcrest310

  22. Got it when I was trying to get a fruitful dragon

  23. Got it 3 times in a row even though all 3 times I wanted a fruitful dragon

  24. Ok.. I breeded the eagle dragon and the forest dragon and it says it will be done by 7 hours. Does any one know a dragon that requires 7 hours for it to be born?

  25. I got one by breeding a level 7 Fruitful and a level 7 Air dragon.

  26. Lolz i jjust got a Forest fire dragon for tht.

  27. Hah I was trying to get an fairy but got a parakeet instead! Add me: wasserdroppen

  28. I got it with a level 6 firestorm and level 4 familar. First and second time.

  29. Got my 40th fruit dragon, no fairy yet
    this game is a horrible imbalanced gambling game

  30. add me: RikkaMarie

    used forest and air dragons…took me about 10 times

  31. I finally got my fairy dragon I swear they should classify it super rate as I got several super rares before I even got this one I am really glad my island has this new member too raise to epic form

  32. I got it with lvl 4 life dragon and lvl 5 fire storm

  33. I’ve been breeding my Forest and Air like crazy! I keep getting Fruitful!! Although one time I got Parakeet… Which was pretty funny.. But I need Fairy to finish this quest!!! >.<

  34. got it by fruitful and firestorm… Add me: platinumchocobo
    I’ll accept any friend request, promise!

  35. I got fairy out of magic and fruit…weird…

  36. I had tried five times using forest and air but I was very unlucky.Finally I got it trying for a turkey dragon,using eagle and forest.

  37. I am lucky ! Just get one ! NyDare 😉

  38. add me sweetybontique is my ID . for fairy i used parakeet and atlantis

  39. PLease add Kirne

  40. I am very disappointed in the breeding on Dragon Story seeing as I have just started I am not impressed. I have been trying the suggested combination of Forest and Air for the Fairy Dragon and almost everyone has been the Fruitful Dragon which is a ten hour wait time. What’s worse is when I get the Firestorm Dragon with a twelve hour wait time. I would like to know why we can only have one Evolution Temple….I have dragons waiting to “Evolve” so I can send them through the Trading Portal as I need the room and the dragons are too young so they have to evolve to be sent. I am sorry but after all the waiting $100 coins is just not enough! We can have two nests so why not two Evolution Temples? DragonVale is a lot easier to breed dragons in that is for sure!

  41. It’s a common dragon it’s easy

  42. Air and forest doesn’t work for me. Gave up on fairy after 100th time (lol). Totally moved on and bred light lvl 7 and fruitful lvl 4 trying for caeser and got griffin. Bred griffin lvl 4 and forest lvl 7 still trying for caeser. Got fairy!!! 🙂 Am very happy but still trying for caeser I just bred fairy and light and got fuzzy! Add me : valeria36

  43. I got it by breeding a fruitful and light.

  44. Just got a fairy…4 leaf clover and air…after 3 tries of air and forest!

  45. I got fairy dragon so easy…….and I didn’t even know it is a rare dragon!

  46. and also I’ve got land worm so easy too!

  47. Hi, i also need help with thees dragons… 🙂 PLS add me: ID Briggittte

  48. When I breed my air dragon Larry and my forest dragon Fionna I get a Fruitful dragon I name it Misty but I still breeding forest and air I still get those foolish Fruitful dragon I keep deleting them finally I breed Misty the Fruitful draagon with Larry the air dragon I didn’t get 10hours that time I get 8hours means I finally get a fairy

  49. this game should be called freaking fruitfull dragon story…. no matter what dragon i use….

  50. I am getting a Fairy Dragon soon with the help of my Firestorm and Wild Dragon and the breeding den 😀 …. and it’s my first try to combine those two and it works 🙂

    add me: Draknessdragon05

  51. Dragon Story tells me i hatched a rainbow dragon but the egg was invisible…

  52. I got the fairy dragon first time with fruitful + air as when tried forest and air all i kept getting was fruitful, and also first time with fruitful + light although i was tryin to get the Caesar dragon lol if that’s any help

  53. i got it my first try by breeding level 7 air and level 7 fruitful oh and please add me! cinderash13

  54. Forest and Air on first try…I get lucky breeding.

  55. I believe my little sister has gotten one in her breeding den. Forest lvl 4 & Air lvl 5 on her 2nd try. Breeding time is 8 hours. She has been wanting one forever so I really hope it is one!

  56. Darn! I hate the breeding thing. I’ve been trying for the elf forever but all i get is fruitful and fairies! And its limited time! I even tried fruitful epic and fairy epic! still no luck…

  57. I got a fairy Dr agon on my first try 😉

  58. Was breeding green and yellow and got a wildflower dragon. Not what I was looking for but hey it’s nice to have one 🙂

  59. I got it by breeding rainbow and poison dragon although i was trying for a double rainbow i am veery excited bc i wanted one so badly

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