Dragon Story: Food Prices & Changes


Food Prices – and many other prices are unstable in Dragon Story. Changes often happen like when food prices are changed by the developers. It is also different across platforms, such as the Apple iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult for us to document and maintain the correct prices.

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Below is a full documentation of the prices and changes. This page will be updated as food prices are changed. Unfortunately, Dragon pages food prices remain for multiple reasons, including food price differences in older versions and platform.

Unfortunately we do not have control over these changes by the developers. These changes are final and there is absolutely no way to revert or lower the prices of these food changes unless it is done by the developers of the game.

Please comment below if you want to share your opinions on the new food prices in the updates.

Release Original Food Price Upgrade in 2012 – Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1 Level 6  100
Level 2 4 Level 7 240
Level 3 8 Level 8 500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10 Max

Food Price Upgrade in June 2013 – Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  4 Level 6  400
Level 2  16 Level 7  480
Level 3  32 Level 8  1000
Level 4  80 Level 9  2000
Level 5  200 Level 10 Max

Food Price Upgrade in June 2013 – Pink/Black/Fairytale/Cosmic/Mythic

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  25 Level 6  1,250
Level 2  50 Level 7  3,000
Level 3  125 Level 8  7,000
Level 4  300 Level 9  12,500
Level 5  750 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon


  19 Responses to “Dragon Story: Food Prices & Changes”

  1. dammit why dont u low the food price down instead increas it

    • The problem is Team Lava because they want more money.

    • TL does not care about the players or how many people leave they only focus on the purchases people make and once they see there is room to make the game more annoying so people can spend more money they will do it as they know people that already spending money on the game will not leave and if a player that never spend a cent or spend a few dollars in the last few years TL is happy for them to leave

  2. A bit annoyin ;/ U should make it goes down not up !!! Games r for players, not the players for the game !!

  3. I am starting to hate TL with all this. I saved the first DS and did not upgrade that one just installed the new games so when I feed I go back to the first game. ha TL bet u there. I don’t have to get screwed by them with that. lol

  4. this is so strupid just making everything take longer so people are guna get bored and fed up very quickly! annoying tbh

  5. I am done with dragon story. they lost a member here because I started last yr and have just recently started getting lvl 9 dragons to 10 because of food costs as it is for me(1000) well my girlfriend started playing on her kindle about 2 months ago and of course if u don’t spend money to get more food faster to feed ur dragons itll take so long. her lvls r slow because of the food prices…ridiculous!!!! increase what the farms put out in some of the times. don’t increase what u have to pay to upgrade ur dragons. we r not spending more freaking money. my gosh to clear out a freakin bush or tree costs 800,000 r u serious!!!! u lost 2 players here unfortunately. maybe shorten some of the evolve time,clearing time,amount it COSTS to clear some things. shoot it was like only 1000-1500 to clear out some shrubs and mushrooms in the beginning. dang im on a roll…. then the amount it takes to pay to get it expanded,for cryin out loud it just keeps goin up and up…keep takin and takin. it doesn’t make the game fun anymore!!! The economy is sorry right now and I would need a job just to pay for what it takes to expand and upgrade habitats,move trees and upgrade dragons. sorry but ur askin too much from people that cant spend 20hrs a day and spend god knows how much to make room for habitats and more dragons and more food and and and and…….im done.

  6. sorry for the book folks,im sick of stuff like this. try to find fun in games and share with others and it turns out to cost more and more to try and move along at a descent pace. for the folks that spend all that money well congratulations on the time and money u have. more power to ya.

  7. Im a level 82 in tropical. I have lots of money but only a few gold. Heres a thought for TeamLava….Why cant you give an option to exchange silver for gold when people reach a level above 50,60,70 etc. it would make more sense to do this and it will make a lot of us happier.

  8. Yeah, I recently had to pay 100 gold (I had earned it) to get 2mil coins, just to buy the cosmic expanse, geez, and I need another 2mil to buy a habitat for the blizzard dragon, crazy, they really need to appeal to the customers not repel them, I really wonder who the game designers are, you can’t win

  9. I have the most upgraded farm I can get, that mystical one, and I always plant the scaly pears, best value for coins, although they take a while, by plant six lots I get round 2,500 food each time I do my harvesting rounds

  10. All of u arguing about the food prices,install new dawn,the feed prices are standard (in new dawn,its not 25 at lv1 its 1 at lv1.)And yeah,if u are upset about that,then get 3 or above large or enchanted farms

  11. Paying real $$$$ for as little as you get is ridiculous!!! I would have to spend hundreds of dollars to be able to get anywhere in the game. Instead… As developers, realize wtf you have and capitalize on the masses. You know that you have prolly 100s of thousands of people who have prolly played this at one time or another. Make it worth OUR while! Sure charging $100 makes you a little money here and there, thing on a larger scale, as in try charging $0.99 for a massive bundle of stuff. (a 1,000 gold, a super mega rare dragon only available for this offer, and other kewl stuff). If more developers would do that I might be half tempted to actually spend money on these games. But we (all the players) know that it will never happen, that you will continue to make the game play horribly expensive to accomplish anything, and we all move on.
    If you would make the game more fun, more people would be interested in purchsing anything, AND you may get a reputation of being a players developer. Think bigger and think if this.
    Would you rather have 100 people pay $10 a piece
    Or a 50,000 people paying $0.99???
    And possibly coming back for more, AND going to your other games because you adopted the same philosophy to your other games.
    Now Im not a math major, but I would prolly pick the $0.99 cent deal every day of the week and twice on sunday!!!

    Anyone else agree?!?!?!?!

  12. The prices are unbelievable!! What used to be easy and fun to feed a dragon is now rediculous! It takes days just to try and raise an adult dragon to epic now. 5000 fruits? For real? Making the process go all the way up makes people to not want to play anymore. It’s as if the creators want us to stop playing or something. If the programmers are going to bring prices up, they should at least give another farm to make up the costs. A seventh or eighth farm would bring wonders to be honest, not to mention fair. If the programmers are trying to squeeze money out, they should make it to where it’s completely fair. People will stop playing due to the sky high prices. Soon, people will get desperate, sure.. But the creators should’ve thought this through. None of it makes sense.


  14. If you lower the price more people will buy it and more people buying it = more $

  15. I am certainly getting frustrated with trying to feed and accommodate dragons.. Annoying high prices and the game keeps stopping making it frustrating. I will not pay the ridiculous prices and I am ready to delete dragon story unless it becomes more reasonable. It is not a wise investment.

  16. Why doesn’t Team lava make it to where we could get more farms. And also for the daily gifts why not add some gold to the fifth day. Come on Team lava make it better so more players would want to keep the game. And quit trying to make a scam for money. You already done screwed with us with all your other games. And make it to where android players get the same things ios players get. Nuff said.

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