Dragon Story: Forest Dragon


The Forest dragon in Dragon Story is the second dragon you will obtain. It is a plant element dragon which means you need to purchase the plant habitat before you can place him into any habitat. The Forest dragon as tiny wings with a big head and is covered in green. Having a plant dragon in your Dragon Story game is almost essential to get other plant hybrid dragons. So be sure you have one!

The Forest Dragon cost 500 coins and will hatch in 30 seconds so there is no need to speed up your time for him. Once you have hatched the plant dragon egg you can place him into any plant habitat and start earning 65 coins every hour.

“A Forest Dragon’s heart is tune with the natural order. Nothing makes them happier than flying from branch to branch! ” – Dragon Story: Forest Dragon Shop Description
“A Forest Dragon’s heart is tune with the natural order. Nothing makes them happier than flying from branch to branch, but Fern’s head might be too heavy for those tiny wings.” –  Dragon Story: Forest Dragon Game Description

 Dragon Story Plant Element Icon

Dragon Story - Forest Plant dragon Baby

Release Date: Original

Hatching Time: 30 Seconds
Buying Price:  500 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Selling Price: 50 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Plant / Green
Level Requirement: 1

Evolution Time #1: 3 Hours

Evolution Time #2: 3 Hours


Dragon Story: Forest Dragon breeding guide

Purchase in Market.

Dragon Story: Forest Dragon Evolution Guide

The Plant dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4.

Dragon Story: Forest Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 80Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6
Level 2 Level 7 304
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10 376Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Forest Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6 100Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 2 4Dragon Story - Food icon Level 7 240 Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 3 8Dragon Story - Food icon Level 8 500 Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 4 20Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9 1000Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 5 50Dragon Story - Food icon Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
   Dragon Story - Forest Plant dragon Baby      

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  1. Evolution time is I think 3 hours like the fire dragon for lv6>lv7
    150 food at lv7 too
    Earning rate is 204/hr

  2. The earning chart is wrong. level 5 is 264, 7 is 304. All of them are wrong.

    • Thank you for your notice.

      Unfortunately, the game is undergoing changes and revisions. This includes breeding time, prices, and in some cases earning rates. Pages are updated as they are discovered but unfortunately it seems to happen more often than wanted. Thank you for your contribution.

  3. Very helpful thank you gameteep

  4. this help me

  5. Forest,fire,air,magic, and light dragons are the best not worst b/c if it weren’t for them no other dragons could be possible

  6. Sad Sads Kaitlin I will tell you it is me, MJ

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  8. My Islands names are MJ Rocks and My Island

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