Dragon Story: Magic Dragon


The Magic Dragon in Dragon Story is a rare purple dragon that can only be obtained through breeding or purchasing for 100 gold pieces. Although players may have 50 gold pieces from the start getting another 50 gold pieces won’t be an easy task.

This Magic Dragon has an amazing purple look that any dragon breeder would love, and when he grows up into his adult form he earns a lot more earnings for your Dragon Story island making him one of the best and most unique dragons out of all the purple dragons.

“Baby Magic Dragons require constant attention. When they get bored strange things happen; inanimate objects come to life, clocks melt and shadows dance off of the walls” – Dragon Story: Magic Dragon Shop Description

 Dragon Story - Magic Element Symbol Purple

Dragon Story Magic Dragon

Release Date: Original
Rarity: Rare

Hatching Time: 20 Hours
Buying Price:  200Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: ? Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Magic | Purple
Level Requirement: 7

Evolution Time #1: 20 Hours

Evolution Time #2: 20 Hours


Dragon Story: Magic Dragon breeding guide

You can breed the magic dragon using a water dragon and a fire dragon.


Dragon Story: Magic Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Magic Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.

Dragon Story: Magic Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 90Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6 217Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 2 107Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 7 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 3 122Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 8 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 4 172Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 9 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 5 197Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 405Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Magic Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6  100Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 2 4Dragon Story - Food icon Level 7  240Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 3 8Dragon Story - Food icon Level 8  500Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 4 20Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9 1000Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 5 50Dragon Story - Food icon Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
 Dragon Story - Magic Dragon Egg  Dragon Story Magic Dragon  Dragon Story - Magic Dragon  teen  Dragon Story - Magic Dragon  adult  Dragon Story - Magic Dragon  epic

  79 Responses to “Dragon Story: Magic Dragon”

  1. You get it by breeding fire and water dragons

  2. Yep. Got 20 hours with fire + water combo. Red + blue = purple 🙂

  3. Pls add me herthie96

  4. Added^^ and plz add me Alana1k

  5. Add me Pls, Ignatious78

  6. I see that certain dragons take longer to breed, and hatch.. what will come out of 20 hr breed session with magic and water?

  7. Add me plz Zukam0

  8. Add me I always gift if I get in return neftookie

  9. It’s quite easy getting a magic dragon because it represents a purple gem. So, I thought what makes the colour purple: which is red and blue. Once I tried it turned out the idea worked. Hope it also works for you.

  10. I got three magic dragons by using the combonation for diamond, firestorm and island.


  12. Add Karilara 🙁 I have no neighbors.

  13. add bigpussy14 and is there a way to breed a magic dragon without fist having to spend a initial 200 gold D:?

  14. hmmm never mind just read it. I'm a dummy.

  15. Does anyone have recommendations on what lvl to breed a firestorm and an island to get the diamond dragon? I’m trying a lvl 6 firestorm and a lvl 7 island and it’s taking FOREVER!! I’ve already tried like 10-20 times and I still don’t have a diamond dragon. Please help!! Thanks!! BTW, please add superunicorn00. 🙂

  16. Epic island and epic Eagle gave me a magic – first attempt

  17. Why does nobody read the actual gameteep page? It clearly says breed fire and water. It doesn’t matter what level they are. You might manage to get an athletic dragon, but that’s good! Fire and water. Think about it. Red and blue make purple!

    • “might” manage is one way to put it. The first 3 times I bred fire and water, I got athletic. 3 back to back ones….Finally got the magic egg I wanted all along on the 4th try. “rare” dragon lol

  18. added and i send gifts daily

  19. what level though

  20. Epic form water dragon an epic form fire dragon got it first try btw add me playingwithpets

  21. hi….. Pliz add del123456

  22. Add callodduty for daily gold and yes that is my name

  23. I’m on my second try and my second athletic dragon, hopefully third time lucky.

    Id: elliochopol

  24. I got it with the first attempt: with a water dragon on the left and an athletic dragon on the right.

  25. trying……… add me : prayoga1312

  26. I tried to breed serpent 20 times, give up and got Magic on first try (fire + water) MAGIC! Yay! I still don’t have serpent..Not yet.

  27. Please add me too: cinnamonrue

  28. add me i send gold evry days :


  29. about to try and get this dragon
    I need new neighbors ! 🙂 & help with gold gifts
    add me storm id: kaymami100
    we can help each other out !

  30. Everyone please add me!!!!
    Storm ID: Angelface_35578

  31. Yay now I don’t have to wast my gold for a magic dragon I can just uses water and fire whoop.

  32. wat do u get mixing fire with water with breed time of 11 hrs?

  33. if you are a good looking female add me lol longball20

  34. Yay! I thought you had too spend 200gold to get a magic dragon. Nice to know I can breed one without using gold. Can’t wait to try it! Add me MissVero713 🙂

  35. Add me pls. nice031407 & nice0314. Thanks!

  36. Got it, first try, WOOT WOOT

  37. Hi.. can you help me? Im having a hard time producing money because my dragons do not give me the exact coins. For example, may epic form eagle dragon should give me 1k+ coins but I only collect 250. It happens to all of my dragons. Can someone pls help.

  38. By chance I bred a magic dragon. I should say by accident because i didnt even intend on breeding it, much less know how or which combination to use. But I got one from breeding a Water dragon And A firestorm dragon.
    Feel free To Add me Element835

  39. I breeded:
    LIFE DRAGON: level 7
    MIST DRAGON: level 6
    I got a magic dragon on my first attempt
    I think the key is to have all four elements (water, fire, air, and forest)

  40. Thanks for the tips, idk that i have to breed fire n water dragon lol
    was about to using gold to buy magic dragon :p
    oh btw feel free to add me : azmaray

  41. I just bred a serpent dragon and firestorn and it femme up as 40 hours so I was so excited to finally have a diamond dragon that I even spent gold to get it in the nest and BAM! It’s a magic dragon egg! What the heck? Magic dragon is 20 hours! Is the game just being weird or did I get jipped?

  42. Add mee jaficalll. If you’re only getting 250 coins you need to upgrade your habitat. The game is one of luck. I got serpent first try. Still trying for mirage but I keep getting athletic. Any suggestions!

  43. Bred an epic fire dragon and an adult water got magic first time

  44. Thx for the advise, plz add me smilelygirl I gift and visit everyday 😉

  45. Has anyone noticed feeding amounts have changed it states on here level 9 should be 1000 apples a time mine has now jumped to 4000 apples per feed has this happened to anyone else???

  46. please ad LacieXD it will help me alot 😀

  47. One of my neighbors on dragon story told me about this and it helped me a lot thank you.

  48. Please add my storm8 id : adhityadhira . I have a little neighbours 🙁

  49. Why do they give magic dragon task on level 7 when its unlocked on level 10?i got mine breeding water and eagle(which i sold)trying to get mirage.did not even know red and blue makes purple

  50. another combo for diamond dragon is athletic and scarecrow

  51. Another combo for diamond dragon is scorpion and parakeet. Add me my storm8 id – rohitav916.

  52. Well…the breeding method makes sense.
    Ifu m

  53. Well…the breeding method makes sense.
    If u mix the colors red and blue , u get PURPLE!

  54. I got a magic dragon by breeding a Jewel dragon and a water dragon.

  55. What do you get when you breed magic and water and it takes 48 hours to hatch

  56. I got a magic dragon at the first try by breeding eagle and island.

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