Dragon Story: Nest


The Dragon Story Nest is an extra nest you can purchase to hold more dragon eggs. Players may find that waiting for their dragons to hatch may become problematic therefore a second nest will allow you to hatch two eggs at once!

Dragon eggs require a Nest to incubate. Acquiring a second Nest is the only way to grow two eggs at once!~ Dragon Story: Evolution Temple Game Description

Dragon Story Egg Nest Icon

Build Time: Instant
Buying Price:  25Dragon Story Gold Icon
Max Capacity: 2
Level Requirement: 4

How to use

Make purchase then breed or buy a dragon and place it into the nest.

Unlock Levels

Level 4 – 25Dragon Story Gold Icon

Level 7 – 50Dragon Story Gold Icon

Level 15 – 100Dragon Story Gold Icon

  15 Responses to “Dragon Story: Nest”

  1. Should buying a second next on Dragon story cost 250 gold? I’m at level 12, and looks like it should be less than that.

  2. it costs 250 g now….is there any other way to get one?(through a quest maybe?)

  3. does the price get multiplied by 10 if you don't buy a 2nd nest right away?

  4. i’m level 16 and its still 250g. which is like $10. i haven’t heard of any other ways to get one 🙁

  5. Why can’t I get another nest Everytime I buy it is the. Say processing then disappears.

  6. The level doesn't matter, now it is 250 gold

  7. 250,is so ridiculously over priced for a second nest!..it’s either pay for it via cash or hope that ppl send you gold,there should be another way to get the second nest,either by quest or breeding a super rare dragon etc…#very sad

  8. Y

  9. You can get gold by sending neighbors gold every day & they return it & by playing the games they suggest & achieving the area of the level. I hope this helps.

  10. This game is far to expensive. Everything takes far to long unless your willing to pay, there are much better FREE GAMES out there. Some tasks cannot be achieved unless you PAY

  11. Guys the info on here is wrong. Here is the correct info.
    The Dragon Story Nest is a place where eggs incubate.
    “Dragon eggs require a Nest to incubate. Acquiring a second Nest is the only way to grow two eggs at once!” ~ Dragon Story: Nest Game Description
    How to use: When dragons are finished breeding, the egg will go in the nest. If you buy a dragon, the egg will go in the nest. Hatching time varies from 10 seconds to 44 hours.
    Build time: Instant to 1 minute (unknown)
    Buying Price: 250 gold, a nest is provided at the beginning of the game.
    Maximum Capacity: 1 egg per nest
    Level Requirement: Level 1
    Maximum in an Island: 4
    Hope this helps, if anyone knows the exact build time, it would be a great help! 🙂

    • I just got a second nest and it didn’t seem to take any build time. It was ready as soon as I placed it where I wanted it.

    • Thanks, that means build time is instant! 🙂

      • Simply I agree with all of you that you shouldn’t pay. I think that the nest should cost 100 dragon money!! not 250 gold. not worth it either.

  12. Also, I wonder how you can get large sums of gold without using money instantly.

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