Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon


The Night Elf Dragon in Dragon Story is a single element Dragon that was released into the game. It was discovered in May 13 2013 and was released officially into the game on May 13 2013. This dragon is a Black type dragon only showing one element symbol.

” Despite years of careful observation from dragon scientists across the globe, no one is really sure if Night Elf Dragons sleep. They’re always up during the day, bouncing around and wiggling their ears, so it was assumed they sleep at night. But if Night Elf Dragons sleep at night, who is pulling all of these nocturnal pranks?.” – Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon Shop Description

 Dragon Story Black Element

Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon

Release Date:
May 13 2013

Rarity: Super Rare

Hatching Time:  14  Hours
Buying Price:  2,000Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Black

Evolution Time:15  Hours

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Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon Key Features

  •  Dragon
  • Night Elf Dragon
  • Black type dragon
Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon

Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon breeding guide

The Night Elf dragon appears to be a breed-able dragon.

To breed the Night Elf Dragon, it is recommended you use the  Night Dragon and the Magic Dragon. The breeding time for this dragon is 14 Hours, so if you get a  hours breeding time then you have a Night Elf dragon breeding in your isle!

With the breeding combinations in hand, keep in mind that breeding is completely up to your luck in the game and for them to give you the dragon.

The Rarity will help you understand your chances but it will ultimately be up to your game.

The breeding order of left or right in the breeding den does not matter. The Level of your breeding dragon also do not matter.

Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon Evolution Guide

*Note Android players will need to use the temple at level 4!

The Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolution.

At level 9 you will evolve your creature into its most powerful and final form called Epic.

Egg – The egg is what is revealed to the players after they have completed the breeding process. You may place this egg into a Nest for hatching.

Baby – The baby form is hatched from the egg and is the youngest form of the entire evolution process.

Teen – Teen is the evolved form of your baby creature. You can evolve your dragon at level 4 without using the evolution chamber on Apple devices, while on Android you must use the evolution chamber. You will be able to breed after they have reached level 4.

Adult – The adult stage is a almost full grown dragon in Dragon Story. You can evolve your dragons at the end of level 6 where he will need to use the evolution chamber to become an adult.

Epic – The epic form is the final and most powerful form of them all. Embodied with powers of their representing elemental colors, the epic form is filled with great design and represents the full grown evolution of your dragon. You can evolve your Adult Dragon into Epic Dragon at level 9.

Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  404 Level 6  1,939
Level 2  646 Level 7  2,302
Level 3  848 Level 8  2,605
Level 4  1,212 Level 9  2,908
Level 5  1,575 Level 10  3,232

Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Food may vary depending on the version you are playing.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  25 Level 6  1250
Level 2  50 Level 7  3000
Level 3  125 Level 8  7000
Level 4  300 Level 9  12500
Level 5  750 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
 Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon egg  Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon
Teen Adult
 Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon Adult
 Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon Epic

  44 Responses to “Dragon Story: Night Elf Dragon”

  1. Anyone else notice all of a sudden the night habitats price rose? From half a mil for the small to 900k and 2 mil for the large to 3.6mil?!

    • For some reason it rose up in price with one of my tablets. But it stayed the same with the other. Which I’m glad cause I’m about to buy the small one. And if you like add me Doomomega

    • nope…mine is still 500,000 for the small and 2 million for the large.

    • I think dats only for android … bcuz wen expandin nw we don’t use mystic maps .. Soo maybe TL raised the prices of the habitats & decorations 2 make some sort of profit.

    • Yes I noticed it! But as the price of all the habitats increased expansion was cheaper it was 60, 000 to clear a bush which is like 250, 000 and the muddy rock was 250, 000 wheras it is actually 990, 000

  2. An I the only one that is having a hard time with breeding? It seems like we breed pair over and over and all I get is 10 or 15 of the dragons that I’m not trying to get! Dose anyone know something that would help me? Thank you

  3. Does anyone know the other dragon tthat you have to breed with the night dragon to get this dragon? If so plz help.

  4. My night habitats are the same price as always. what do you breed yo get a night elf ? Anyone know yet

    • It is written on the page the most recommended combination is Night and Magic it is like breeding father with son.U know how we can get night dragon by breeding Water and Magic for the night dragon.

  5. What combination of type of dragon to get this fabulous and adorable dragon?

  6. I just breeded a night and a diamond dragon and got it first try!(:
    I’d: Heartless Sky

  7. Easy to have I got it first try come to see the egg : sounchy
    The hidden colour is purple

  8. Titan and Night worked for me but any rare purple with night would prob do the trick.

  9. Just tryed for my first time with black and purple and got 14hrs. Yay! I really hope I got it!!

    • GL let us know I am working on a Wizard ATM my poor purple dragon is going to be so tired and hungry lol

  10. For me I got Illusion Dragon on first try with Night and Peacock. Keep in mind the Illusion Dragon’s breed time is the same as the Night Elf Dragon at 14 hrs. This result for my first go wasn’t a bad thing since I didn’t have it as of yet. As for attempt 2 & 3 I got Coral Dragon twice in a row but attempt 4 has 14 hrs back on the clock. Fingers are crossed and the anticipation is killing me.

  11. Yea. Illusion dragon has the same breeding time. It’s easier to breed black swan compare yo night elf. And anyone has brilliant combination to breed diamond? I wanna diamond to breed naga. I wanna naga dragon.

    • To get diamond dragon u need to breed firestorm and island dragon a few times like a lot of times and it takes 44 hours and I have it as an epic look at it. Add me nightfury121

  12. Got it first try! Bred peacock with night.

  13. Storm ID bradley6288 add plz

  14. hey guys do u think this dragon look a little bit like mist dragon?
    id:crystaldragonx add me if u guys can 😉

  15. I just bred magic and night and got 14 hours…..just like what this page says!! 😀 but I’m not sure if I’m goin to hav this dragon cuz the way to breed a cosmic dragon accordin to gameteep….is magic and air and the breeding time is 8 hours…so when I mixed magic and air it sed 8 hours and I thot it was goin to be a cosmic dragon…but instead it was a genie dragon…..so I kept tryin but never have luck…anyways so……hope you gamers out there get the night elf dragon! \(^.^)/ good luck 😉

  16. This dragon is pretty! I tried to get this but got illusion instead.

  17. Wondering if I breed illusion w night….

  18. Gpt 14 hours of breeding time. Expecting it to be the night dragon……

  19. It took quite a few tries and returning to basics but I em. Magic and night.

  20. New player looking for friends to trade gold with.

    Please add ABC123land.


    Happy breeding! : )

  21. I get a breeding time 14hours on my first time , I hope is dark elf dragon:D

  22. I thought at level 9 you can evolve them into epic. By why is it have to be level 10? Is this some kind of joke? I was sacrificing a lot of money just to raise my Kitsune dragon to 9. Is it only for IOS again you can evolve them at level 9?

  23. Add me.

  24. I don’t have night so i can’t breed it right now,but i will in the future and how to breed diamond

  25. got it by breeding diamond and night dragon 🙂

  26. Got it with night and magic. I was trying for the raven dragon. Total surprise.

  27. Just got my egg with night (lvl 10) and origami (lvl 8). Took about 8 tries. Lots of luck dragons at first…

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