Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon


The Peacock Dragon in Dragon Story was released on April 11 2013 and is released right after the impressive Mythic Dragon that was just released the days before. The Peacock Dragon goes back to its roots with amazing new dragon designs for your Dragon Story Isle. The dragon looks like a purple peacock

” You don’t need to tell the Peacock Dragon that it’s adorable. It knows. But it likes to hear it all the same. It struts around your island with its marvelous purple coat and round golden eyes, gazing reproachfully at other dragons who puff out their chests as the Peacock Dragon passes. ” – Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Shop Description

Dragon Story - Magic Element Symbol Purple

Dragon Story Peacock Dragon

Release Date:
April 11 2013

Rarity: Super Rare

Hatching Time: 18 Hours
Buying Price:  600 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Yellow/Purple
Level Requirement: 10

Evolution Time:  18 Hours

User Rating
VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Breed Rate
Rating: 3.5/5 (12 votes cast)

Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Key Features

  • Purple/Yellow Hybrid
  • Super Rare
  • Peacock type dragon
  • Golden eyes.

Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon breeding guide

However, the most recommended combination is using an Magic Dragon and an Magic Dragon..

The breeding time is 18 Hours hours which is 17:59:59 Hours on the timer.

The breeding time for the Peacock Dragon is 18 Hours. Breeding of the dragons left or right does not matter or make a difference. It is up to the the luck of your game to give you a Peacock Dragon or another dragon.

For new players, keep in mind that breeding the dragon left or right does not matter. The level of your breeding dragons also does not matter, it is up to your game to give you this Peacock Dragon or have another pending dragon to sell in your Dragon Story Isle.

Once you have obtained the Peacock dragon egg and the hatched the Peacock dragon you can place the Peacock dragon into the Purple habitat in your Dragon Story island.

Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Peacock Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolution. You will gain his Adult form after level 6 and when you feed your dragon towards level 9 he will then use the evolution chamber once again.

When you evolve your dragon from level 9 to level 10 he will evolve into his final form which is named “Epic” form.

Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  120 Level 6  576
Level 2  192 Level 7  684
Level 3  252 Level 8  774
Level 4  360 Level 9  864
Level 5  468 Level 10  960

Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 20 Level 6  1000
Level 2  40 Level 7  2400
Level 3  100 Level 8  5600
Level 4  240 Level 9  10000
Level 5  600 Level 10 Max

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
 Dragon Story Peacock Dragon egg  Dragon Story Peacock Dragon
Teen Adult
 Dragon Story Peacock Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Peacock Dragon Adult
 Dragon Story Peacock Dragon Epic


  71 Responses to “Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon”

  1. So is this dragon breed able by Air and Magic? Because in the market it only has the purple element on the card…

    • i can breed magic with magic or magic with air
      but i got this when breed magic with diamond in my first try

  2. I think it should be a air and purple habitats not fire.

  3. Same combination and timing as Triskster Dragon=18 hrs. So if get 18 hrs, maybe Trickster or Peacock.

  4. Ummm did the combo, waiting eight hours on a creature…boo

  5. Breed double magic.
    I got 18 hours on my timer.
    ID: glh141197
    Add me!

  6. Wow…I hope I can get one of that…

  7. I got it. Air dragon and magic dragon!
    5th try. c:
    Add me?: yoshibaby44

  8. I dont see it in my market

  9. Game Master, pls note that the above explanation is wrong. it’s stated “the most recommended combination is using an Magic Dragon and an Magic Dragon. Actually is “Magic Dragon and Air dragon.” I just got the Peacock using Magic x Air already.

    • Yeah but the peacock dragon is purple element so u will most likely get it breeding 2 purple hybrids

  10. Does anyone.noe why.its not in the market yet i use my phone

  11. So excited that I got it!!! Love peacocks…doing my wedding theme as peacocks!! 🙂

  12. it’s in the new dragon story: spring right? add me, id; mizztake

  13. Me too!

  14. Got the peacock dragon. It’s in the egg nest. I breeded magic and genie.

  15. To get this dragon, u should breed a purple dragon and another dragon with purple in it. This dragon has no air|yellow element in it and trying to breed it with yellow will not work.

  16. Got it by breeding night and diamond while trying to breed dark angel

  17. GOT IT!! I bred parakeet lvl 8 on left and magic lvl 8 on right now the egg is in my nest ID jeroen1975

  18. Is everybody else’s dragon story the same?? Its now costing me double gold it hatch a dragon egg early and to breed it early! Is this team laba’s way to try an get us to spend money on dragons instead of spending gold! That is ridiculious!

    • With my game it’s half breed time, I think, and same gold price. Something weird is definitely going on…

      • I got the same problem for this . I said 8hours but the amount of gold is 18 gold.
        I thought I got the Cosmic Dragon really.

  19. I got this dragon first try using epic diamond and magic with the booster breeding, good luck everyone who is trying for it 🙂 if you would like, feel free to add met ID is JodiCheyenne

  20. First try
    :Magic Lvl 10 and Air Lvl 10

    I was aiming for cosmic dragon xD

  21. Bred a Genie + Air dragon.
    Check it out!
    ID: FiletOFin
    Add me as neighbor

  22. I breed virtue dragon an magic dragon for this dragon.

  23. I got it breeding magic and yellow, first time. I didn’t expect it, thought I was going to get Trickster dragon! cool!

  24. Air and Magic 2nd time

  25. After two attempts with magic and magic I switched to Air and Magic. Both Epic and got on second attempt.

  26. i got it by breeding air and magic

  27. Yey! Got it with genie and mist, u can add me level 74 id: janbeureu

  28. I just tor one of these by breeding a familiar dragon and a fruitful dragon. I was just trying for something different, guess that worked as planned.

  29. I got it first time with pink and black , I was trying to get mask dragon and I got peacock:D

  30. I got Cosmic via breed Magic lv.10 and Air lv.10

  31. I got first time with A simple magic dragon and air dragon when I was trying to get a Genie dragon x)
    First time I thought I’m going to get a Trickster dragon, but no, a Peacock dragon!
    …I’m happy 😀

  32. Finally, I got Peacock Dragon from Storm breed with Magic first try

  33. i got it on my third try

  34. Got it with diamond and night dragon weird!

  35. I was trying to get a cosmic dragon and bred magic with air and got this one instead! Yay!!

  36. Got it second try first was Genie then was peacock.
    Here just write on a paper vegito1id and then add me
    To see my peacock dragon

  37. This is ridiculous I have tried every way y’all have told me to breed the peacock dragon and I still haven’t gotten it no ;( I keep trying though…

  38. I got it air and magic first time add me lunaunited93

  39. Wow first try maybe got it!

  40. Is this one of those dragons unavailable for Android-Gamers? I tried Air + Magic more then two dozens of times, only getting Genie dragons all along.

  41. I’m android and I got it, trickster and genie come look if u want he’s level 7 or 8

  42. Thanks, the Peacockdragon is not listed in the Dragon List, where they can be purchased. Therefore and because I had no success in really many attempts with Air + Magic, I thought it is unavailable. I keep trying.

  43. i’m also an android player but i can’t find peacock im my island…is it limited n has gone? or should i install another version?

  44. Since July I tried but never bred one – and believe me, I tried more then a few times. It still does not show up in the market, so I believe it is now an iOS-only dragon (pfff).

  45. I asked the Support: Because I didn’t have the “Spring Edition” installed I can never get the Peacock. Do not ask me, what I am thinking about this.

  46. Got 20 hrs what is it?

  47. Leopard + magic! Was trying for skeleton, but wanted this one also!

  48. I had it in my first time poison scorpion

  49. Add DragonyMe plz 🙂

  50. Combo that worked for me is magic + magic…
    My id: sammy 0055…

  51. got it by breeding diamond and night dragon and got night elf 😉

  52. If she’s not in my market, can I breed her? I’m on android…although, I’ve seen other people on android say they’ve bred her. Anyone know?

  53. i got it by magic and air second time
    try it and add me:mhmojtahedi

  54. Got it using the air and magic dragon on the first try. Add me my storm8 ID – rohitav916

  55. Got it on the first try using the air and magic dragon . Add me my storm8 ID – rohitav916

  56. Got it with magic and air add me hamranshah313

  57. Got it breeding Trickster and Luck dragon both lvl 4 ( second try)

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