Dragon Story: Poison Dragon


A snake-like dragon is what the Poison Dragon is in Dragon Story. This Cobra green dragon will certainly have you want to continue breeding more of these amazing dragons in your island. The Poison dragon is actually a plant and magic type dragon.

Once you have been able to breed the Poison dragon you can place the Poison dragon into a green or purple habitat so it plays along with the other plant and magic dragons you have.

” Poison Dragons do possess a toxic bite, but as they grow they begin to each other poisonous critters to use their fangs for good. Until then, however… make sure to feed them before you pet them. ” – Dragon Story: Poison Dragon Shop Description


Dragon Story Plant Element IconDragon Story - Magic Element Symbol Purple

Dragon Story - Poison Dragon Baby

Release Date: May 24 2012
Rarity: Common

Hatching Time:  21 Hours
Buying Price:  300 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Plant, Magic | Green Purple
Level Requirement: 9

Evolution Time #1: 21 Hours

Evolution Time #2: 21 Hours


Dragon Story: Poison Dragon breeding guide

The Poison dragon is a high level creature that requires you to be at least level ? to unlock. Even if you do have the magic and plant habitat for this dragon you may not be able to breed him until you have unlock the Poison dragon in the market. To breed the Poison dragon use a magic dragon and a forest dragon in your breeding den for a chance to breeding the poison dragon.


Dragon Story: Poison Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Poison Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.

Dragon Story: Poison Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 110Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 2 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 7 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 3 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 8 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 4 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 9 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Level 5 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 495Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Poison Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6 100Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 2 4Dragon Story - Food icon Level 7 240Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 3 8Dragon Story - Food icon Level 8 500Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 4 20Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9 1000Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 5 50Dragon Story - Food icon Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
Dragon Story Poison Dragon Egg  Dragon Story - Poison Dragon Baby  Dragon Story Poison Dragon Epic
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