Dragon Story: Stone Dragon


The Stone Dragon in Dragon Story is a single element Dragon that was released into the game. It was discovered in June 6 2013 and was released officially into the game on June 6 2013. This dragon is a Stone type dragon only showing one element symbol.

” Humans first came into contact with Stone Dragons in Ancient Greece, when stonemasons extracted marble from quarries. Stone Dragons, being shy of humans, would stay very still when they were approached. Confused stonemasons assumed they were intricately carved sculptures. Soon, other artists attempted their own marble works.” – Dragon Story: Stone Dragon Shop Description

 Dragon Story Stone element

Dragon Story Stone Dragon icon

Release Date:
June 6 2013

Rarity: Rare

Hatching Time: 8  Hours
Buying Price:  500Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Stone Quarry Habitat

Evolution Time: 8 Hours

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Dragon Story: Stone Dragon Key Features

  • Single element Dragon
  • Stone Dragon
  • Stone type dragon

Dragon Story: Stone Dragon breeding guide

To breed the Stone Dragon, it is recommended you use the  Light Dragon and the Forest Dragon. The breeding time for this dragon is 8 Hours, so if you get a  hours breeding time then you may have a Stone dragon breeding in your isle!

With the breeding combinations in hand, keep in mind that breeding is completely up to your luck in the game and for them to give you the dragon.

The Rarity will help you understand your chances but it will ultimately be up to your game. The breeding order of left or right in the breeding den does not matter. The Level of your breeding dragon also do not matter.

Dragon Story: Stone Dragon Evolution Guide

*Note Android players will need to use the temple at level 4!

The Dragon Story Stone Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolution.

At level 9 you will evolve your creature into its most powerful and final form called Epic.

Egg – The egg is what is revealed to the players after they have completed the breeding process. You may place this egg into a Nest for hatching.

Baby – The baby form is hatched from the egg and is the youngest form of the entire evolution process.

Teen – Teen is the evolved form of your baby creature. You can evolve your dragon at level 4 without using the evolution chamber on Apple devices, while on Android you must use the evolution chamber. You will be able to breed after they have reached level 4.

Adult – The adult stage is a almost full grown dragon in Dragon Story. You can evolve your dragons at the end of level 6 where he will need to use the evolution chamber to become an adult.

Epic – The epic form is the final and most powerful form of them all. Embodied with powers of their representing elemental colors, the epic form is filled with great design and represents the full grown evolution of your dragon. You can evolve your Adult Dragon into Epic Dragon at level 9.

Dragon Story: Stone Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  145 Level 6  521
Level 2  290 Level 7  550
Level 3  362 Level 8  623
Level 4  435 Level 9  645
Level 5  478 Level 10  681

Dragon Story: Stone Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Food may vary depending on the version you are playing.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  25 Level 6  1250
Level 2  50 Level 7  3000
Level 3  125 Level 8  7000
Level 4  300 Level 9  12500
Level 5  750 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
 Dragon Story Stone Dragon egg  Dragon Story Stone Dragon icon
Teen Adult
 Dragon Story Stone Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Stone Dragon Adult
 Dragon Story Stone Dragon Epic
  • Rivers Edge

    Took me 8 hours..forest/light combo habitat is 6mil..it took me over 15tries kept getting fuzzy which is also 8hrs and pegasus 26hrs. Add me nikitarolle3 if you wanna see the dragon

  • brooklyn

    I got it 2nd try with forest and light. tried again for the hell of it and got it again. so forest and light work!!!!

  • maztaxxx

    Add me maztaxxx 🙂

  • Sebastian

    I’ll need to breed this dragon it looks cool add me sebano2381

  • Mari

    Omg how much food are this dragon eat..????? =O

    • Santiago

      I know 12500 food!! And the habitats’ money …… NOT WORTH IT!!

      Just 6 million dragon craps not worth it Man.

  • Gabrielle

    add me: kittycatgabby 🙂

  • Mr-viper-hshoom

    It is just like fairy and mistmoth add me viper5478

  • bernard

    Please add pepper2621, I like this dragon

  • FiletOFin

    Got it in my first try! Light and air :3
    Add me!
    Ign – FiletOFin

    • FiletOFin


  • FiletOFin

    Got it in my first try! Light and forest :3
    Add me!
    Ign – FiletOFin


  • GamersGuide721

    I used Light & Parakeet first try 8Hrs while trying for Caesar =_=

    • Brittany

      I got tge Caesar dragon with griffen and dawntree if it will help you any—-> storm id ashlyn121201

  • Duong Pham

    I’m breeding a Light lv6 n Forest lv5 and it’s said 8hrs. Hopefully it’s a Stone Dragon cause breeding a Fuzzy takes 8hrs too.

  • Duong Pham

    Add me HoangDuongPham

    • vintran

      add me vintran

  • she

    Add me shedragonic^^
    This stone dragon habitat really expensive T.T

  • Storm8ID: JodiCheyenne

    I got this dragon my 3rd try using Light and Fuzzy. First try gave me Pegasus, second try gave me Dawntree. Feel free to add me if you would like 🙂 My Storm8 ID is JodiCheyenne

  • Ally

    Light and scarecrow first try

  • bernard

    Got it with forest and light both epic come see it and now long wait for diamond 44hrs in the making too
    Add pepper2126 and pepper2621

    • ckgsinger

      how did you get your diamond? i can’t seem to get one and I’ve tried so many combos

      • Darknarwhal12

        I got my diamond on the 98th try

  • bernard

    However need save 6 millions in 1 week. Sad I am lucky becoz I got many habitats

  • adios88

    I got this in random try! But I don’t have enough money to buy the habitat 🙁
    so sad, I have to sell him only 100……..

  • Eshan

    I a

  • Eshan

    Bro I got It on my first try and man it is awesome
    But it’s habitat is so much money and can you add :Vegitto1id

  • Joey

    add joeytherev and n1kk189 thankyou
    tryin 2 breed this dragon atm

  • Itz_ebonie

    Check out my dragons. Add me itz_ebonie

  • Larry

    What’s a golem dragon? Don’t see it in market but fighting it in arena. Stone attribute

  • Octoberprincess1991

    Got it with light and forest first try. Love him. He is awesome!!

    • Sparky

      Me too! I am so excited!

  • AngelicGU4RDI4N

    I got the habitat but I haven’t gotten the dragon yet…. Dang.

    Add me if you like: AngelicGU4RDI4N.

  • krimson

    Randomly got it. Was trying for something else haha. thank god for second nesting or else I have to sell it. Was about 2mil from buying the habitat

  • Creativelyblsd

    Got it on third try with fuzzy and forest
    Add me PassionateLady

  • Yoak13

    Got the stone egg by accident, now cannot afford the habitat. Rally takes the fun out of the game. Yoak13

  • Anthony

    The habitat is expensive I want it become 1 million!

  • Yoak13

    Got the egg onaccident. Luckily I had an extra nest. Still cannot afford the habitat. Id. Yoak13

  • Dragonfan

    PLEASE add GiRaFfE123456. I need people who will gift me gold and respond to mystic map requests. I will reciprocate. Thanks!

  • Gumyxb3ar

    Can you still get this dragon?

    • Dancing Alien

      Yes you can still get it

  • Bob

    I got it first try not wanting it

  • Aydis

    Confirmed breeding with Boo Dragon & Atlantis +ddme@ AsguardianAydis

  • Kelly

    Parakeet and light first try 😀 i don’t want it how the f** do i collect 6.000.000 coins for the stupid habitat dammit -.-

  • Dragon Island

    Dawntree n light, first try ♥

  • Darknarwhal12

    Got on second try life and light but the habitat is f**king expensive………….-_-

  • Wawan

    Betul ya???

  • windi

    Got it on my first try. Light + forest

  • Erika

    I have been trying for the fairytale one for like forever and a day now and Im on android.. Can’t seem to get one. Could someone tell me if it is because i didnt get a quest for it yet or if its because im an android user? Frig.. I got the tropic and metal and gemstone already.. But no Fairytale :/