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The Tinsel Dragon in Dragon Story is a special Dragon that was released on December 13, 2013. Tinsel Dragon can breed the dragon using the elements that make up the dragon in the game using a breeding den in the game. Unfortunately it may be difficult depending on the rarity of the dragon.

“Tinsel Dragons are sought-after decorating companions during the Christmas season. In addition to being bright and shiny in ways that few dragons can claim, they have wings that shed tinsel as they fly, covering nearby trees and buildings in holiday sparkle.” – Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon Shop Description

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Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon

Release Date:
December 13, 2013

Rarity:   Super Rare

Hatching Time: 8 hours
Buying Price:  Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Yellow/Red/Purple

Evolution Time:   8 hours

User Rating
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Breed Rate
Rating: 4.9/5 (3 votes cast)

Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon Key Features

  • Tinsel Dragon
  • Yellow/Red/Purple type dragon
  • Rare to obtain
  • Selected players can breed this dragon

Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon breeding guide

  • You can breed this dragon using the Fire Dragon and the Genie Dragon
  • The breeding time is 8 hours

Confirmed Combination

  • If you do not have the event then you can breed this dragon using Titan Dragon and the Air Dragon

Breeding Notes

  • With the breeding combinations in hand, keep in mind that breeding is completely up to your luck in the game and for them to give you the dragon.
  • The Rarity will help you understand your chances but it will ultimately be up to your game.
  • The breeding order of left or right in the breeding den does not matter. The Level of your breeding dragon also do not matter.

Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon Evolution Guide

  • *Note Android players will need to use the temple at level 4!
  • *Note: New 2013 Apple players will require to evolve their dragons at level 4

The Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolution.

At level 9 you will evolve your creature into its most powerful and final form called Epic.

  • Egg – The egg is what is revealed to the players after they have completed the breeding process. You may place this egg into a Nest for hatching.
  • Baby – The baby form is hatched from the egg and is the youngest form of the entire evolution process.
  • Teen – Teen is the evolved form of your baby creature. You can evolve your dragon at level 4 without using the evolution chamber on Apple devices, while on Android you must use the evolution chamber. You will be able to breed after they have reached level 4.
  • Adult – The adult stage is a almost full grown dragon in Dragon Story. You can evolve your dragons at the end of level 6 where he will need to use the evolution chamber to become an adult.
  • Epic – The epic form is the final and most powerful form of them all. Embodied with powers of their representing elemental colors, the epic form is filled with great design and represents the full grown evolution of your dragon. You can evolve your Adult Dragon into Epic Dragon at level 9.

Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  200 Level 6  960
Level 2 320 Level 7  1139
Level 3 419 Level 8 1289
Level 4  600 Level 9  1439
Level 5 780 Level 10  1600

Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Food may vary depending on the version you are playing.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 20 Level 6  1000
Level 2 40 Level 7  2400
Level 3  100 Level 8 5600
Level 4  240 Level 9  10000
Level 5  500 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
  Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon egg  Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon
Teen Adult
 Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon Adult
 Dragon Story Tinsel Dragon Epic


  11 Responses to “Dragon Story: Tinsel Dragon”

  1. That is so TINSEL!!! Hope we get it! Add us HiddenBrook and dragonation4

  2. Tried Titan and air…12hrs likely firestorm

  3. Just got Santa in my nest, trying for this one now. Got 12hr firestorm :/. Hopefully I’ll be lucky next time. Add underoath1990 if interested

  4. Whats the combo for santa dragon

  5. I’ve just bred Genie and firestorm and got 8 hours hopefully tinsel but probably another Genie

  6. To get this dragon I used Trickster Dragon + Fire Dragon.
    I believe there are a lot of combonations to obtain this holiday
    relic, but on my first try, I bred this certain dragon with this

  7. I got it with fire and genie after about 15 tries. Good luck everyone

  8. I bred a trickster with a reindeer anyone know what that may be? My breeding calculator doesn’t have the reindeer. 8 hours?

  9. Just got tinsel from wizard and lunar horse dragon. The egg is hatching now 🙂

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