Dragon Story: Titan Dragon


The titan dragon in Dragon Story is an amazing red styled dragon. When you first see this Titan Dragon in your Dragon Story you will notice it looks very similar to an ogre which changes as he grows. The titan dragon is a red and purple dragon so when you are breeding you will have a chance to get other red and purple dragons such as the charm dragon or planet dragon.

” Titan Dragon babies are famous for their gleeful expressions, but don’t let the kind  face fool you: the Titan grows to a massive size and strength, even if it remains a big softie in Epic Form.  ” – Dragon Story: Titan Dragon Shop Description


Dragon Story Red SymbolDragon Story Purple Element Icon

Dragon Story - Titan Dragon

Release Date: June 7st 2012
Rarity:  Rare

Hatching Time: 32 Hours
Buying Price: 800 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Red, Purple
Level Requirement: 9

Evolution Time: 32 Hours

Dragon Story: Titan Dragon breeding guide

The Titan Dragon is an amazing creature for any Dragon Story. You can get a Titan Dragon by breeding the Fire dragon and the Magic Dragon together in the breeding den. Please keep in mind this is a rare dragon and you may not be getting him on your first try. The left or right of the dragon in the breeding process does not matter and your dragons must be at least level 4 to be able to breed.

Dragon Story: Titan Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Titan Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.

Dragon Story: Titan Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 300Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10 1350Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Titan Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6  100Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 2 4Dragon Story - Food icon Level 7  240Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 3 8Dragon Story - Food icon Level 8  500Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 4 20Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9 1000Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 5 50Dragon Story - Food icon Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
Dragon Story - Titan Dragon Egg  Dragon Story - Titan Dragon  Dragon Story Titan Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Titan Dragon Adult Dragon Story Titan Dragon Epic
  • Jake

    I’ve got an egg of one of these, hatching time is 2 days not 32 hours.

    • Yongchee

      how you get the egg? it is a diamond dragon…

      • Angie

        I bred an adult fire dragon and a teen coral dragon and I got it.. After breeding the same dragons three times…

      • Firefly

        I’m breeding fire and magic now for the first time and im pretty sure I have it- it says two days. Yay! I was actually trying for the charm dragon.
        Add me? I_am_a_Firefly

      • chigo

        tienes que comprarlo—-,,,!!!

    • alex

      it says 2 days but if u wait 12 hours then says 24 hours

    • Theresa

      I breeding Vvirtue & Roya, and its another Titzn..I hoped for something better. He doesn’t seem to be rare at all.

    • Jake

      I’ve got two now, I used charm dragon and magic dragon both times. I must have got really lucky as i it them on my first two tries. Although, I can’t be that lucky, as after about 50 attempts to get a wild dragon I still don’t have one…

      • Joshua

        II tried like 30 times but idk how to get it i did level4 magic w/ level 8 fire

        • Ricky

          Try to get your magic to a level 6 or higher. I dont recommend no one breeding with anything lower than level 8..

          any more helps and tips, add Ricky0720

          • amy

            level is not the problem. It’s up to ur luck. I bred a level 4 magic and level 6 fire and i got 2 days to wait. I suppose thats a titan dragon. Get lucky, thats all lol.

  • Jaye

    I had the same thing!! Thought I had a diamond because it said 2 days! Nope I’m getting a Titan. 🙁

  • Alex

    I hatched it with the first try :DDDDD— add me my id is alexakis69

  • Rob

    I have a waiting time of 2 days using fire and magic first time don’t know If it is Titan dragon or not

  • Jrod2k88

    I just got one right now all you have to do is have patience people and in the end you will get a Titan dragon!!! I used a Charm Dragon on the left and a Magic Dragon on the right after three tries I finally got a Titan Dragon!!! Add me jrod2k88

  • Fergus

    I did magic and fire and I got 2 days what could it be?

  • Fergus

    I bred fire and magic and got 2 days what is it

  • Fergus

    If its Titan I’m super lucky as they are both level 7 and it was my first try

    • Jackie

      Same here. This morning I was trying for a Cupid dragon with a level 7 fire and magic and my breed time is 32 hrs. I think it’s a Titan and its my first try. Jrlsmama

  • Lily

    Wow! Got it on my first try

  • percy

    sigh…. 7 charms and 2 planets ;(

  • federica

    I breed a magic level10 and a fire level7 and hatching time is 2 DAYS?? how can it be possible??

    • Nikkiboi101

      When you wait 12 hours it says 24 hours so it’s probably a glitch I think there gonna fix it when they update the game for new dragons

      • Draco island

        Umm….When it crosses 24 hours timer says 2 days so 32 hours=2 days
        does anyone know how to breed diamond i’ve been trying with island firestorm for ages:(

  • Dragon

    Add thehalfbp72

  • Jessica

    Got this with Charm and Magic dragon on first try!

  • Cassie

    I or this whilst trying for a planet dragon I used level 10 charm with level 4 charm

  • Lufflepuff

    Hatched one first time. With a level 8 fire on left and level 4 magic on right. Took two days.
    Add me: CruelSimplicity

  • Dragon_Tamer

    It really weird cuz I just feed my Titan dragon to lv.9 and I breed epic diamond left and lv.9 forest right and I got 32 hours ( 2 days ) weird but true add me : Dragon_Tamer

  • anonymous

    i’ve tried 10 times nd no titan dragon! I just got another stupid charm dragon 🙁 add me coynegirl21

    • Alice

      yessss ! Me too. That dragon is driving me crazy !!!!!

  • Blake

    I’m the same way with the familiar dragon. I bred straight up fire and magic (both lv. 7) … you will get one. I tried about 15 times and I got one like an hour ago! 🙂

  • Raywell

    I got the titan dragon by breeding fire at the left and familiar at the right it says 2 days and I know that’s the titan add me if u want to see:minamiyuki13

  • Jack

    I think I’ve got Titan , left firestorm dragon right geinie dragon , it says 2days wow that long

  • Mia

    Um… I seemed to have bred fire and air and got a two day breeding time… How does that work?!

  • Cas

    Yes.I have got him yeah thank you evry body

  • Lou

    Thought I had finally cracked a diamond dragon but looks like its Titan instead

  • ID = GetYourHeartOn

    I’m trying to get one, but I’m just getting charm and planet dragons all the time. Lol everyone’s trying like forever for a planet and I’m already getting my third, but no titan.

  • Joshua

    I tried like 30 times but idk how to get it i did level4 magic w/ level 8 fire

  • xDragonIslandx

    I was trying for planet and got a titan.Now I have three titan dragons…Grr…

  • Kayla

    No matter how many times I try for this dragon I always get planet or charm dragon instead, 🙁 I need to try new combos! Add KaylaDRios 🙂

  • Reynard

    Add muach6

    • moucha

      I have all diamond dragons add me moorules

  • suzee1989

    I paired lvl 7 magic and level 7 right heart just to see what I’d get. It says 2 days with 32 gold to skip. Looks like I got it without really trying…

  • parissa

    Fire and magic wanted to breed planet got a titan instead 😀

  • mercy

    tried a lvl 7 fire with a lvl 4 magic the first time and came up with an egg that said 2 days but with only 32 gold. i presume a titan. grr now i have to wait til its born before i can breed another.

  • tangie

    Plz add queentangerina….. Need neighbours…… Thank you 🙂

  • paul

    Virtue + magic=titan :):):)

  • Alice

    add me ! id : Filantropiiiiii

  • DragonsHeartCove

    Athletic dragon and magic dragon, both lvl 4 and got titan on first try. Says 2 days to breed, but actually 32 hours. You know it’s a titan with 32 gold to speed up.

  • asd

    I want to get charm but i got 32hours breeding time. What’s it?

  • Draco island

    Do u know there’s a game Dragon Story:Tropics maybe android only i know i am off topic but this brings three new dragons to Dragon Story check if android i just downloaded

  • veggiecupcake3

    Tried magic and fire, after seeing a neighbor get 3 titan dragons, i tried this combo and it worked

  • hope

    I bred rainbow and virtue dragon got 22hrs anyone know which dragon i got?

    • hope

      Plzzzzzz. add me on junjun13579 i need neighbours

  • Jorge

    I do not know how accurate gameteep is regarding the breeding combinations they mention. I got this Titan dragon from breeding a level 4 Firestorm dragon and a level 4 Island dragon. I bred the same two level 4 dragons again and got a RightHeart dragon. Two rare dragons that were NOT mentioned as possibilities from breeding a Firestorm dragon with an Island dragon. Keep in mind I was not trying for neither a Titan or a RightHeart but a Mirage dragon instead lol

  • Kathy

    I’m breeding Night & Fire and it will be the Titan. Obviously purple is pretty dominate in black. I was trying for the Goblin.