Dragon Story: Trading Portal


Don’t mistake this Trading Portal in Dragon Story. It’s not used to trade dragons with your friends. It’s used to send dragons to another dimension and while at it get a few materials for crafting in the Spell Shop.

What happens when you tap on the Trading Portal is that it gives you an option to send one of your dragons through the trading portal.  You’ll be trading your dragon for something but you won’t be quite sure until you get that something after 6 hours! With digital technology today you’ll be wondering why it takes so long but that’s how long it’ll take!

Good or bad this is the only way to get material at the moment to create things in the Spell Shop so be glad that there is a way to get materials to create or craft dragons in the Spell Shop and not just be forced to buy premium dragons from the menu itself.

“Send your hybrid dragons through the Portal! Their magic will be left behind in the form of gemstones you can use in the Spell Shop to create new dragons!” – Dragon Story: Trading Portal Description

Dragon Story Trading Portal

Release Date: December 14 2012

Buying Price:  600Dragon Story Coin Icon

Selling Price: Cannot Sell

Build Time: 5 Minutes

Dragon Story: Spell Shop Key Features

  • Getting materials for the Spell Shop.
  • wil

    How do you get a trading portal

    • Hyenaa

      How can i get it? Its can’t see it in shop, but someone who’s 7 levels below me, had it..
      Help me please.

      • raj

        i also have same problem

    • Koco

      I got a trading portal and I don’t like it anymore but I tryed to sell it but the sell button isn’t there.But to get a TRADING PORTAL go on market the it will show building then click on that then look threw the u should find it that how I did

  • Gytis

    where I can get that?

  • momokorobo

    when/where can i get the trading portal and spell shop?

  • Aki9299

    Can someone please help me get it? I cant find it in the market 🙁 please help!!! Add Aki9299

    • Leon

      If you are on Android then it’s not available

      • jtfrenchgirl

        Ohhh well shit…

  • Dakota

    on apple you have to go to the old dragon story to get it. It will be the app with the RED dragon. It can NOT be the one with the orange

  • Johan

    And when it will available on Android

  • FireLordEverlast

    plz add me in dragonquest, and is the trading portal still available?

  • Star island

    I traded for the first time and it says 30 hours!
    Not sure for ??

  • Jennifer

    Will I lose my dragon if I send it through? Like forever? Or will it come back?

    • Leon Evans

      You will lose the dragon forever.

  • stevebunz

    Why would they release the ruby and emerald dragon on android if we cant even get them?

    • Crazy06

      You can get the ruby dragon and the emarald dragon from the craft shop you have to craft the dragons from gems you get by trading dragons in the trading portal

  • Soft Fire Jewel

    At first I though it was free when trading a dragon.but then I lose my Aurora and Mirage dragon forever….

    • thecockroach

      It’s called a TRADING portal. Since when do you trade for something and then get what you traded back?

    • Kevin

      Well it IS called a trading portal. Pretty obvious if you know the definition of the word: “trade”.

  • Crazy06

    Does anyone know what the light gems are good for I have a few and don’t know what to do with them?

    • Lily

      The pearl dragon was released recently, so I think you can use the stones on that.

  • Greg

    When will it be available on the android?

  • Kate

    How do you get a trading portal to android ? Please, help me kassia08x.

  • Liana

    The trading portal won’t let me trade an emerald, red, or blue dragon!!! Help???

  • Rachel

    Is the level of dragon will determine the gems you get when you trade your dragon?

  • EmiKittie

    When will it be available on Android? I have a Google Nexus, and I can’t get it..

  • AJ

    i don’t understand why android players are not given same priorities as ios players, this is discrimination

  • Stormglider14

    What the heck?! This is so not fair! How come iPhone players can get this, but not Android? This is a huge drag. Half of my friends don’t play Dragon Story anymore BECAUSE OF THIS!!! (they don’t have enough money for iPhones)

  • fataltouch

    I-phones are all glass pieces of garbage and it’s not fair that the trading post and magic shop are only for i-phones. I would spend a million dollars on an android before ever spending even $1.00 for any i-device ever.

    • Misty Mountains

      I too have an Android and not an iPhone. My daughter got an iPod and has the trading portal. I too think it’s not right to give extras for iPhone players and not Android players.

      • Celtic Dragons

        thank you. someone who agrees with me. this idea of exclusively releasing in-app products to apple devices is an extremely stupid idea. they will lose a lot of business in that area. stupid…

  • DragonCarth

    I have had both versions. And a lot off people who have the iphone version say that the extra’s are nothing but a pain in the ass. The buildings take up all the space, and you can’t sell them once you’ve bought them. But my opinion is that it does really add some value ro the game. You can collect yourself a number off the same rage of dragons to get a special one as collection prize. So I also did some resuerge to find the reason why the adroid players can’t get it. Is it really because the iphone simply has less flaws?
    And a better processor and all kinds of different technologie? Or is all just bullsh*t?
    I’ll just chaise to the point. I personally think it will not and shall not be availleble for adroid users. It’s just stupid…

  • Jade

    Does anyone know if you get better gems if the dragons are higher level before trading? Until now I only level them to 4 to trade not wanting to waste food but if ill get a better trade ill level them up… Please let me know!!

    • Colette

      It only depends no how rare the dragon is. Super rare dragons give you the best gems. Rare or common dragons will just give you regular gems.

  • tinakhalifa

    why it doesn’t exit for android? -_- that’s so unfair! would it be avaible for android anytime?

  • shana63

    Hey! All android users. Don’t worry about the iphone crap, trying to make us want to buy a peice of crap. No need to do that. Go check out dragonvale. Its a great game, free, no need to have a particular type of phone to get all the goodies, and even the rare dragons in that game can be breed by the basics. You can actually figure out what your gonna get just by looking in their bios in the market, and the animation is great. Plus the bios are really funny. Go play that instead. No need for dragon story. Go have fun with a real game.

    • Inspire

      I switched to dragonvale 3 weeks ago. I’m already level 19. I’m so proud of me. 🙂

  • Esteban

    No android thats just bull sh*t most ios phones didnt have bluetooth and android had straight up from tge beginning so i reAly dont get this whole delema

    its just CRAP



  • Half note is a dj dog

    What the nutela! Man I hate the android robot right now! Seriously? How do I get the dragons that u craft without a spell shop and a trading portal? I certainly don’t have the gold!

  • Inspire

    Hey, this is Half note is a DJ dog. I say thank u to updates! We get the new gemstone dragon to breed with single element dragons to get the awesome gem dragon crew! Ya! Woot woot!

  • Inspire

    (Ps, that fur u who refuse to switch to dragonvale)

  • catkittypoke

    It isn’t fair!!! Just why does dragon story give the good stuff to iPiecesOfCrap and not Androids?! I have an Asus Nexus7 and I can’t get anything! >_<