Dragon Story: Water Dragon


The Water Dragon is a blue element dragon in Dragon Story. It is actually a core element to produce other water/blue element dragons for a player’s Dragon Story island. This cute tiny blue dragon will have players wanting to obtain it for it’s ability to create other blue type dragons.

You can unlock the water dragon into your Dragon Story island at level 7 where players will be able to purchase the dragon in the Dragon Story market. After you have purchased the water dragon you will need to purchase a Blue Lagoon Habitat to be able to place the water dragon into your island.

“Baby Water Dragons are the most vulnerable of all newborn dragons. They might look like bubble-blowing sea monkeys, but what they lack in strength they make up for in magic.” – Dragon Story: Water Dragon Shop Description

 Dragon Story Water Blue Symbol

Dragon Story Water Dragon Baby

Release Date: Original
Rarity: Common

Hatching Time:  12 Hours
Buying Price: 10,000 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Selling Price: 1,000Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Water | Blue
Level Requirement: 7

Evolution Time #1: 12 Hours

Evolution Time #2: 12 Hours


Dragon Story: Water Dragon breeding guide

You can purchase the water dragon in the market. However if you want to breed a water dragon for any reason you may use a water dragon and a water dragon to breed them together.


Dragon Story: Water Dragon Evolution Guide

The Water Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.

Dragon Story: Water Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 90 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10 360Dragon Story Coin Icon


Dragon Story: Water Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1 Level 6  100
Level 2 4 Level 7  240
Level 3 8 Level 8  500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
 Dragon Story - Water Dragon Egg  Dragon Story Water Dragon Baby  Dragon Story - Water Dragon Level 4    

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  1. what do you make when you breed a water dragon and a life dragon =?

  2. I hate when your friend gets a eagle or planet dragon in one try and you can't get one in thirty


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