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Welcome to the Dragon Story: Dragon List Wiki and List on the Gameteep Network. Here you will find a list of all the dragons in Dragon Story along with all the information you need to know to breed, play and hatch those amazing dragons into your Dragon Story Isle.

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Dragon Story Dragons

Newest Dragons.

Dragon Story - Diamond Dragon Epic Form

Dragon Story: Main Dragons

Dragon Story: Air Dragon
Dragon Story: Fire Dragon
Dragon Story: Forest Dragon
Dragon Story: Water Dragon
Dragon Story: Magic Dragon

Dragon Story: Hybrid Dragons

Dragon Story: Life Dragon
Dragon Story: Wild Dragon
Dragon Story: Firestorm Dragon
Dragon Story: Eagle Dragon
Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon
Dragon Story: Fruitful Dragon
Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon
Dragon Story: Mist Dragon
Dragon Story: Island Dragon
Dragon Story: Serpent Dragon

Dragon Story: Ultra Rare Dragons

Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon
Dragon Story: Crusader Dragon

Dragon Story: Gold Dragon


  139 Responses to “Dragon Story: Dragon List Wiki”

  1. forgot crusader dragon u know the cross breed of diamond and fire.

  2. Forgot Athletic dragon

  3. Quetzal dragon is the new diamond hybrid. Diamond dragon and forest dragon. Hatching and breeding time are 32 hours.

    Storm ID: Amarice

  4. Can you tell me how many gold you can give away and how many you can receive please. Does it matter what leve you are? Please help

  5. Infinity dragon was just added

  6. Anther dragon just released water and magic hybrid

  7. can some one pls tell me how to get diamond dragon in a easy way? which parent of diamond dragon have the most suggest? pls tell me thank you

  8. Can anyone tell me what dragon has a 12 hour breeding time and can be gained from a Water/Magic pairing? I thought I had written down all the breeding times, then put those two on this morning and can’t find a match!!

  9. You guys need to update again. They just added new dragons again.

  10. Can I delete the previous “Dragon Story app” and don’t lose my profile? Please help me!

    • You don’t delete the old dragon story

      • You can delete all dragon story apps and will not loose data… Sometimes i delete so i have none then reinstall it seems to boost my breeding and after this i ge rarer dragons

        • I lost everything. Even my storm8 id. I want it back. Can someone help me please.

          • Hi you can email teamlava you just have to prove it’s ur account when I got a new cell they transfered my storm id to my new cell you have to remember how much gold u had coins and friends stuff no one else can see. You can email them by going to play store type in dragon story then scroll down it will have the email may take a few days b4 u get ur account bk if u prove it’s yours good luck!

  11. What is the golden tree in the middle of one of the outlying islands? I tap on it & nothing happens!

    • When you unlock it you have a chance to bost the amount of coins your habitats hold.

    • It is called as the dawn tree once u have expand the whole area and cleared everything click on the tree and u will get some task.

      OR if u have jail break your device download or if u already have to app named springboard . Once u have opened it just go back to dragon story and click on the tree and start doing the task

  12. They have given some players new crafting buildings and a Ruby dragon would like to know what to breed for ruby dragon and more about Therese new updates comeing

  13. I have a Landworm dragon, a mix between red and green. this dragon is rarely found, so just a heads up. dunno details tho

  14. How do u get it so there can pay whit your drangs

  15. Today, some of my dragons have suddenly disappeared!! Like my landworm and my turkey!!!!! What can I do???????? Please help me!!!

  16. Anyone have any breeding /hatching time for the new elf dragon?

  17. Kathrine I suggest you send an email to storm 8 support…..s8support.com

  18. add me ID MetalCrasher

  19. Can anyone tell me which dragons are/were limited editions?
    Because I know that the Snowman is limited but it isn’t written on this page, so I’m wondering if there are others…
    The only limited I know for now are Elf, Snowman, Fireworks, Turkey, Boo, Zombie, Pumpkin and Witch. Am I missing any?

    • I don’t think snowman was limited edition cuz while trying for the Valentines day dragons I breed the snowman dragon…

    • Oh and also while trying to get Valentines dragons my bf got the elf dragon. So I really don’t think those two are limited edition.

  20. When are the valentine dragons going to be added?

  21. Can anyone tell me why dragon is goin to cone from fire and light it says 2 days breeding time!

  22. what happens when you breed a life and mist dragon together?

  23. I bred a diamond dragon on my own, but every time I try to breed it with anything else it comes up that same dragon. Like diamond and fire should be crusader, but I get fire. I have a galaxy s 2, what is the problem with this app? Tell me or please fix it.I’ve had problems with other breedings too.

    • Crusader is ultra rare dragon,,, if u want to get crusader,, just try n try to breed diamond n fire,, i have try for 2 hours, it’s about 100 times to breed, but finally i got one… its bred for 2 days (44 gold).. anyway add 99df19,, thanks

  24. The chocolate dragon is so hard to breed! I keep on getting love dragons! But at least it is a win win if I get a tiny dragon because I want one❤

    ID: rainbowdash12345610

  25. Hi everyone
    I just put my green and light(white) dragon together and it says 2 days
    Anyone got any idea what it may be? Cheers

  26. What do I breed for a white/light dragon?? This is making me NUTZ!! Thanks!

  27. Maybe it’s pegasus dragon, coz it’s need 26 golds

  28. When are they putting the dark angel on here?

  29. what dragon takes 2 days breeding time in dragon story by breeding a fire dragon with a diamond dragon…says 44 gold to finish.

  30. What will I get If a breed mist with life dragon

  31. When are you putting up the moon dragon?

  32. add me id: Mizztake

  33. Okay, the Moon dragon is no longer on this list. I have black and light for 30+ hours … I bred them earlier today, and when I just now clicked on them to see how long they had, it still says “2 days”.

    Moon dragon? Or is the black yet AGAIN pretending it’s purple – I have 2 black dragons and have YET to get a black hybrid.

  34. Please, stop making so many dragons!! We can’t breed all of them! Please!
    My ID is kathrinf1

  35. How do I get the peacock dragon?

  36. While breeding honeybee and scorpion to try for a mythic dragon I got the time of 6 hours and 12 gold?? Glitch or what because the 6 hours doesn’t add up to the possible dragons..

  37. Is there any way this list could be edited to list the rarity and color combos next to each dragon’s name? Some of them are already listed this way, and it wouldn’t take too long to update the list, but would serve as a great quick reference.

  38. List seems to be missing the clockwork dragon.

  39. Any good suggestions for diamond, been trying

    Add pepper2126

  40. When are u putting up the treasure dragon??

  41. Diamond+forest with 2day breeding time. Anyone have a clue as to what it is?

  42. This is such BS….as usual android users get shafted.

  43. Anyone have the eclipse dragon? And if so. HOW!? WANT one

  44. Just bred diamond with mythic…got diamond!

  45. I have been trying for night dragons : moon, deep , bat , hunter etc… I only got deep and nearly every other was luck, coral or island dragon. I have been trying the Epic night and Epic diamond, but it doesn’t work. Can anybody give me a good idea to how to bread at least hunter or moon dragon(dark angel would be nice too)
    Add meg: Id: Temerairen

  46. Forgot to put up Naga Dragon…….

  47. Ive bred bred Caeser and Super together and got a 20 hour time on them. What do you think it is?

  48. Storm ID: Kittycatgabby add me 🙂

  49. Eclipse dragon? Can any one gimme pointers? Would love to have the dragon that matches my car <3 my I'd is acxi and my hubby's is cadifor

  50. Why does this app force close so much??? Very annoying.

  51. I think I just bred the indipendence dragon

  52. Eclipse dragon: bred cosmic and diamond. Got it on the first try. Good luck!

  53. I have yet to hatch a diamond dragon and I’ve been breeding for two weeks. ADD ME! Thepie33

  54. Gemstone dragon?????new on android anyone notice?

  55. Social Dragon plzzzzz

    Add me: PPLyra

  56. Please add me – Olga8ID

  57. Where is the troll dragon? It should be on the list, but it’s not. Troll dragon is 20 hours, and you can use any black and green to get it.

  58. I think the new winter island is awesome now I can expand and breed again as have all the others except for prisim ,, it’s just like starting a new dragon game within a dragon game great,, bye the way any one know the combo for Sasquatch coz I need that to get the yetti

  59. These are the dragons I used to get the new winter dragons ,ice age winter and magic ,,meteor ice age and ice age,,fossil ice age and meteor,,,blizzard ice age and fossil ,,alpine blizzard and blizzard ,, snow flake ,alpine and blizzard have been told that yetti is abominable and Sasquatch ,, ice age and fuzzy give abnomable but any help with the sasquash combo would be great

  60. Bred Light dragon with Poison .. Breeding time is 2 days anyone know what this combo will make?? Add me rkwin

  61. Where is the Spell-shop ?

  62. Hey so I breed a royal dragon with a water dragon and got a 16 hour wait time any ideas. The only one I can think of is passion Dragon but not sure?

  63. How do I get a Summer dragon????


  65. ive been tryn to make the bat,which 2 do I breed,ne suggestions wud b much appreciated,ty..sassy196964

  66. I bred night and light for a breeding of 2 days ans 31 gold. What could it be? Thank you. Add me MylaValentin.

  67. Does anyone knows how to breed a steel dragon????

  68. When is your next gold sale please?

  69. Does anyone know which dragons I have to breed to get these dragons:

    Night elf

    • Virtue is red & white, Quartz is from the shop, diamond you need to have 4 different colors such as red, yellow, blue, & green or purple….I’m not sure about the rest but you can add me stormstater my storm8 ID.

  70. Hi what would I get from breeding turkey and air or turkey and magic? Trying to get an awesome dragon also how can I get the honeybee been trying for ages

  71. I have a question about crafting building. All items say limited time. Is it going away?

  72. Has anyone breed a snowman dragon, Santa dragon, Hanukkah, moon, tropic, she’ll, turtle, moon, diamond, parakeet, or any other dragons and you couldn’t get them? I’ve tried & tried to get these including the Caesar dragon…I felt like give up on these dragons!
    But I want to know if anyone has suggestion about these dragons? Add me stormstater…..



  75. Can you help last bit of clearing I cleared the bit that had expand on it silly but now can’t clear nothing to tap on you can clear it other islands have how can I clear it hope you can help thanks

  76. Has anyone breed an oracle dragon? What is the best combo and how long does it take to breed?

  77. breed magic and winter..get 4 hour ??

  78. This dragon list does not show Santa dragon yet the egg is in the chart and I have one on a nest right now. Could you check and correct the list as you see fit? Jeff

  79. Can somebody please update this list! ? There are many new dragons who aren’t on here

  80. What is the use of getting a glacius dragon. Can it even battle. Why have they ever launched it.

  81. what dragons work best to breed with the gemstone dragon? also what dragons work best to breed with the Light dragon? android user

  82. Why they have to take some dragons out that we “don’t” have the chance to breed them I sure can’t buy them with gold or add more gold….it’s not worth to buy them with the gold. Why don’t they let us buy them with our coins??? I have tried & tried to get certain dragons, I always wind up with the same dragons that I already have!!!
    I couldn’t get Santa, gingerbread, snow man, New Years , valentines special, lunar horse, element, lantern, white rose, black rose, or any other dragons…it’s NOT fair or right for them to do this!
    If anyone wants to add me, my ID is stormstater….

  83. Feel free to add Drackor
    I play daily

  84. Anyone know the best YELLOW/GREEN combination to use to get the EARTH DAY dragon? Thanks

  85. Okay so when I breed two dragons and when the egg hatches, the two dragons that I used to breed them disappear but sometimes they don’t.is it supposed to disappear or is it not ?

  86. What does the water dragon and light dragon make?

  87. My friend hasn’t got a mine even though he is on level 102. I’ve realised he hasn’t got a trading post and this might be the reason. Hoe do you get a trading post? I can’t remember I’ve had mine forever

  88. Where is Olympus and the rest of the dragons for the Shrine of Olympus habitate? I can’t find info from your complete list of dragons on Gameteep. Thanks

  89. Unable to locate Penguin dragon (Artic) on the list

  90. Isn’t it about time you update ure website???? I use to use this website everyday 4 breeding tips list & from player comments. But u haven’t updated ure site in months & now ure wiki list is obsolete!!!! Such a shame u cant even keep one of the most popular games update for ure visitors! Im completely disappointed that cant rely on this site anymore, after i was a daily visitor & comments on all breed success!!! So long gameteep

  91. Can anyone tell me what dragons make a shell dragon?

  92. Hello please update this side really fast…i can’t find the new Dragons here,thanks….

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