Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon


The Wizard Dragon is an magical dragon that is very rare to get in Dragon Story. The Wizard Dragon looks similar to all purple dragons with purple skin and design. Some players may mistake the wizard dragon as the magic dragon at first but he definitely looks different from the magic dragon when he evolves into his epic form.

” All dragons are inherently magical, but only the Wizard Dragon spends its life in pursuit of new powers. Adult Wizard Dragons seek out magic to help others, but the babies mostly conjure bugs, dirt and snot. Still, pretty impressive ” – Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon Shop Description


Dragon Story Water Blue SymbolDragon Story Purple Element Icon

Dragon Story - Wizard Dragon Egg

Release Date: June 7th 2012
Rarity: rare

Hatching Time: 22 Hours
Buying Price: 800Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: ? Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Blue, Purple
Level Requirement: 9

Evolution Time: 22 Hours

Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon breeding guide

The Wizard Dragon is an amazing creature for any Dragon Story. You can get a Wizard Dragon by breeding a Water-type dragon and the Magic-type Dragon together in the breeding den. Please keep in mind this is a rare dragon and you may not be getting him on your first try. The left or right of the dragon in the breeding process does not matter and your dragons must be at least level 4 to be able to breed.

Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon Evolution Guide

The Dragon Story Wizard Dragon will have four forms. He will evolve into his second form at level 4. Once you have leveled him to level 6 you will need to use the evolution temple where you will need to further evolve him for the other evolutions.

Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon Earnings [Per Hour]

Level Earnings
Level 1 280Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 6  677
Level 2  333 Level 7  879
Level 3  380 Level 8  963
Level 4  537 Level 9  1033
Level 5  613 Level 10 1260Dragon Story Coin Icon

Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1 1Dragon Story - Food icon Level 6  100
Level 2 4 Level 7  240
Level 3 8 Level 8  500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10 MaxDragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby Teen Adult Epic
 Dragon Story - Wizard Dragon Egg  Dragon Story Wizard Dragon  Dragon Story Wizard Dragon Teen  Dragon Story Wizard Dragon Adult  Dragon Story Wizard Dragon Epic

  86 Responses to “Dragon Story: Wizard Dragon”

  1. My daughter was trying to get coral and got 10 hours…I’m assuming that’s the wizard?

  2. mmmmm, you cannot buy this dragon can you? so you MUST breed it ? cause im not sure if i can get one because you cannot find or see him at the dragons menu

  3. The baby form of the Wizzard Dragon has a base colour of purple and has two white stars near the back of the dragon. It has a blue tip at the end of its tail and has webbed ears. It only has two legs and no arms and wings. Its eye colour is green.

  4. You should put the breeding times as well as the hatching time.

  5. I bred the serpent and the magic and first try got a wizard egg

  6. How Long is The breeding time?

  7. breeding time is mostly the same as the hatching time, at least at the wizard dragon its the same.

    f u wanna add me on dragon story, id => henkiej

  8. Does a serpent magic dragon combo work?

    Add thehalfbp72

    • Yes I tried it the first time and the time says 22 hours so I checked the website to see if it was the right times and it was so magic and serpent is a good combination to try but I’m not sure if you will get it the first time

    • Just tried it and got 22 hours!!

  9. What is the most efficient breeding pair?

  10. this game i beyond a joke i try to get a serpent for 2 weeks because the island dragon is 20 if you fail to get serpent now i am wasting 1 week to get a wizard but i dose not ever seem to give rare dragons i is to difficult and time consuming to put this rare stuff on ps i never got the serpent i gave up i could not be bothered.

  11. I got it at my first try coral lv 5 and water lv 10

  12. Selling price is 100 xx

  13. has anyone got a trickster dragon and noticed all the times that are posted on gameteep are messed up?

  14. I was trying to get a Coral (their so cute!) and I just got a Wizard instead. Wow.

  15. Hi everyone ok so how u can get wizard is by breeding mist with magic I don’t know about levels but my mist was level10 and my magic 9 good luck with your tries you might get mistmoth add Manaphio

  16. I got 22 hours by breeding firestorm and coral.. It must be wizard.. 🙂

  17. i breeded mist and magic, what the heck did i just get the breeding time is 14 hours! I’m level 21 and the mist was 6 and the magic was 7

  18. I got the wizard dragon by breeding mist and magic mist on the left and magic on the right

  19. Got one coming with a lvl 8 mistmoth on the left, lvl 10 water on right. 😀

  20. Still trying to get one of these. Thanks gameteep for your help.
    plz ADD

  21. First try with lvl 5 coral and lvl 9 water

  22. I’m breeding a 4 Coral w/ 10 Mismoth. The breeding time is 22 hours which means it’s a Wizard. The only other dragon that has a 22 hour breeding time is a Mindvolt, but that’s a yellow and blue combo.

    Dragon Story ID = tbug214

  23. Hello! I got the wizard by trying to get aether dragon. Lol, it’s water dragon and mist moth dragon. It has a better chance because the mist moth is super rare. But again just water and magic will do too. Good luck!

  24. Water lvl 10 + Magic lvl 10
    1. Coral (10 hrs)
    2. Coral (10 hrs)
    3. Coral (10 hrs)
    4. ???? (22 hrs) =D Could it be???

  25. Ilike dragon story.

  26. I got it when i wasn't even trying to,LOL

  27. I breed Mistmoth with Parakeet , it is have to wait 15 hours . I don’t know what it is

  28. I play Dragon story in ipad earlier. Can I continue / move it to my iphone?

  29. Hey I just got the Wizard dragon with Level 10 Water + Level 10 Magic! I have been trying for a while but just happened to finally get it.

  30. i have a 22 timer but i breeded scarecrow and firework

  31. Lvl 7 Light dragon and 7super dragon first try (: add me angelchronic
    i send gold to the first people that ask each day.

  32. I just did a magic and athletic and got a 22 hour egg.

  33. I really want an aether soooo badly but I keep getting coral. But this time I got wizard. Not wt I wantedbwantedbut I’m cool with wizard. I just don’t like how it takes soooo long. =P

  34. Mistmoth and Aether gave me a 22-hour breeding time 😀

  35. I got 24 hrs breeding time with water and magic
    Night is 23 hrs
    Wizard is 22 hrs
    Which one is it???

  36. I used level 10 Seabreeze on the left and level 7 charm (i was trying to get a diamond dragon) and got a wizard one, hope that helps 🙂

  37. I breed coral and scorpion, and i have to wait 44 hours.. Anyone know what it is?

  38. First try Coral and Water gave me 22 hours my

  39. i breeded magic + forest and was trying for poison but got familiar instead !, Now am breeding magic + water to get a coral but the breeding time is 22 hours ! so i guess thats a wizard !…right ?

  40. I bred Night lvl 7 + Magic lvl 4 and got a wizard dragon while trying for the night elf dragon. Took about 4 tries to get the wizard for me. Good luck to you all!!

  41. got it with expecting one ….. three to four times

  42. Aether Lv 7+Coral Lv 7 = Wizard Lv 1

    add dragonkeeper37

  43. I bred magic x water and got 22 hrs, thought it must be a wizard but it was a mindvolt. How can his happen?

  44. bred my magic (4) with water (7) got it on my first try (i wasn’t even trying to get one :D)
    hope this helps n good luck

  45. I got on my first try trying to get night dragon.

  46. Is the food requirement written here wrong? Or am I suffering from a bug? .. Cause at lvl 7 it requires 980 food for me.

  47. I had been trying to get a wizard for a while . I finally breed aether and coral for the forst time and got wizard

  48. Got it with water and magic. Took me 3 times but it was worth it 🙂

  49. Got it with water and magic. Took me 3 times but it was worth it

  50. Water and magic works now for wizard, got 22 hrs breeding

  51. I got the dragen with the light & the night dragon 🙂

  52. Got it with night & scorpion,yeah!

  53. Can you get a wizard by breeding a magic with mind volt?

  54. Got It when i wanted the night dragon xD

  55. Yes finally got it with mist and magic

  56. What does a water dragon level 5 and magic dragon level 4 breed for 24 hr. ???????
    Ps. Add Scarlet_Village!

  57. Got two by luck!!!

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