Jul 252014

Scauldy is now back in Dragons: Rise of Berk! If you don’t know about Rise of Berk, it is a How To Train Your Dragon mobile game based on all your favorite characters for Android or Apple iOS devices. You can pick it up for free in your local app store for free and collect amazing cool dragons in your very own Berk Village.

Dragons Rise of Berk - Scauldy Dragon is Back Changewing Search Limited Time too

Available for a limited time this week, until Monday July 28th 2014, you have a chance to search for the exclusive Scauldy dragon based on the Scauldron species or your very own Changewing! If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you focus your time on searching for the Scauldron as that is a limited edition dragon that only returns for a short amount of time. Although the Changewing is also discounted, you can obtain this dragon through your regular progression of the game. However it may take time for you to level to unlock the Changewing into your  Berk Village.

Searching for both dragons can take extensively longer but the Changewing has a 6 hours search time and also does the Scauldy so players may think they need to choose wisely but don’t forget that exploring for the either the Changewing or Scauldy will result in the same location which means you’ll get a chance to get the Changewing or Scauldy regardless.


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