Aug 082014

Available for a limited time in Dragons: Rise of Berk the mobile game on Android and Apple iOS. Available from August 8, 2014 for 72 hours is Stoick’s infamous Skullcrusher dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon 2 movie. You can search for this dragon using Toothless to search for the dragon in Fort Sinister. The search time required is 6 hours which means that it will take 6 hours for the dragon to fly out then once Toothless returns you will be able to see if you’ve obtained the Skullcrusher Dragon which should be green and look something like the picture below.

If you miss the opportunity to get this dragon then you will have to wait until next time where this Skullcrusher event will return and give you an opportunity at getting the dragon again. Aside the Skullcrusher is also the Hobblegrunt which is made available for a limited time for you to search for until Monday, but this is not a limited edition dragon which means you will eventually run across this dragon during your playthrough.


Skullcrusher Dragon egg

Dragons Rise of Berk - Skullcrusher egg


More information on Skullcrusher

This walking battering ram may have a sensitive nose, but he has a very hard head. Maybe that’s why he and Stoick get along so well.

Dragons Rise of Berk - Skullcrusher

 Visual Demonstration  (video)

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