Jul 232014

Torch has returned in Dragons: Rise of Berk, The How To Train Your Dragon mobile game available on Android or Apple iOS devices. Now you can search for Torch within this time frame (it’s a short one) but Torch makes a return if you have missed him the first time around. How does it work? Login to your game today and find Torch in the market available for purchase or to search for, press the search button (which should take 5 hours) then return and see if Toothless has found a Torch egg for your game.

Dragons Rise of Berk - Torch Returns 24 Hours

Please keep in mind that your ability to get Torch is completely random. You will get more chances if you choose to use Runes for premium packages like 2-3 bags but it will not guarantee Toothless will return with the dragon egg. The dragon was first made available on the week of June 21, 2014 so it makes a return 1 month later giving you a chance to get this exclusive dragon once again if you’ve missed him the first time around. Be sure not to miss this dragon for your game! Torch is only available for 24 hours this time around and may return in the future.

The Typhoomerang is also available to search for if you are a beginner and do not have access to him so be sure to search for that dragon as well if  you need a Typhoomerang.

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