Dragons: Rise of Berk – Shockjaw


The Shockjaw is one of the dragons found in the mobile game Dragons Rise of Berk after the new Titan Update released on August 5th 2014. A village builder game that allows you to build your very own Berk village with Hiccup and the rest of the “How To Train Your Dragon” friends.

Instead of fire, this Tidal Class swiommer emits bio-electricity, from a gentle jolt to lethal bolt! It can be quite an shock.~ Game Description

Dragons Rise of Berk - Shockjaw

Dragon: Shockjaw

Requirement: Level
Price: 250 Runes
Search: 4 Hours
Specialty: Wood/Fish
Location: Inner Ocean

At level 60
Fish: 191K/h
Wood: 63.6K/h

VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Breed Rate
Rating: 4.7/5 (7 votes cast)

Dragons: Rise of Berk – Shockjaw Key Features

  • Required Level: Low
  • Easy search time
  • Released during the “Titan Update”

About Dragons: Rise of Berk – Shockjaw

The Shockjaw in Dragons: Rise of Berk is easy to obtain and is one of the earlier dragons you can obtain in the game. It’s search time is 4 hours and requires Toothless to be at level  before you have access to searching for a Shockjaw in your game.

You can level Toothless by feeding him fish that you search and obtain for by other dragons or purchase it.

Requirement to get

To get the Shockjaw you must level Toothless to level ___ to unlock him for search.

Egg Design

You can see it in the picture at the bottom left hand corner of the Shockjaw where the dragon resides.


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