Sep 232013

If you haven’t seen the Autumn Dragon in DragonVale then this may be a good time to check out the Autumn Dragon in the game. The Autumn Dragon marks the removal of the Summer Dragon that was released to celebrate the Summer Season and now that fall has kicked in, Autumn has begun. If you’ve missed the Summer Dragon then you’ll have to wait until next year as this dragon replaces that seasonal type dragon.

How to breed Autumn Dragon

The Autumn Dragon arrives to celebrate Autumn and will be available for a limited time just like the Summer Dragon. If you’ve missed the Summer Dragon then this is probably one dragon you don’t want to miss in your game.

DragonVale Autumn Dragon Unlock combination

Breeding the Autumn Dragon requires the elements of Fire, Cold, and Air. This is the official combination, and you can use a simple combination like the Air Dragon and the Blue Fire Dragon. The breeding time you are looking for is 24 hours, if you have an upgraded island or cave you will need to keep an eye out for 19 hours 11 minutes and 59 seconds.

How Long will the dragon be here?

The dragon is a limited edition dragon and will be available until the end of autumn to the beginning of Winter. That means you will be able to get the dragon between now and Winter time. Once winter begins we can expect to see a Winter Dragon knocking on our doors once the Winter season comes along. So be sure to stay tuned…

DragonVale Autumn Dragon Evolution Chart

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