Sep 222012

DragonVale players, have you seen a orange Seasonal Dragon? Well remember the green Seasonal Dragon released on August 9th 2012? Well it has evolved according to the season in North America and appears to be in autumn or fall state. If you login to your  DragonVale game you will see that your Seasonal Dragon, and Seasonal Habitat are currently reflecting the season. You will also see this in the market place where the green Seasonal Dragon once stood.

We’re not sure how many evolution this dragon may carry but if it evolves each season then we’ll be seeing the Winter coloring of this Seasonal Dragon very soon! This fall or autumn Seasonal Dragon features an orange coloring combined with yellow. Most of the design remains in tact and the same except the coloring has completely changed. Just check out the images below.

DragonVale Fall Seasonal Dragon Evolution


The Seasonal Habitat has also took a design change and if you login during this time you will see that it is like an autumn styled habitat with leafs on the ground and most of the tree has turned orange or dark orange.

DragonVale Autumn Seasonal Habitat

Keep in mind that you will have no control over these changes and that if you like a certain season then be sure to take a screenshot of your Seasonal Dragon or Seasonal Habitat before it changes to another season.

More on Seasonal Dragon here.

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