Feb 202013

DragonVale just updated their game to improve odds for breeding! Not much of a visual update or anything that is a major change in the game but if you have the volume up you’ll notice some of the changes in sounds when visiting your park. Go ahead, try it. You’ll be surprised when tapping away at your park and icons that some of the sounds have an added effect.

dragonvale icon

The biggest change in this new update is that there are better breeding odds for Level 15+ Dragons! The level of your dragons have never affected the odds of getting dragons – and the developers have confirmed this by letting us know that level 15+ dragons now does! So as long as your dragons are level 15 and over that means you’ll get a better chance at getting more rare dragons.

Players can expect the game to load faster with optimization while new iPhone 5 users will see support for their increased screen size. Another great thing is now you can upgrade the shrines with gems without the need to gain levels for dragons (thank god!).

Lastly, this also marks the end of the Valentine’s Day icon for DragonVale!

dragonvale valentines icon


What’s New in Version 1.13.0

★ Better breeding odds for level 15+ dragons!
★ Much faster app load times.
★ iPhone 5 screen resolution support.
★ Shrines are now upgradable with gems.
★ Bug fixes.

  3 Responses to “DragonVale: Better Breeding Rates Update”

  1. Oooo

  2. Great update making the higher dragons give better odds of breeding what you want. It must not be much of a betterment of the odds though. I got my first Amethsyt with a level 8 Hail and level 7 Sonic on the third try. To get the second one it took me 23 tries using a level 18 Hail and level 17 Sonic, so are you sure the update makes the odds better and you didn’t make a error so that it makes your odds worse? Now make the option that you can sell dragon cash for gems. The option to sell gems for dragon cash is just a silly option since cash is so much easier to come by then gems. Next make a super plant habitat that you can only get at a higher level. The current large plant habitat is another silly habitat since 4 dragons of any level with max out the 500 limit in minutes. The max cash limits really should be higher or at least make higher grade habitats that have higher max limits. And please get rid of the penalty when upgrading some of the habitats. For example the Rainbow habitat, I can get two small Rainbow habitats that take up less space the the large and will give me more cash for my two dragons. There are others that do the same thing and it’s a shame.

  3. cool so it does work

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