Sep 152012

DragonVale players! The anniversary week for DragonVale is upon us. What’s the news for this anniversary today? Well if you login to DragonVale you get 25 Gems for FREE! That’s right simply login to your DragonVale game and you will be credited with 25 gems for your account. What great news for players that are in need of gems!

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If you’re wondering if there’s anything else in this anniversary event, we’re not sure. DragonVale just hit it’s 1-year birthday and every player, developer, and the industry as a whole was shaken by the captivating game. It’s design was simply one of the best with it’s vibrant and beautiful dragons. What made it better was the concept of breeding and collecting the dragons that has made the game such a success.

We’re happy that DragonVale has hit it’s 1-year anniversary and wish the game all the best and many more years to come with great dragons and break through gameplay and design.

Recap of some of the biggest events in DragonVale

Bone Dragon – The bone dragon was released only to a very limited number of players because it was released during the early stages of DragonVale

Christmas update – The Christmas update included brand new islands, and dragon shrines that simply amazed players. Also the Reindeer Dragon.

Leap Year Dragon – The leap year dragon was only available for 3 days and during Leap Year date. Those lucky players that have gotten the leap year dragon know its definitely one rare dragon.

Metal Dragons – Brand new metal element with 7 different dragons!

Treasure Element – Brand new treasure element.

Dragon Track – Included a brand new mini-racing game which says the company is looking to expand the game into other areas with their dragons.

Blue Moon Dragon – Very limited dragon, only available for 3 days over a weekend in September 2012.

We’re sure you can think of more but we decided upon these to be the most DragonVale-shaking events.

Happy DragonVale Anniversary and enjoy the free gems for your park!

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