Jun 042013

The Double Rainbow Dragon is now out for breeding in DragonVale! No, it’s not two Rainbow Dragons, it’s the Double Rainbow Dragon!

Don’t mistake the Double Rainbow Dragon with the Rainbow Dragon, this rainbow-element dragon is actually a brand new dragon with a brand new design for DragonVale players to breed. It has little to do with the original “Rainbow Dragon” except that they are from the same rainbow element family in the game.

DragonVale Double Rainbow Dragon Evolution Chart

This dragon was released on June 4th 2013 and took most players by storm with it’s rarity and and unique looking design in the game. As all rainbow dragon, you are required to be at least level 11 to have access to this dragon in the market and he is available for breeding or for purchase with gems in the shop.

How to breed Double Rainbow Dragon

Many players believe that to breed the Double Rainbow Dragon, you need two rainbow dragons in the breeding tree or breeding cave. Unfortunately that’s not true.

This dragon is ultra-rare, much more rare and takes longer to breed for your DragonVale park. That means being able to breed this dragon on your first or second try makes you tremendously luck. However, there are ways to breed for this dragon that will give you the best possible results.

It has been tested that the Firefly/Scorch Dragon and the Seaweed Dragon can still be used in breeding the Double Rainbow Dragon for DragonVale. You will also have a chance at getting the Rainbow Dragon and other dragons in the game. However, this allows you to avoid other special dragons like the Seasonal Dragon, Moon Dragon, Sun Dragon and so forth.

You can use any dragon combination with four different elements to get this dragon.


The breeding time is 60 hours for normal breeding and is 01:23:59:58 (48 gems) for upgraded breeding island or breeding caves. It has been confirmed that you have a better chance when breeding on the island, and using level 20 dragons.

DragonVale Double Rainbow Dragon Breath

  14 Responses to “DragonVale: Get The Double Rainbow Dragon!”

  1. I love that I can always count on you for brededing info

  2. Has anyone gotten a double rainbow by breeding 2 regular rainbows???

  3. My sister got it first try with seaweed and snow(she was trying to breed a pearl)

  4. how you get double rain bow dragon

  5. Hey I got it using firefly and scorch 🙂

  6. Jared fire fly and scorch both have 2 different elements that makes them 4 elements together.

  7. You can’t breed to Rainbows for a double rainbow. Fire Fly and Scorch Dragon only have fire and lightning elements, which means getting the the Double Rainbow from that combo is impossible.

  8. Got it first try with Blazing and Crystal on the island. Both level 10 and myself at level 28

  9. Ash and Frostfire I found to work after a few trys

  10. Should thunder and swamp work?

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