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DragonVale players! The new Gemstone Dragon has arrived into your game. It’s called the Aquamarine Dragon and it is for players that are born in the month of March. If you missed the February gemstone dragon then this is one dragon you don’t want to miss for your game. Players that have missed the February gemstone dragon will need to wait until next year but you can breed for this new Aquamarine dragon now!

DragonVale Aquamarine Dragon

How to breed Aquamarine Dragon

The Aquamarine Dragon is a limited edition dragon that has two-heads and is colored in blue. It is made specifically for representing the March birthstone, the Aquamarine. Players born in March will probably want to get this dragon.

If you want to breed this dragon then be sure you are in the month of March or check if its available in your store. If it’s not then there’s no way to breed this dragon for your game. To breed the Aquamarine dragon, we have tested and confirmed that you need to use the River Dragon and the Iceberg dragon. The breeding time is 31 hours and the hatching time is also 31 hours. It should say 01:6:59:57. The upgraded times is 01:00:47:57, or 25 gems.

In the recent update, the odds have been increased for dragons that are above level 15. That means if you are using dragons level 15+ you will have a better chance at getting this dragon. The breeding side selected does not matter.

DragonVale Aquamarine Dragon Evolution Chart

  27 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed Aquamarine Dragon”

  1. LOL, 3rd try I got it

  2. Thx but how do you get a river dragon it’s harder
    To get it than a moon dragon! 😀

  3. epic

  4. Got it with level 15 river and 14 iceberg, at 915 am. After 4 try’s

  5. Which one goes first

  6. I keep getting some stupid dragon

  7. 1st of all how do you get your dragons above LVL 10 cuz I have the fountain of youth but it only makes them younger but the same LVL. 2nd of all I’ve been trying for over 2 weeks and I haven’t gotten it yet!!!!!!!!

  8. How do you get your dragon above level 10????

    • At level 18 you unlock your first shrine. It is a plant shrine. Once you get it and have 50 level 10 dragons you can upgrade it with coins and get an upgraded version. That then allows you to feed your dragons to level 15. Same with getting them to level 20. Or you can all ways upgrade it with gems. But now you do not need shrine because the new update allows you to feed all your dragons (except epics:( ) to level 20 for free, well using food of course. Anyway, hope that help! 🙂

  9. How do u get dragons over a level 10?

  10. How do u get dragons over a level 10?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You have to buy shrines. They are the statue like things that you can buy in the “buildings” section in the market. When you buy them they will be “bronze” shrines, then you can use gems to increase the level limit. This increases the level limit of the dragons in that category.
      Hope this helps.

  11. i born in march!!! 10 march!!! but i why i cannot get it!!!

  12. i born in march!!! 10 march!!! but why i cannot get it!!!

  13. Still having trouble. Please add me so we can send each other gems. My name
    Is in the name slot.

  14. Both dragons are lvl 10 and I’ve tried probably more tham twenty times and I haven’t gotten it!

  15. I keep trying, the only good thing I got instead was a century dragon.

  16. So how do I get the river Dragon Second of all how do I get my Dragons above level 10 And what dragons do I need to Have to breed the aquamarine dragon

  17. I made river with mud and iceberg. Then you’ll need earth, cold or water shrine which unlocks at level.19 lvl.21 and lvl.23 then upgrade either water or earth and cold for gems or 50 lvl.10 dragons with that type. Then you breed river and iceberg both at least lvl.11. The higher your dragon lvl is over lvl.10 the more likely your are to get a rare or epic dragon. Hope this helps ;D

  18. I got one but it was really hard

  19. I’m getting a Dimond dragon

  20. I’m getting a Dimond dragon

  21. I’ll try it tonight.

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