Jul 282012

The Bronze Olympus Dragon in DragonVale is one of the three Olympus Dragon dragons released on July 28th 2012 as part of what is expected as the celebration of the opening of the Olympics. The Olympus Dragon features a brown design with a fire torched tail and what differentiates the Olympus Dragons apart from one another is their amazing horns.

DragonVale Bronze Olympus Dragon Baby

This DragonVale how to breed article will talk about breeding the Bronze Olympus Dragon in DragonVale. You can use the same combination to obtain the Silver Olympus Dragon and Gold Olympus Dragon for your DragonVale park. The main elements for this dragon is Olympus but it is known to be lightning, earth, and air element hybrids.

If you want to breed one of these Bronze Dragon then our most recommended combination for breeding the Bronze Olympus Dragon is using a Sonic Dragon and a Lava Dragon or a Blazing Dragon and a Crystal Dragon for a chance to get the Bronze Olympus Dragon. The breeding time is 35 hours and once you have hatched the Bronze Olympus Dragon you can place him into a  Olympus habitat for your DragonVale game.

The most recommended combination is Air Dragon and Crystal Dragon.

DragonVale - Bronze Olympus Dragon

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  6 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed Bronze Olympus Dragon”

  1. I tried all hybrid dragons with lightning, earth and wind combinations here are tested combinations:

    Bronze – quake,sonic (2nd try)
    – lightning,dodo (5th try)
    – crystal,sonic (2nd try)
    – blazing crystal (4th try)
    Silver – sonic,sandstorm (1st try)
    – sonic,quake (2nd try)
    Gold – sandstorm,quake (1st try)
    – quake, sandstorm =???

  2. I got a Bronze with Crystal, Air. The habitat and racetrack are great too!

  3. I got a bronze with a level 10 willow and level 10 quake in baby form. So try putting them in the fountain of youth 🙂

  4. Crystal then smoke dragon worked first time for me in the normal breeding cave i did already purchase the olympus habitat first though

  5. I got it with iron and sonic. I was trying for a sandstorm.

  6. Got first try with crystal on the left and smoke on the right…both were over lvl 10

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