Jul 282012

The Gold Olympus Dragon in DragonVale is one and most sought after of the three Olympus Dragon dragons released on July 28th 2012 as part of what is expected as the celebration of the opening of the Olympics. Keep in mind that which Olympus Dragon you obtain or may obtain is completely up to the game. The Olympus Dragon features a brown design with a fire torched tail and what differentiates the Olympus Dragons apart from one another is their amazing horns.

For this Gold Olympus Dragon it features a golden horn that will just make your DragonVale park shine as it represents your trophy for breeding. Remember to go for the Gold! You will notice that in its adult form the Gold Olympus Dragon also has a sharper and more thin horn that makes it ultra fierce.

DragonVale Gold Olympus Dragon Baby

This DragonVale how to breed article will talk about breeding the Gold Olympus Dragon in DragonVale. You can use the same combination to obtain the Bronze Olympus Dragon and Silver Olympus Dragon for your DragonVale park. The main elements for this dragon is Olympus but it is known to be lightning, earth,  and air.

If you want to breed one of these Gold Dragon then our most recommended combination for breeding the Gold Olympus Dragon is using a Sonic Dragon and a Lava Dragon or a Blazing Dragon and a Crystal Dragon for a chance to get the Gold Olympus Dragon. The breeding time is 35 hours and once you have hatched the Gold Olympus Dragon you can place him into a  Olympus habitat for your DragonVale game.

The most recommended combination is Air Dragon and Crystal Dragon.

DragonVale - Gold Olympus Dragon

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  • Janerouse Jane

    I just found out I’m getting an Olympus dragon! I bread an air with a crystal, hoping to get a sandstorm. I did this yesterday, the date of the Olympus release, and when I saw I had 35 hours breading I was totally confused! All you crystal haters…….you now have to love them!

    • WolfytheAwesome

      I just figured out that crystal and blazing are one of the most powerful combination. I got 1 sun dragon, 2 gold olympus dragons, 3 silver olympus dragons, and surprising, 2 rainbow dragons! Check the combinations but I’m warning you it doesn’t always work.

  • Janerouse Jane


    • Falcon

      Better than nothing I guess

  • Triple C

    Add 000triplec

  • Lily

    Thx guys that really helped, I got it on the first try!

  • Jenasaurus

    I’ve been using all kinds of combinations and I still haven’t gotten it after over a week of breeding. Crystal and blazing ive tried about 10 times and nothing, lava and sonic, willow and quake but still nothing. I also have both silver and bronze I just needs the gold to complete the trio haha any suggestions?

  • Jayden

    Quake plus air. I got a sonic and then second try I got a gold Olympus

  • Awesome

    Hey you all know the solar eclipse dragons gone it’s not breed two solars you get one i’ve had5 now I already got the lunar sun and reindeer I love this game (: for lunar breed mountain and air

  • Gerald

    How do u get a platinum dragon?

  • JackInTheBox

    Sonic and mountain got me gold olympus first try 🙂

  • Falcon

    Thank you guys I got it first try with blazing lv 15 and crystal lv 10 and also why do so many people think that it matters what side you put the dragons on, it makes no difference!

  • nottelling

    I bred thunder and earth trying to get dodo dragon. Thunder is the rarer hybrid so after 8 quakes, 0 crystal 🙁 gettin olympus!!!!

  • Jacob goldberg

    There is a bronze dragon it’s new look on dragon vale new well