May 182013

The Jade Dragon was released a couple days ago and players around the world are searching for the combinations to breeding this dragon for their game. Fortunately we have just found the combination to breeding this dragon for your game.

DragonVale Jade Dragon egg

DragonVale Jade Dragon Evolution Chart

Let’s talk a little about the Jade Dragon which is the Thirteenth gemstone dragon in your DragonVale. This gemstone dragon is available for 3 months which means that you have 3 entire months to breed the dragon for your game. This dragon is not just available  for the month of May to celebrate any birthstone month but it appears it’s here to celebrate three months of gemstone joy in your game.

How to breed Jade Dragon

The Jade Dragon requires a specific combination. That means only this combination works and no other combination works in the game.  The pair of dragons you need to use to breed for the Jade Dragon is using the Salamander Dragon and the Plasma Dragon. There is absolutely no other combination that works in the game.

The breeding time for the dragon is 30 hours and 26 minutes which should say 01:06:26:13 the upgraded breed time for this dragon is 01:00:20:58. So look for this timer when you are breeding the Salamander Dragon and Plasma Dragon to see if you have the Jade Dragon breeding in your game.

There is only 12 gemstone habitats but the developers are working to increase this! Stay tuned!

Video from WBANGCA

  • Maddie

    Thanks, I really wanted to know I haven’t seen anywhere else with the combination.

    • Frank

      Yes i used the. Plasma dragon on the left & Salamander on the right it had taken me 10 attempts to get the Jade dragon. Thanks.

      • Jared Schmucker

        The position doesn’t matter.

      • Zubaidah

        I tried so many times breeding seaweed and lightning, but can never get a plasma. I always get SWAMP. Please suggest best combination.

        • Hello

          Try rain and lightning just heard it but will try will tell u the result

      • Inspires_fire

        That’s the ONLY combo. Salamander plus plasma.

  • Meme

    I got jade dragon in combo 3 times. Salamander:left and plasma:right. Hope ur good luck. Pls don’t give up ^_______^

    • Collin

      Do you know how to breed all the other gemstone dragons???

    • Jonh

      try lightening swamp or lightening rust

  • Carly

    First time: salamander and plasma
    Got the Jade!!!
    Thank you

  • Rocky man

    Do u have to have the epic breeding island to breed the jade dragon or can u use the breeding cave?

  • john somerick

    Your not going to belive me but l got the rainbow dragon egg right now using the lichen dragon on the left and river on the right trying to get the jade. visit my islands.

  • Zubaidah

    I have bred seaweed and glacier, both level 10, and it gives me 48 hrs.Anyone has any idea what it could be? i am hoping for a rainbow dragon

    • Zubaidah

      Yeay! I got a rainbow dragon!

  • Nataly

    Does current and corral work too?

    • Ana

      You will never receive a Jade Dragon if you breed Coral and Current. There is only one combination for the Jade Dragon, which is Salamander and Plasma.

  • Nataly

    Does current and corral work too? Please tell

    • John Au


  • Evepop

    I got the rainbow dragon woohoo

    • jay


  • Zubaidah

    Please suggest best combination for plasma dragon

    • John Au

      You must use the Lightning Dragon in the combination. Try the Lightning + Seaweed.

  • Nataly

    I am trying the combinations, third try, no luck so far

  • jonh

    Another way to get plasma is lightening seaweed or lightening and rust.

  • Anna

    It really works! But I have a tip use the enchanted breeding ISLAND.the result will come out better

  • angela.steph96

    add me
    lvl 32

  • Stacey

    Exactly 20 fails so far. 🙁

  • Talan

    I got the Jade dragon on the sixth try on the epic breeding island using salamander & plasma. Thanks!

  • Kkswag11

    Tried Salamander + Plasma and got a 3 hr. wait. Don’t think it worked to well…

  • Kkswag11

    Yea…I got a Firefly Dragon. 1st and 2ond times.

  • Tiffany

    I keep getting salamander and firefly dragons even though i’m using plasma and salamander what am i doing wrong?! 🙁 You guys try downloading the dragonvale breeding guide app. It really helps!!

  • Dr.Dragon

    Salamander and Plasma, 8th try but I got it lol very successful combination.

  • Inspire

    This is crap! I’ve tried every possible combo for plasma, and nothing! This is crap! >:( I so frusturated! Someone help! PLEASE HELP!

  • Inspire

    I wish there was another way to get Jade. 🙁 then i’d be 🙂

  • jathin

    i want to breed the double rainbow dragon then i’d be