Nov 212012

Just after the Solar Eclipse Dragon, DragonVale players now see the new Lunar Eclipse Dragon! Now that is amazing! The Lunar Eclipse Dragon is an amazing new dragon that is available for a limited time. If you just joined DragonVale then that means that this is your chance to get this dragon before it leaves your market!

DragonVale - Lunar Eclipse Dragon evolution chart

Limited Time dragons is just as it’s name says, it leaves after the time is up, so don’t miss this Lunar Eclipse Dragon if you’ve been collecting the line of Eclipse Dragons in DragonVale.

This new dragon is quite unique compared to any other dragons designed in DragonVale so far. It’s large, really large (didn’t want to write that). Most dragons designed up to this point have been fierce and powerful with a superb amount of detail, while most players will probably say that this dragon is just large.

How to breed Lunar Eclipse Dragon (Learn more here)

The question has always been how to do you breed one of these amazing dragons? Well we’re certain that if you’re here you’ll know the secrets to breeding this dragon sooner or later.

Like other eclipse dragons, this Lunar Eclipse Dragon combines the elements of Sun and Moon creating this dragon for your DragonVale park. Yes, you cannot breed the Sun and Moon dragons directly but like all special dragons, you can use any of the other core elements to breed for this dragon.

The recommended breeding combination for this dragon is Air Dragon and the Mountain dragon. This has been a confirmed combination and like all Eclipse dragons, the developers have made it easier to breed depending on your luck in the game and activity. If you breed consistently you’re probably going to get one sooner or later.

If you’re wondering which side to select your dragons on in your breeding island or breeding cave then it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you use the breeding island or cave either, but there is a higher chance on the breeding island. The level of your breeding dragons also does not matter.

That all being said, being able to breed for this dragon is still up to your game to give you the lunar eclipse dragon or not. Good luck!

DragonVale Lunar Eclipse Dragon Official Image

Breeding Video

  13 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed Lunar Eclipse Dragon”

  1. This reads like a second grader’s paper.

    “This new dragon is quite unique compared to any other dragons designed in DragonVale so far. HOW? No we’re serious. Most dragons designed up to this point have been fierce and powerful with a superb amount of detail but never before have we felt the wise wisdom reflected upon a dragon. HOW?

    The design in this dragon makes players feel wise HOW? and great and its definitely a great dragon to have watch over your DragonVale park!” WHY?

    really. What does any of this even mean? Useless.

  2. It's okay. There's a lot of work, and that's what happens when there's a lot of stuff to do. Even I do it in videos some times.

    I think the person just had a bad day.

    The only thing important is like the combination and most people go towards the combination section anyway. The other stuff are just the side dishes.

    At any rate, I finished uploading the video. Please add.

  3. Oh yeah the dragon is fat. A lot of people are saying that on YouTube.

  4. I don’t necessarily care but all combinations should be tested! I’m not wasting any gems! Add me Icespace

  5. lmao you should be asking how to breed not how it looks like. Or how it feels. Or why it feels like that ;P troll much?

  6. add me game center timo10335.

  7. Remains me of people talking about The Dark Knight. People watching movies shouldn't have to think! Its too deep! haha

  8. There are only so many ways you can write about breeding without being boring every week about the same thing over and over again. In a nutshell, you can just write “Breed Air and Mountain” but that doesn’t satisfy most people so I get it.

  9. Got it using Snow+Mud, 100%

  10. Cold + sandstorm first try

  11. This dragon is really really fat!

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