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The Paper Dragon was just released into DragonVale parks and it is truly one amazing anniversary dragon for all DragonVale players that has followed the game since its beginning. This anniversary dragon is believed that is only available for a limited time as anniversary simply cannot last for an eternity.

DragonVale Paper Dragon Baby

For DragonVale players, that means that you need to begin breeding this dragon as fast as you can because it may disappear like the Blue Moon Dragon after a specific time. However, like always, the creators always makes official announcement in game and at Gameteep, we’ll always update you when we receive news.

Paper Dragon Design

The Paper Dragon features a body made entirely of what looks like origami paper. The dragon itself looks bright red like our Gameteep logo in color and the wings is in a beige coloring like the background of their DragonVale icons in the market.

When the dragon flaps and open its wings you will notice how it does move like its made out of paper and there’s a big B for Backflip Studios on the wings.

The breath of the Paper Dragon looks very unique and like spinning fans.

How to breed Paper Dragon (Paper Dragon page)

If you want to breed the Paper Dragon, then know that the dragon itself is made out of 4-core elements, Fire, Plant, Earth and Cold. That means breeding combinations with those elements in the breeding process will give you a chance at getting the paper dragon.

At Gameteep, the most recommended combination for the Paper Dragon is the Poison Dragon and the Mountain Dragon. If you are lucky and get a 12 hours breeding process then you’ve possibly gotten yourself a Paper Dragon. To confirm, check for an Egg with a bright red coloring and a big B. This is the Paper Dragon egg.

Keep in mind that breeding is up to your luck in getting the dragon and hopefully your game giving you the correct breeding time. Breeding the dragons left or right will not affect your chance of getting the dragon. The level of your dragon also does not affect your breeding chance. With the correct combination and patience you will get the paper dragon if it is bred during the special event time frame.

DragonVale Gameteep Evolution Chart - Paper Dragon

Demo Video by WBANGCA

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