Dec 062012

It looks like DragonVale has updated players again with a brand specialty dragon dubbed the “Platinum Dragon”. This dragon marks the third dragon for the line of precise metals in the Treasure class of dragons. The two dragons that were released before with the same elements are the Gold Dragon [First appeared] and the Silver Dragon [Second]. This dragon of course is the third one.

DragonVale Platinum Dragon Baby

What’s so special about these dragons and this one? Well the Treasure line of dragons have a single element, much like the Sun and Moon dragons. That being said, how to breed one of these dragons can only be guessed through direct breeding or understanding the concept. Unlike Hybrids where you can simply guess the elements through looking at their symbols this one you cannot. At any rate let’s start breeding.

How to breed Platinum Dragon (Learn more here)

Like noted above, the Platinum Dragon is part of a special class of dragons called the Treasure dragons or element. To breed a Platinum Dragon you must use a Water Dragon and a Metal Dragon. You can really use any dragons that add up with the elements of Water and Metal so the combinations are endless but this is the most direct approach.

The breeding time is 49 hours and if you have an upgraded breeding structure the fast forward time is 40 gems so about 40 hours.

Please keep in mind that the breeding order of left or right does not matter. The level of your dragons also does not matter. It’s about luck in breeding but this Platinum Dragon, we have classified as “Super Rare” because it’s really quite rare.

Good luck breeding!

DragonVale Platinum Dragon evolution chart

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  4 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed Platinum Dragon”

  1. if i breed a gold dragon with a platinum dragon, about how much chance do I have ofgetting another platinum dragon? is it fifty/fifty?

  2. @laura
    I have tried gold and platinum and silver and platinum very many times. Not once has it resulted in another platinum dragon. I would recommend to keep using the combo you used to get the first one.

  3. Hmmm… before i tried to breed this, and tried a bunch of combinations that have metal and water, including quicksilver dragons, (the game hints that you should use metal an water) for a while, then i bought a few gems, tried to breed a lv 15 metal dragon with a lv 13 water dragon, and got a platinum dragon first try. Hmmmmmm. Gems boost chances of rare dragons.

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