Nov 242012

The Reindeer Dragon is back in DragonVale player’s parks and it is certainly one dragon you don’t want to miss this time around if you haven’t gotten one in your park from the last event. Like all special event/limited time dragons, this dragon is made specifically for an upcoming event, which is Christmas. It features the Rudolph the red nose reindeer! (or at least something that looks like it).

DragonVale Reindeer Dragon

How to breed Reindeer Dragon (Learn More)

The reindeer dragon is a hybrid dragon combining the elements of Cold and Plant to create this reindeer in your DragonVale park.  As you can see from the pictures that the reindeer dragon has a red nose and and features a deer-like animal making him a great addition to your game. Below we’ll let you know how to breed one.

To breed a Reindeer Dragon, you need to combine the elements of Cold and Plant together. This has been made easier since the last release because you could not breed Plant and Cold together previously, but now you can!

We recommend using a Plant Dragon and a Cold Dragon for a chance to get the Reindeer Dragon in DragonVale. The breeding time is 5 hours and you can place the dragon into any Plant or Cold Habitat.

Players wanting to know if the order matters when selecting to breed will be happy to know that it does not. The level of your breeding dragons also does not matter. It is up to luck for the game to give you the correct breeding time and dragon.

Learn more about the Reindeer Dragon here

Confirmed Breeding

  3 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed Reindeer Dragon”

  1. got it using metal and evergreen.

  2. Metal and evergreen realy works

  3. Yes I got it very first try with metal and evergreen!

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