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The Secret is out for the Secret Malachite Dragon in DragonVale! If you had any doubts about this secret green metal dragon then let us remove any doubts for you. It’s real. However, the Malachite Dragon is a dragon that can only be bred and that means you cannot purchase it with money using your gems just yet.

DragonVale is a breeding game and it is these secret dragons like the Malachite Dragon that makes the game fun. If you haven’t seen the Malachite Dragon then know that it’s a green dragon that looks very similar to the Metal Dragon except with a different skin tone. To put it easy for players, the Malachite Dragon is a green metal dragon with a slightly different design.

DragonVale: Malachite Dragon Key Features

  • Green Metal Dragon
  • Metal and Plant Elements
  • Slightly different eye in adult form
If you want to breed this Malachite Dragon you must use a metal and plant element hybrid because you cannot breed the metal and elements together directly. Once you breed these elements together, simply look for a 12 hours breeding process which will represent a Malachite Dragon is breeding in your DragonVale park. The Malachite Dragon egg should he a dark purple with green swirls similar to the Willow Dragon but make no mistake if it’s 12 hours then it’s a Malachite Dragon.
Once you have the Malachite bred and hatched and ready you can place him into your Metal or Plant habitat to be with your other Metal-type and Plant-type dragon. Almost forgot, the most recommended combination for breeding the Malachite Dragon is using a Metal Dragon and a Willow Dragon! Good Luck breeding!


DragonVale Malachite Dragon Egg Forms Evolutions

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