Nov 012012

November is here! And for DragonVale players that means that there will be another new Gemstone Dragon. The Topaz Dragon has just been released to players for breeding.

DragonVale Topaz Dragon Baby

We’re sure that players are probably looking for a way to breed this all new exclusive dragon for their Dragonvale parks but breeding for one of these dragons aren’t easy. That’s because this dragon is classified as a Gemstone Dragon which ranges between Rare and Ultra Rare. That means that some players may find it easy to breed for this dragon while other players may find it difficult to breed.

 How to breed Topaz Dragon (Learn more)

Since this is a gemstone dragon for November, this means that you’ll only be able to breed for this dragon during that specific month. If you are reading this during any other month then you probably can’t breed for this dragon.

To breed the Topaz Dragon you need to use the Cactus Dragon and the Firefly Dragon

Please keep in mind that the breeding order of left or right will not affect your breeding process. This is the same with the level of your dragons. Both of these variables as of 2012 does not have any affect on your chance to get the Topaz Dragon. For further information please view the dragon’s breeding page.

It is essentially up to your game to have the dragon breeding in your game using the right combination (luck). So good luck on breeding this dragon.

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