Oct 112012

DragonVale players, the Bone Dragon is back for Halloween. 1-year ago, DragonVale released this exclusive bone dragon right after the release of DragonVale and only a limited number of players were able to obtain it before it expired.

DragonVale Bone Dragon

One year later today, the Bone Dragon has once again returned for Halloween for DragonVale players to breed! This dragon is a limited time dragon, so if you miss your chance then you’ll have to wait an entire year before being able to breed for this dragonagain.

How to breed Bone Dragon

The bone dragon is a limited edition dragon that is only available during Halloween. DragonVale has sure changed since the release of this dragon, what used to be a dozen dragon now seem to have over 50 hybrids and limited dragons combined.

If you want to breed the bone dragon, you need to use the Earth Dragon and the Fire dragon. The breeding time is 10 hours and breeding these two will give you a chance at breeding the bone dragon or the Lava Dragon.

Both the Lava Dragon and the Bone Dragon share the exact same breeding time, so you’ll have to wait until you see the egg before you know which dragon you are getting.

Please keep in mind breeding the dragons left or right, as well as level will not affect your breeding rate. There is no proven evidence of this and is up to your game to give you the correct dragon.

You can see more about the bone dragon at this page.

Good Luck breeding and Happy Halloween!

DragonVAle Bone Dragon 2012

  2 Responses to “DragonVale: Its back! How to breed Bone Dragon”

  1. Oh my gosh! I just got it! I didn’t know BFS had rereleased it til I found this site. I was breeding Lava & Mud for Sapphire. Didn’t get rite time so I waited til breed done, put in nest, that’s when I saw it was Bone….. Sooooooo Happy! I missed it cuz I didn’t start playing til Feb. Good Luck Everyone!!!

  2. I got one of these guys trying to breed an opal dragon lol! I used a mud dragon and lava dragon

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