Feb 222012

DragonVale Leapyear Dragon The Leap Year Dragon is most likely the upcoming special event dragon that is going to be officially released within the next couple of days. It is still unknown to many but we were able to find out more about this dragon through some of the expert players we’ve talked to. This DragonVale leapyear dragon is very similar to the Rainbow Dragon but in dark yellow form. As an adult he looks amazingly shiny and will surely make you want to get a couple of these in your islands before they are gone! Stay tune for more information on the Leap Year Dragon in DragonVale.

How to breed a Leap Year Dragon?

As we write this, breeding is not possible for this Leap Year Dragon. We have first hand news and updates with the players that have discovered this so you are surely to get the latest news for the Leap Year Dragon. The Leap Year dragon was discovered almost immediately after the update release. Still known to little players but the Leap Year dragon is indeed real.

If you want to breed a Leap Year Dragon please join the talk in the Gameteep forums. Other players, including the people that have discovered it have graciously let you know what they know.

Leap Year Dragon

Hatch Egg experience: 100000

Dragoncash: 2500000
Experience: 100000
Sell price: 2500000
Habitat type: rainbow
Price gems: 2750

Description: “The exceptionally rare leap year dragon can only be seen in the wild once every four years near Bridget’s Pass. Some say that simply gazing upon them has even caused women to spontaneously propose! Getting one of these in your park is sure to make you over the rainbow! Or is it over the moon? I can never remember…”

Incubation Time: 29 minutes

  3 Responses to “DragonVale: Leap Year Dragon Found”

  1. This Leap Year Dragon was discovered days ago by someone on Dragonvale Wiki. Any credit for the person who actually discovered it?

    • I was sent your message. I am the source provider and I did not see DragonVale wiki, it was in the games coding so anyone with the abilities and knowledge of seeing it can see it. Not just the person that discovered it which is not only you.

    • That was me, hahaha lmfao, i was surprised it wasn’t one dragonvale wiki yet. [x

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