Nov 282013

It looks like the new Dark and Lightning and Cold element dragons have been released into DragonVale. We had the Light and Lightning/Cold element dragons release into the game not too long and there was a total of four different light type dragons which consist of two lightning/light hybrid and two cold/light hybrid. This is the same with this release except this time we will be looking at the dark hybrid dragons instead of the light type dragons.

DragonVale: Spark Dragon

DragonVale Spark Dragon

When dark and lightning met in the form of the spark dragon, it was electrically epic. Scattering energy in all directions, your visitors are sure to have a shockingly good time seeing these dragons!

DragonVale: Wraith Dragon

DragonVale Wraith Dragon

It has been said to never enter a staring contest with a lightning dragon. The calm and piercing eyes of the wraith dragon give their lightning dragon cousins the shivers.

DragonVale: Ruin Dragon

DragonVale Ruin Dragon

Ruin dragons have developed clear membranes on their wings which make them look torn, hence their moniker. Despite their somber name, they’re quite friendly dragons.

DragonVale: Crypt Dragon

DragonVale Crypt Dragon

The crypt dragon gets its name due to often being found near mausoleums and cemeteries. They have no connection with the undead, they just like the quiet.

  2 Responses to “DragonVale: New Dark and Lightning/Cold Dragons”

  1. Why does the Crypt dragon not get an orb over his head after feeding to level 15 or higher like ALL of the other dragons on Dragonvale?

  2. They have come out with some new cool looking light dragons

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