Dec 062013

DragonVale is back again with brand new light element dragons for the game. There are four new dragons that players can be looking forward to as they login today and they are the Shimmer Dragon, Lotus Dragon, Wind Dragon, and lastly the Hypnotic Dragon. These dragons are added into the game permanently so players can take their time breeding these dragons as they won’t be going away any time soon.

DragonVale: Shimmer Dragon

DragonVale Shimmer Dragon

With the return of Light Magic, the sailors of the island kingdoms of the Crimson Sea have a new reason to rejoice; Shimmer dragons have been observed bursting from the sea with their dazzling wings and guiding ships safely out of the paths of storms.

DragonVale: Lotus Dragon

DragonVale Lotus Dragon

Legend has it that Sidd Arthur, a privileged nobleman turn wandering wizard, once rested under the wings of a lotus dragon. Upon awakening, Sidd was famished. Having no food, he attempted to transmute some local wild flowers into a snack. Sadly, the result was unpalatable. To his surprise, though, the lotus dragon snapped them up! Thus, Dragon Snaps were invented!

DragonVale: Hypnotic Dragon

DragonVale Hypnotic Dragon

The hypnotic dragon’s appearance is jarring at first, but strangely soothing the longer you stare at it. If your visitors stare directly into one’s eyes, they may feel very, very sleepy…

DragonVale: Wind Dragon

DragonVale Wind Dragon

Swift and graceful, the wind dragon flows from place to place with a gentle rustle of feathery scales. A lucky omen to sailors and millers, these dragons are sure to bring a breath of fresh air to your park.


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