May 092012

DragonVale fans! The long wait for dragons is over! Backflips Studios has just released two brand new dragons that will make you want to see it’s evolution forms almost immediately! Gameteep forum members are already breeding away these dragons and it’s something you should definitely not miss! The plasma dragon is a blue style lightning dragon that is released on May 9th 2012 along with the all so beautiful butterfly dragon! That’s right the butterfly dragon may look like a caterpillar at first but as time goes by and as it evolves it will become a beautiful butterfly dragon that will surely make your park shine!

DragonVale - Plasma Dragon

Plasma Dragon

Were you surprised by the Plasma or the Dodo Dragon? The fire dragon isn’t the only one that can be blue, the Plasma in DragonVale is probably the next unique blue dragon on the team. When you first see this Plasma Dragon you will see how similar he looks to the lightning dragon but rest assured that hes not just any simple lightning dragon yet he is the Plasma Dragon dragon, a blue styled lightning dragon creature that has gone through many different stages of evolution before reaching this one.

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DragonVale - Butterfly Dragon

Butterfly Dragon

The butterfly dragon is a purple caterpillar that has three elements. The elements are air, lightning, and fire. It is one of the most amazing dragons shown in DragonVale as you can see from it’s appearance that it may look a bit dorky at first but when it grows up it will spread its wings and have a beautiful design of a butterfly – in dragon form anyways.

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Secret Current Dragon

DragonVale Current Dragon Baby

  • Jennifer

    How do u breed the plasma and butterfly dragon

  • Jennifer

    How do u breed a plasma dragon and butterfly dragon

  • Bbbbb

    How do u breed a plasma and butterfly dragon

    • Jasmine

      You breed a sonic dragon and a fire dragon

  • Lars

    i got my butterfly on my 2nd attempt and i got it with a Sonic and a blazing

  • MillabyShou

    Got 12 hours with blazing + air, hope it’s the Butterfly ! 😀

  • Kirst.

    Add Me! I accept EVERYBODY and Gem for Gem daily(:

  • Lolz818

    I need to know how to get the butterfly dragon?!?

  • Doofus

    For the butterfly, you breed a lvl 10 willow and a lvl 10 firefly. Incubation time 12 hours.

  • Matthew

    Add me matthewman14

    • tom

      gem for gem anyone? add me tortila tom

  • Chris

    I have a panlong and plasma how do you breed a butterfly dragon

  • Amejabat

    Pls add me!! amejabat
    I’ll send u gems everyday!