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The Solar Eclipse Dragon in DragonVale is once again back in DragonVale parks for players to breeding and purchase. The Solar Eclipse Dragon is a Sun/Moon type dragon that was released in 2012 for a limited time to celebrate a solar eclipse . Although the dragon has the elements of moon and sun from his description, you cannot get this dragon using the sun and moon dragons.

Instead, you need to understand that these are special dragons that have a specific element that make them up. Like the Moon and Sun dragon is made up of Cold and Lightning elements. We will see further on below on how to get this dragon in your game through breeding.

 How to breed Solar Eclipse Dragon

The official unlocked combination to getting the Solar Eclipse Dragon is using a combination with the Earth, Air, and Fire elements. That means you can use any combination with the elements of Earth, air and fire for an opportunity to get this dragon. It doesn’t really matter which dragon you use, as long as you have the elements within the combination you will have a chance at getting the Solar Eclipse Dragon during his event.

Once the event is over you will not be able to buy or breed this dragon because it is an event dragon.

Breeding Left or right does not matter, the breeding time for the dragon is 48 hours and can be placed into the Sun or Moon Habitat once you have obtained the dragon.

DragonVale Solar Eclipse Dragon Official Breeding Combination

Official Unlocking Combination Video

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