Dec 212012

Something very interesting happened on December 20th 2012, at 11:00PM Eastern Time (New York time). One minute your park is set in summer and the next your park has been puffer with snow! Believe it or not, it was instant. And we mean instant. We accidentally logged out of the game then the next minute wow! It has been transformed by the developers! That’s right, it’s that time again so be sure to login to see your DragonVale game.

When you login today, you’ll see that your entire park has been wrapped with Christmas wrappings, mistletoe, and more. This includes your decorations, nursery, new seasonal dragon design and more so watch has we discuss most of the changes for this winter!

Snow Buildings

Most of the buildings in 2011 had a change for Christmas and there was definitely more snow back then oppose to now. Check out the farm below for 2011 vs 2012!

DragonVale Christmas Farm 2011 vs 2012DragonVale Christmas Nursery Bay

Christmas Snow Decorations

Buildings aren’t the only thing that got a make-over in this Christmas spirited update. It looks like the developers had a lot of fun decorating decorations for the holidays in DragonVale.

DragonVale Christmas Decorations

Christmas Snow Islands

The islands have also been covered in snow, check out the difference between 2011 and 2012 of DragonVale!

DragonVale Christmas Islands

Seasonal Dragon / Seasonal Habitat

We’ve left the juice update till the last. The Seasonal Dragon has made an amazing Winter evolution into it’s winter form. The dragon is colored in dark and light blue making it look like one chilly dragon. It also looks like a reindeer with it’s horns above its head.

The Seasonal Habitat has also been updated for the Winter Season.

DragonVale Winter Seasonal DragonDragonVale Winter Seasonal Habitat



  4 Responses to “DragonVale: Winter Snow Seasonal Dragon Update”

  1. Cool

  2. I LOVE the changes to thr decorations. Beautiful. but I wish the grass was covered in snow 🙁 I really liked that. Made a blue and white winter themed island and have been looking forward to the snowy ground all year 🙁

  3. Blazing + plant work 1st try

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