DragonVale: Amethyst Dragon


The Amethyst Dragon in DragonVale is the February Gemstone dragon in DragonVale. The Amethyst Dragon appears each month of February for players to breed their special birthstone dragons in their very own DragonVale park. If you are born in February this Amethyst Dragon is definitely one dragon you won’t want to miss for your DragonVale park!

“Whilst exploring the Gerias Mines, the enchantress Gigi Ode came across a spherical chamber completely covered in purple hued crystals. She quickly came to the realization that she was, in fact, surrounded by a plethora of amethyst dragons. Like all gemstone dragons, amethyst dragons cannot breed.” Amethyst Dragon Game Description

 Gem Element

DragonVale Amethyst Dragon Baby

Release Date: February 1st 2013

Level requirement: 14
Habitat:  Gemstone Habitat
Incubation Time: 30 Hours
Timer: 01:05:59:57
Fast Gem Cost: 30 Gem

Buying Price:  1500Gem
Selling Price:  1,500,000Cash
Experience:  100,000

Fast Breed Gems: 23:59:55Gem
Fast Breed Upgraded: 24Gem


DragonVale Amethyst Dragon egg

Dragon Breath:

DragonVale Amethyst Dragon Breath

Special Event Decoration:

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Amethyst Dragon Key Features

  • February Birthstone
  • Amethyst stone
  • purple stone
  • Dark Teal like Color
  • Purple eyes
  • Wings on its arms

Amethyst Dragon breeding guide:

You can get the Amethyst Dragon by using a Hail Dragon and a Sonic Dragon in your breeding tree. This is the only combination that works and no other combination works so you must continue to breed until you get this dragon.

You can still breed the dragon using your breeding cave but it is most recommended that you use your breeding island for higher chances of getting the Amethyst Dragon.

Keep in mind that when breeding dragons, the breeding left and right does not matter. The Level of your dragons also does not matter. Breeding dragons is up to chance and it is proven that the Epic Breeding Island will give breeders a better chance at getting more rare dragons oppose to the breeding cave.

Amethyst Dragon earnings

Level 1 2Gem/Month
Level 2 2/Month
Level 3 2/Month
Level 4 3/Month
Level 5 3/Month
Level 6 3/Month
Level 7 3/Month
Level 8 4/Month
Level 9 4/Month
Level 10 1/Week

 Evolution Chart

DragonVale Amethyst Dragon Evolution Chart

Confirmation Video


  33 Responses to “DragonVale: Amethyst Dragon”

  1. Amethyst dragon is come! Breeding time is 28 hrs but i don’t know the combination!!

  2. I’m sure that the combination includes Crystal dragon

  3. You have to use the mine dragon and Chrystal dragon most likely , read the amythest dragons info

  4. Nope , it’s hail and sonic dragon

  5. Hail and sonic breeding time 24 hours in upgraded breeding cave.

  6. Got it 3rd try with sonic and hail dragon and my gf got it 2nd try using same combo so sonic and hail definitely works

  7. i did hail and sonic and i got a sun dragon

  8. I got 28 as a breeding time

  9. after breeding rain and storm I got 28hrs. And when it hatched it was chrystal dragon wth >:(

  10. How do I by the breeding tree for dragoncash instead of gems because I got 0 gems

  11. Or maybe free 150 gems?

  12. I lost the Garnet dragon because of that

  13. And topaz too

  14. Hail an sonic are the combo

  15. Im still trying and only have gotten 8 hrs each time. What are the times that you guys did the breeding since when i bred the garnet dragon at a certain time it worked.

  16. hail and sonic works perfectly best combo ever

  17. Got it at first try with a sonic level 4 and hail level 4. Couldnt be happier right now!

  18. I tried sonic and hail for 15 times but I finally got amethyst dragon.


  19. I have no luck or what. Breeding hail with sonic and all I get is hail dragon. No gemstone dragon and can’t get much cash out of it.

  20. On my 14th try still haven’t gotten one!! (Using hail and sonic) friend me at “Seamus da boss”

  21. FINALLY!!!!!!!FINALLY I GOT the amythest dragon after my 37ty try!!!!! My secret was after I bought gems. I immediately went and bred a lv10 sonic and hail and got amythest. #so lucky

  22. I just bred sonic and hail dragons and got 48 hour breeding time…can anyone give me a clue as to what dragon it is???

  23. I did that too and got sun

  24. Very new to game, got to level 19 ( mostly by earning xp rewards racing to get karious) I am currently on try 23 day 7 for amethyst and have just been given 48 hours breeding with hail and sonic…… assuming this is sun/moon or rainbow 🙁 gutted, was Sooooooooo hoping today was the day!! However not all bad, reading theese could pop up randomly why tyring to breed so made sure I had a habitat for each as soon as I could afford them….. bread moon when I was level 10 while not realising what i was doing or that certain combos produce certain dragons…. I will keep persuing as I really hope I get amethyst….. love this game, fingers crossed for that 1st gem dragon 🙂

  25. Hail & sonic also works for sun moon and rainbow. I got moon.

  26. I’ve not bred hail and sonic over 40 times and still nothing, so sick of it, haven’t bred anything else the whole time i’ve been trying! Then my friend got it like the second time! Is this just bad luck, or do I need to try something new?

  27. I got something for 8 hours

  28. I’ve bred the sonic and hail many times, I don’t mow how many times (more than a dozen or two dozen times) and I finally have the amethyst dragon!! I’m happy, especially since it’s my birthstone!! To those still trying, don’t give up!! 🙂

  29. wow so it has to be a hail dragon and ….. a sonic dragon? or..?

  30. cool very…..apt

  31. Get your dragons up to level 14 use the upgraded breeding cave and dont let it sit in wait after breedings are finished. Breed them back to back n soon evry breeding in that tactic will produce something good. I just got a blue moon then bred directly again without any wait time whatsoever and got something for 48 hrs not sure yet what but not amethyst im sure tho its coming. Ive already got a tourqoise dragon this way using a poison and blazing level 11 each not sure if thats right on blazing but same method now im waiting on a diamond

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