DragonVale: Apocalypse Dragon


The DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon is a treasure element dragon that was released on December 17th 2012. It is the very first Apocalypse element dragon in the game and features an extremely cool apocalypse design.

“When the mythic volcano Garita erupted, wizards feared the end of the world. Luckily the only thing that emerged from those ash clouds were these incredible dragons. Be careful with teething young Apocalypse dragons as they love to gnaw on wizard footwear. You wouldn’t want one to swallow your sole.” DragonVale: Apocalypse Dragon Game Description

 DragonVale Apocalypse Element

DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon Icon

Release Date:
December 17 2012

Level requirement: 17
Habitat: Apocalypse
Incubation Time:  20 hours, 12 minutes
Timer: 20:11:59
Buying Price: 130Gem
Selling Price: 122,112Cash
Experience: 122,112
EBI Time: 16:09:33
EBI Fast breed Gem: 17Gem

DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon egg


DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon breath


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Breed Rate
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DragonVale: Apocalypse Dragon Key Features

  • Apocalypse element dragon
  • Expected to be LIMITED (see below)
  • The Apocalypse element, Apocalypse!
  • Multiple color-ed dragon
  • First Apocalypse element dragon, maybe only?
Limited Notes from the Developers
This ancient Mayan-themed dragon is available for players at level 17+ till sometime early next year… that is, if the world doesn’t come to an end before then.

Apocalypse Dragon breeding guide:

You can breed the Apocalypse Dragon using a Lichen Dragon and Magnetic Dragon. 

Additional combinations include

  • Steel and Cactus [Credits: Kelsie]

Please keep in mind that this is a semi-rare dragon and that breeding the Apocalypse Dragon may not be easy. It will take time and breeding the Apocalypse Dragon is up to your game to give you the dragon and the breeding order of left or right will not affect your chance of getting it.

The level of your dragons also does not matter but your park must be at least level 17. Good Luck breeding!

Apocalypse Dragon earnings

Level 1  48
Level 2  77
Level 3  105
Level 4  133
Level 5  162
Level 6  194
Level 7  222
Level 8  250
Level 9  286
Level 10  316Cash
Level 11  333
Level 12  375
Level 13  400
Level 14  428
Level 15  461
Level 16  500
Level 17  545
Level 18  545
Level 19  600
Level 20  600

Apocalypse Dragon Evolution Chart

DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon evolution

Breeding Video

  49 Responses to “DragonVale: Apocalypse Dragon”

  1. I already have four! By far my favorite dragon, and my only epic (other than the Turquoise).

  2. Got it in my 7th try, magentic on hte left lichen on hte right.

  3. Um…this is strange because on my first try, it said 48 hours. I sped it up and it turns out I got a rainbow.
    My second try I also got 48 hours. I was going to speed it up, but I didn’t have enough gems…SOOOO…….Could I be getting another rainbow?

  4. Got mine on the first try:3

  5. Got it first try. My GF got hers first or second try too. Add me game center id “dudefunk”. I gem daily!

  6. trying to get an apocalypse, but on three gold so far… would be nice to get something else

  7. i want this so bad… wish me luck..

  8. My first try I got a sun. Then I got a reindeer. Now idk what I have bc I’m out of gems. But it was a weird breed time. In the EBI it was reduced to 36 hours and some minutes. Any ideas?

  9. Got it first try! I’m rather excited about this dragon. ^^

  10. Will breeding lichen and magnetic result a moon dragon?

  11. Breed for this several times, resulting in a Leap Year, a Moon, and a regular Rainbow. I’m fine with those outcomes.

  12. Add me ‘JAYWYX’ for gem4fem. Have gem tree and 3 position available

  13. Is this really gonna be a limited time dragon? Cos right now the other limited dragons have appear and this apocalypse is giving me the headache

  14. Just get two of them and a bunch of their habitats. I am guessing that the habitat is the only limited habitat so stock up. Then with the two apocalypse, you can breed more later in the year!

  15. aw crap. i got an ash dragon on my first try….

  16. I have to say this is the best tutorial so far I have seen
    add me: neatnickga

  17. and I luv ash dragons because they are my initials

  18. Lichen + Magnetic = Leap Year/Rainbow/Apocalipse

  19. And Sun and Moon

  20. Copper and paper 2nd try

  21. Add me up! Game Center ID: vnruri

    Gem 4 gem

  22. Can someone send be daily gems and add me?
    id: gLiTcHeDoUt6868

  23. How to send gems?
    Sorry forgot the tutorial derp.

  24. Sorry, figured it out now.

  25. Got it on 1st try! I used lichen and magnetic!

  26. I just got a 47 hour incubation time using this combo the first time. Think it’s a silver dragon?

  27. well its not limeted time because i have the habitat but not the dragon help

  28. I’m level 17 I can get the habitat. But why isn’t the dragon in the store please answer.

  29. Never mind figured out its expired.

  30. I think it is dumb they expired it

  31. I got it on my third try!!!!!!!! Thank you gameteep

  32. Got it first try (and kept breeding same dragons and got it on the 3rd try in EBI) with Steel and Cactus.-
    Before I tried steel and cactus I was trying lichen and magnetic and I got ithe apocalypse dragon on like the 20th try and also got a couple of other rares (rainbow, leapyear, etc..)
    … Steel and Cactus is definitely the better combination if you are trying to specifically get the apocalypse dragon as fast as possible.

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