DragonVale: Dragon Egg List & Chart


The DragonVale eggs are probably one of the most amazing art in the entire game. Each DragonVale Dragon has their own unique egg and most with a special design that represents their elemental status. We have compiled all the eggs found in DragonVale and made it into a simple all-in-one chart for you to view and this chart is almost instantly updated when there is a new dragon found!


There are multiple pages to this chart. Please use the navigation under it to change pages.

The complete list of dragons with egg and breeding for DragonVale is here on Gameteep.net! While we try to update the list of dragons and eggs available. There are times when we cannot immediately update. Please bare with us or follow our DragonVale news in the DragonVale section.

If you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments below.

The wanted dragons are on the left and the breeding dragon on the left or right are listed in the middle. The right side of the chart are items such as Egg, breeding time or any special notes we may have for players.

Complete Dragon List with more combinations

Important information
  • DragonVale, like all breeding games have multiple combinations
  • Only the most efficient combination have been listed below. There are probably other combinations.
  • When you add an extra element into the combination, more than the elements required by the dragon, you increase the odds of other dragons.
  • There are multiple pages for this chart. Please use the navigation at the bottom to change pages.
  • Rainbow-type dragons are ultra rare unless they are limited rainbow type, which means the breeding rate % is lower.
  • Limited Edition Dragons can only be bred during the event, please check the separate page to see if it is a limited dragon.
Possible Results/Wanted Dragons Dragon 1* Dragon 2* Egg/Breed Time egg
 Crypt Dragon

DragonVale Crypt Dragon

 Cold Dragon Cold Dragon  17.5 hours  DragonVale Crypt Dragon egg
 Ruin Dragon

DragonVale Ruin Dragon

 Cold Dragon Dark Dragon  6 Hours  DragonVale Ruin Dragon egg
 Wraith Dragon

DragonVale Wraith Dragon

 Dark Dragon  Lightning Dragon  14 hours  DragonVale Wraith Dragon egg
 Spark Dragon

DragonVale Spark Dragon

 Dark Dragon Lightning Dragon  9.5 hours  DragonVale Spark Dragon egg
 Shimmer Dragon

DragonVale Shimmer Dragon

 Water Dragon Light Dragon  11 Hours  DragonVale Shimmer Dragon egg
 Lotus Dragon

DragonVale Lotus Dragon

 Water Dragon Light Dragon  7 hours  DragonVale Lotus Dragon egg
 Hypnotic Dragon

DragonVale Hypnotic Dragon

 Air Light  21.5 hours  DragonVale Hypnotic Dragon egg
 Wind Dragon

DragonVale Wind Dragon

 Air Light  5 Hours  DragonVale Wind Dragon egg
 Glare Dragon

DragonVale Glare Dragon

 Light Cold  9.5 Hours DragonVale Glare Dragon egg
 Phantom Dragon

DragonVale Phantom Dragon

 Light  Cold  8.5 Hours  DragonVale Phantom Dragon egg
 Gamma Dragon

DragonVale Gamma Dragon

 Light Lightning  19 hours  DragonVale Gamma Dragon egg
 Flash Dragon

DragonVale Flash Dragon

 Light Lightning  6 Hours  DragonVale Flash Dragon Egg
 Meadow DragonDragonVale Meadow Dragon  light Earth  9 hours  DragonVale Meadow Dragon egg
 Sand DragonDragonVale Sand Dragon  light Earth  6.5 hours  DragonVale Sand Dragon egg
 Heat DragonDragonVale Heat Dragon Light Fire  13.5 hours  DragonVale Heat Dragon egg
 Ember DragonDragonVale Ember Dragon  Light Fire 8 hours  DragonVale Ember Dragon egg
 Glass DragonDragonVale Glass Dragon Light Earth  12.5  DragonVale Glass Dragon egg
 Luminous DragonDragonVale Luminous Dragon  Light Plant  13 Hours  DragonVale Luminous Dragon egg
 Light DragonDragonVale Light Dragon  10 hours  DragonVale Light Dragon egg
 Fungus DragonDragonVale Fungus Dragon Baby  Dark Plant  13 Hours  DragonVale Fungus Dragon egg
 NightshadeDragonVale Nightshade Dragon baby  Dark Plant  15 Hours  DragonVale Nightshade Dragon Egg
 Watch DragonDragonVale Watch Dragon Baby  Dark Fire 8 hours  DragonVale Watch Dragon Egg
 Dungeon DragonDragonVale Dungeon Dragon Baby  Dark  Fire  15 hours  DragonVale Dungeon Dragon Egg
 Cave DragonDragonVale Cave Dragon baby  Dark  Earth  11 hours  DragonVale Cave Dragon Egg
 Root DragonDragonVale Root Dragon Baby  Dark  Earth  9 hours  DragonVale Root Dragon Egg
 Dark DragonDragonVale Dark Dragon Baby  Dark  13 hours  DragonVale Dark Dragon Egg
 Zombie DragonDragonVale Zombie Dragon  Pollen Dragon Meteor Dragon 20 Hours  DragonVale Zombie Dragon Egg
 Cotton DragonDragonVale Cotton Dragon  Quake Dragon Poison Dragon
  •  24 hours
  • Upgraded=19:11:57
 DragonVale Cotton Dragon egg
Bronze DragonDragonVale Bronze Dragon  Earth Dragon Metal Dragon
  •  46 hours
  • Upgraded=01:12:47:57
 DragonVale Bronze Dragon egg
 Amber DragonDragonVale Amber Dragon Quake Dragon Evergreen Dragon 31 Hours  DragonVale Amber Dragon egg
 Forest DragonDragonVale Forest Dragon Earth Plant 4 Hours  DragonVale Forest Dragon EGG
 Pepper DragonDragonVale Pepper Dragon Fire Dragon Plant Dragon  6 Hours  DragonVale Pepper Dragon egg
Ouroboros DragonDragonVale Ouroboros Dragon  Water Dragon Magnetic Dragon  26 hours 24 Minutes  DragonVale Ouroboros Dragon egg
 Electrum DragonDragonVale Electrum Dragon  Metal Dragon Lightning Dragon
  • 01:23:29:57
  • (Upgraded=01:13:59:57)
 DragonVale Electrum Dragon egg
 Liberty DragonDragonVale Liberty Dragon  Copper Dragon Air Dragon
  •  01:05:48:59
  • (Upgraded=23:51:10)
 DragonVale Liberty Dragon egg
 Summer DragonDragonVale Summer Dragon  Firefly Dragon Water Dragon
  •  24 hours
  • (Upgraded=19:11:57)
 DragonVale Summer Dragon Egg
 Bearded DragonDragonVale Bearded Dragon  Metal Dragon Glacier/Mountain Dragon
  •  15 Hours
  • (Upgraded=11:59:59)
 DragonVale Bearded Dragon Egg
 Double Rainbow DragonDragonVale Double Rainbow Dragon Baby  Any combination that adds up to four elements or more.————Firefly/Scorch Dragon  Any combination that adds up to four elements or more.—————–Swamp/ Seaweed Dragon
  •  60 Hours
  • (Upgraded=01:23:59:58)
 DragonVale Double Rainbow Dragon egg
 Jade DragonDragonVale Jade Dragon  Salamander Dragon Plasma Dragon
  •  30 Hours 26 Minutes
  • (Upgraded=01:00:20:58)
 DragonVale Jade Dragon egg
 Bouquet Dragon [FIRE/WATER/PLANT]DragonVale Bouquet Dragon Flower Dragon
Seaweed Dragon
Water Dragon
Fire Dragon
 9 Hours  DragonVale Bouquet Dragon egg
 Salamander DragonDragonVale Salamander Dragon  Fire Dragon Water Dragon 9.5 Hours  DragonVale Salamander Dragon Egg
 Coral DragonDragonVale Coral Dragon  Water Dragon Fire Dragon  11.5 Hours  DragonVale Coral Dragon egg
 Terradiem DragonDragonVale Terradiem Dragon baby
  • Air Dragon +
  • Air Dragon + River Dragon
  • Earth Dragon +
  • Earth Dragon +
  • Water Dragon +
  • Water Dragon +
  • Mud Dragon 
  • Fog Dragon
  • Rain Dragon
  • Sandstorm Dragon
  • Dodo Dragon
 24 Hours  DragonVale Terradiem Dragon egg
 Meteor DragonDragonVale Meteor Dragon  Metal Dragon Air Dragon 14 Hours  DragonVale Meteor Dragon egg
 Diamond DragonDragonVale Diamond Dragon  Ice Dragon Mine Dragon 30 Hours DragonVale – Diamond Dragon egg
 Motley DragonDragonVale Motley Dragon  *Any Plant or Fire Element dragon Any Dragon  13 Hours  DragonVale Motley Dragon egg
 Spring DragonDragonVale Spring Dragon  Fire Dragon Storm Dragon 24 Hours  DragonVale Spring Dragon egg
 Celtic Dragon
DragonVale Celtic Dragon
 Storm Dragon Moss Dragon 17 Hours  DragonVale Celtic Dragon egg
Aquamarine DragonDragonVale Aquamarine Dragon  River Dragon Iceberg Dragon  31 Hours  DragonVale Aquamarine Dragon egg
 River DragonDragonVale River Dragon  Water Dragon Earth Dragon  13 hours  DragonVale River Dragon egg
 Thunder DragonDragonVale Thunder Dragon baby  Lightning Dragon Air Dragon 8.5 Hours  DragonVale Thunder Dragon egg
 Rose DragonDragonVale Rose Dragon icon  Flower Dragon Air Dragon  14 hours  DragonVale Rose Dragon egg
 Blizzard Dragon
DragonVale Blizzard Dragon Icon
Cold Dragon Air Dragon 10 Hours  DragonVale Blizzard Dragon egg
 Century DragonDragonVale Century Dragon Price icon  Ice Dragon Earth Dragon 10 Hours DragonVale Century Dragon egg
 Amethyst DragonDragonVale Amethyst Dragon Baby  Hail Dragon Sonic Dragon  28 Hours  DragonVale Amethyst Dragon egg
 Cyclops DragonDragonVale Cyclops Dragon*Any combination with elements of water, lightning, metal  Quicksilver Dragon Lightning Dragon  33 Hours  DragonVale Cyclops Dragon egg full
 Hail Dragon
DragonVale Hail Dragon
 Cold Dragon Lightning Dragon 8 Hours  DragonVale Hail Dragon Egg
 Garnet Dragon
DragonVale Garnet Dragon Baby
 Obsidian Dragon  Smoke Dragon  31 Hours  DragonVale Garnet Dragon egg
 Gift Dragon
DragonVale Gift Dragon icon
 Poison Dragon Cold Dragon  12:25:59  DragonVale Gift Dragon egg
 Apocalypse Dragon
DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon Icon
 Lichen Dragon  Magnetic Dragon  20:11:59  DragonVale Apocalypse Dragon egg

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  1. You are missing all of the season Dragons (summer,fall,winter,and spring).

  2. none of them work

  3. What is Earth with Cold (Ice)

  4. I can’t get the air dragon or the Celtic dragon

  5. let’s say i have an emerald dragon in the nursery 1 day before the emerald dragon expires. When it hatches will it hatch an emerald dragon? Also, is it the same with the breeding island? If i get 32 hours breeding sandstorm and thunder in the island(lapis dragon) and the next day the lapis dragon expires, will i still get it incubating and hatching into the lapis dragon?

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