DragonVale: Dragon Track

“After observing numerous dragons racing one another in the wild, the wizards thought that it would be fun to bring the races to your park. Behold the Dragon Track! Help your dragons win races to earn generous rewards. The Colosseum may be where champions are made, but the Dragon Track is sure to have visitors flocking to your park in droves!” – DragonVale: Dragon Track Description


DragonVale Dragon Track

Release Date: July 25 2012
Release Version: Update 1.9
Buying Price: 225,000
Selling Price: 125,000
Level Requirement: 15

About DragonVale: Dragon Track

The Dragon Track is a building that allows your dragons to compete and race against each other.

How to race dragons in Dragon Track

Select the dragon you want to race. You will need to pay a fee for this in DragonCash. So don’t worry about your gems. Upon selecting the dragon look for the line under the dragon that indicates your dragon.

As your dragon runs, look for a yellow line ahead. Tap on it as your dragon reaches this line to get a boost. If you win to be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you will gain gems for your DragonVale park!

DragonVale Dragon Track Gameteep

DragonVale Dragon Track Race Tutorial

  • Jared

    How do you know what track to use?

  • lFeNixZl

    Dramoria – Ice Metal

    Year of the Dragon – Earth Water Air Fire

    Blast Furnace – Fire Metal

    Ulster Meadows – Earth Plant

    Rim of Reason – Air Ice

    Marsh Lands – Plant Water Earth

    Cherry Road – Fire Plant Earth

    Shimmering Faultline – Lightning Earth

    Electric Skies – Lightning Air

    • Mariele Patungan

      It help a lot. Since Gameteep didn’t have it.

  • Sam

    I have played lots of practice and it won’t change over why?

  • Mariele Patungan

    Well, I can do lots of races. I always win 1st place, but on the wheel, I can’t spin on the gems. If you have Dragonvale, add me on gamecenter: Marieleap94253. You don’t have to do it capatalized on the M. Bye!

  • Sally

    I have played many practice races but I still cannot race for real. What do I need to do?

  • Maya

    It seems that I can’t get the track on my ipad. I am a level 13 and I’ve been looking in the store but I can’t find it. What should I do?

    • josh

      You can’t buy it yet it will show up new when ou can buy it from the buildings section of the store. I’m level 15 and I have it. 50k a race but sometimes it pays off

  • Susan

    To compete: run practice races!! You won’t be able to run a real race til you “place” (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). I placed 3rd before I could run a real competition! Hang in there!

    • Thaddeus

      It’s not working for me though. I think it’s a glitch but I’m not too sure.

      • patrick

        how much did it cost.

  • Codey

    How do you get the racetrack it’s not in my buildings section? And or what level do you get it at?

  • asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm

    15 read the comments above Codey. Common Sense

  • Thaddeus

    Ok. I’ve gone in to my dragonvale and I’ve scored 1st multiple times. But it still won’t let me do real races. I need the XP and food. It won’t give me real races.

  • Dvlchick89

    I just got my dragon track but it won’t let me race any dragons. All it does is just show me the tutorial over and over. Is there something that I’m missing in order to be able to race my dragons?

    • Ltorkels

      I’m having same issue, have you figured it out yet?

    • Bre

      I’m having the same issue! Have you figured it out?


    After every race no matter 1st place 2nd place it wont let me spin the wheel! I always get cash, food or XP en sometimes a time piece Realy sometimes anybody got a clue?

  • Anita

    I’m level 17 and I can’t even find the racetrack, any ideas?

  • David

    There’s a wheel? It just gives me food, exp, or both