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Newest Dragon

Gemstone Dragons

Limited Edition Dragons (Special Events Dragons 2011 – Aug 2012 )

Original Dragons

Olympus Dragon

Seasonal Dragon

Hidden Secrets

  33 Responses to “DragonVale: Dragons List Wiki”

  1. alright I have got a excellent combo for getting a gold dragon as I did it on a whim and ended up getting the gold dragon on my first try. I suggest breeding Forge dragon and Iron dragon together. Also I used the combo recomended for the Olympic dragon of the Sonic dragon and Lava dragon. It took me about 5 or more tries to get the Olympic dragon as I got the Gold Olympic.

  2. Will there be a new gemstone dragon and when will it be out
    And if there will be a new update

  3. I can not wait for titanium dragon

  4. Some of the more popular metals are platinum, titanium, silver and gold.

  5. Just bred the new River Dragon on 2nd try. With Water and Century!!

  6. When the Celtic dragons were still out I got 3 of them in a row

  7. How do you get your bigger dragons like celtic and rainbow past level 10

  8. getting so freakin lucky today, got to rare dragons, platinum and gold with to combinations that i made up

  9. I got all

  10. Can someone please tell me how you get level 15 & 20 dragons?
    Is it possible to breed gemstone dragons?

  11. it isn’t possible to get any dragons, just go to youtube and find: how to breed ……….dragon in dragonvale

  12. to Jake , god job, you’ve reach the target.

  13. I already update all the versions of dragonvale.

  14. thanks for the news Elizabeth vounce !

  15. yes, of course Ryan

  16. I just purchased the apocalypse habitat how do I get a dragon for it as there aren’t any in the market?

  17. The Ouroboros dragon just came out in DragonVale today.

  18. Just breeded seaweed and firefly. It says there is 2:11:48:38 wait time, does anyone know what dragon that could be?????

  19. There’s New Gemstone Dragon Called the Amber Dragon.

  20. How long before we know what is going on with the light and dark dragons?Cannot get no more magic either it’s at 1500 so how does this work ? Not enough info

  21. this weekend 10/27/13 my magic icon went up from 1500 to 3000. I know during this weekend we could get double magic. It is tuesday and still says 3000, so plenty more magic to get. also, when the bar filled up the first time I got a light dragon habitat where the light magic sender was. Now I have an egg in it and am sending magic from there, half full now, interesting to see what happens when it fills up again.

  22. the JET DRAGON can be bread?? or only buy?

  23. Have almost all dragons

  24. They should make metal hybrids for dark and light dragons such as (dark)Ebony Dragon, Star Metal Dragon (light) Polished Metal Dragon, Galium Dragon

  25. How long though?

  26. And what the “magic “. Thing?

  27. Today I got 2 lucky rows in a NON-UPGRADED BREEDING CAVE!!! First I got a Nightmare Dragon, then I got a Zombie Dragon. No, I don’t have an Epic Breeding Island. I also rushed for Ragnarok when it was released. But, guess what? I don’t have a Sun or Moon dragon, except Dawn. I have many gemstone dragons. Am I the luckiest non-upgraded breeding cave owner? Because I have quite many epic dragons.

  28. Today I bred River and Smoke in the normal Breeding Cave, unupgraded, and I got 60 HOURS!!! What dragon could it be? I think it should be an EPIC DRAGON!! LUCKY ME!!!!!

  29. This is the most reliable and comprehensive breeding list I have found for Dragonvale. Is wish it could be updated…

  30. why no new updates?

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