DragonVale Breeding Guide Part 3


Are you ready for part three of this exclusive and best breeding guide for all pro players? This part three of the guide is a little different. This portion of the guide focuses on most of the rare dragons in the game. Now the Part Three of the DragonVale breeding guide was the first and original breeding guide that ever hit the internet.

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  • Varun Kiragi

    update the eggs!!!!!

    • Jacob Nichols


  • Dave minor

    Firefly +seaweed =rainbow

  • Aidan Obrien

    I got a sandstorm the other day

  • mitchell


  • Jacob Nichols

    I need a Rainbow Dragon ppl:o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jacob Nichols


  • phukhao

    What do you get from breeding sun + moon

    • Amanda

      You can’t. They are incompatible unfortunately. 🙁

  • Leandra

    How do i get free gems?

  • Barbara

    How do you breed a Plasma Dragon?

  • Heather

    Breed my cold and lava and got the Obsidian dragon! I am new at this so thought it might help other newbie!

  • Bobberthedwarf

    I like dragonvale minecraft pokemon Nintendo

    • Joshmiles

      I’m was incredibly luck to get a rainbow dragon with a moss dragon and smoke dragon to make up a rainbow dragon

  • Joshmiles

    have you trying to get rainbow dragon?

    Get this I’ve done this way and breeding a moss dragon and smoke dragon= rainbow dragon and its truth